Mind blockages to learning,  once cleared, may become like a dam running over its banks. So here is the cruncher that has been learned when you are getting anything ready to take your goods to market.

There needs to be a guarantee with the ‘goods’.  Over and above the product guarantee there is an intagiable “goods” guarantee.  You, the organisation, business and goods, products or survices need that guarantee behind them.

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A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

Support in the field work for on location demostratons or shelf life products and survices necessates forethought and presentation.

Exclaiming loudly ” Oh to be able to have done something sooner” should things go bottom up is a crazy actionplan yet how many people seem to come to this very point and are left standing.  Believing the things they are observing and hearing to be true.  Like a dam running over thoughts just crowd into the head.  None of them pleasant.

STOP RIGHT HERE.  Do not proceed down that path.  What have you learned from what has happened.  Make a list, a pen to paper list, of the goods and not so good things that have brought this situation to this place and point in time.

Now look at that list again.  One column is bound to be bigger than the other.  Take note of the ratio of the two lists.

Draw a line under both ends of the columns.

Turn the paper upside down so that you see the lists but to read them you would have to be standing on your head maybe.

The idea is now to equal the columns points.  If the ratio was 10 to 1,  now you want the ratio to be 1 to 11.  The objective is two fold. “50 / 50 plus 1″.That is one more good thing has come forward than the negative thing.  Now add another.  And another.  Yes look for even the smallest positive outcome.

On closer inspection there will be a dam runnning over of possitives.  Maybe not many -yet.   But with a few, there will be room for a few more.

Gratitude for the little things that both help you keep afloat mentally and put you in a riptide of gratitude are things to tentively smile about.  And quietly , between you and me you know that one smile makes two.

Right there and then a ‘Korus’ moment did happen.  That was ‘The Shift’ waiting to happen. A opening up of a mind blockage.

Taking this ‘Korus’ life changing moment on needs bravery. Perseverance and a willingness to literally done a vest and climb out of the water and on board a life boat with a community of people who are heading through into their future.  And if you cannot yet paddle you will be learning fast as the safety of teamwork will come through.  However the choice is yours.  As with anyone standing on the sidelines where water is concerned.   When you find the right life jacket  find out if you can, and do like the water.

Check out the current flow and make sure you too are going in the right direction as the rest of us.  We’re moving forward, preparing for what we will be doing with  an alternative digital lifestyle.

Those things that got you to this point in time, and here with us, were there for a reason.  That reason was to get you prepared for all the tools, training, community and coaching that is in here.

Are you confident now to be an entreprenior?

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