With Digital Learning under your belt where too now?

Today digital education reaches through into people’s lives by affecting commercial and daily marketing. The general population lack understanding of how and what the media can do to and for a business. From the micro-business and into the international conglomerates people are looking to connect to other people.

 Those same people are used to popping onto social streams and experiencing the clamp downs on marketers so that placing advertising out there can be disturbing.  Where do you go for the information but the internet which can be so confusing.

 Micro-business or small business people with basic knowledge, or who rely on family and friends to assist them with their marketing, start to wonder where, when and how those who are assisting them will simply disappear, get otherwise busy or simply move on with their lives.  Where then are you left?

Sort out your own skills while you show others.

 Simply by upgrading your own media learning people are able to link so much digital education into their marketing outreach. The biggest challenge is deciding which spare second there is during the typing or the emptying the overflowing bins around the office floor, washing of the coffees cups to the dragging oneself through the door t the end of the day.  Only to start again tomorrow.  Knowing that there is still more questions to find out answers too.  That is if the answers could only make questions for themselves to be easily found within the World Wide Web.

Each day to know that someone else out there has found the answer and it really is out there.  Just one more paper to finish off or another post to write.  This was me.  being on the internet before Facebook was thought of or Twitter tweept it;s first tweep is embarrassing sometimes.  Yet after nearly ten of those years of not physically catching up to a teenage granddaughter [due to Australia being a big continent to live in] being able to be a surprise to here for the know how that I did possess well that was sure something.  And I am happy that the statements were ones that I had known the answers too!  Luckily… no as I had just spent a while over the previous weeks catching up to current competencies through an elite access competency training system

  Heck it’s a free world! Keep this simple.

Updating regularly your own education enables linking into the digital education . The follow through is that your marketing reach will exponentially grow.  That growth depends entirely upon what your effective actions are. Consider what strategies along with the objectives are currently engaged. Through one of the Digital Business Lounges Elite and above training programs you will further your dreams.  While a dream is a focus understanding the principles behind what is happening as your actioning what you have put in place really does help.

When you are, at least, an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors the training you receive through working with people like Tom Breeze will be amazing. The inspirational YouTube training in the Six Figure Mentors back office is absolutely amazing.

There are so many possibilities and roads to go down all you do is work out the basics. Choose one route.  Become proficient in that.  Along the way other skills begin to develop.  How they integrate with your dream is something only you can work out.  However being in a community that has like minded people willing to share information is something that I will not place a price on. Gradually some will work  while others are delayed, altered, restructured or put aside. Whichever it is you are there, so too are the support structures, community forums and so much more as this is an alive, growing very quietly powerful community.

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Susan Lewis

Enjoy the effect as the digital education reaches through into people’s lives that you will be privileged to meet, greet and know.

❤ Have a nice day