Did you know that creating your own online reference library through just writing a post is not enough to bring visitors to your site? Did you know that having too much on the computer chokes up the computer? Did you know that having so many files on the navigation bar under Favourites or Bookmark slows down the load time of your computer?

Imagine how using Cloud-based filing systems free up storage space, increase the computer load time, have the potential to increase interactive visitors to the web page.

Of course, having a Pinterest account frees your computer storage up, stores visuals in a external to the physical system, while encouraging the viewers to your ‘filing system’ to open the page and post, share and promote the things posted to your board.  Why? Simply by sharing these through placing pictures of videos on the blog you can eliminate the storage of them from your computer.

March 2010 a photo sharing site hit the streets on the internet.

Fresh clean and literally empty this little baby entered the world.  Life among the internet

users was never going to be the same again.  Five years earlier Facebook had entered the

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I’d been looking on the internet for answers. Wondering how to go about Creating your own Online Reference library

scene.  Between these two Twitter had arrived.

Many dismissed what was happening with “But it’s so difficult to find something that works”.  Actually many were desperately trying to rid their sites of any black hat tricks and techniques.  Into that confusion came Pinterest.

The general public loved the timing.  Those using the Black hats did not appreciate the timing did not.

Those who had the time explored the site.  Personally, I loved the colour, vibrancy, and changes to view the world through other people’s eyes.

Creating a ready-made free library where people could share a few photos, pin on each others boards was a boon.  These are a few of the Pinterest Boards to share with you.

High Functioning Autism / Aspergers Syndrome

Finding a Way to do it

Work From Home Options

A couple of immediate, often overlooked, factors.

Added to this, many links stored in the computer were explored.  Pictures uploaded and into the different boards they went.  All over there are 50 Plus Billion pictures alone on the

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Sometimes the biggest piece of acceptance out is simply the nod that stated “Yes. You’re correct” and will you work with me as well!

Pinterest sites. And no, not all of them are mine!

Meanwhile, the favourites and Bookmarks on the nav bar were reduced.  As an aside when turning on the computer, with the internet connected the computer, the bots were saved time.  With less things on the navigation bar being crawled the internet loaded faster.  Much faster.

And for the business these occurred.

Another benefit is the pictures clicked on in Pinterest still had threads connected to the posts.  Needless to say, the bot’s went and explored them as well.   Which, of course, assisted new people in finding what was placed on the net.

Oh course as a micro-business or small business owner this benefited future sales. Add to this a change of writing style being expected both by the reader and by the compliance ‘guidelines’.

People wanted to know more than this is a “holder’, the prices is and get it through that link.  Instead people wanted to know how to make the holder. Where and what to do with it.  As well as your experiences with creating it, hunting for material and even the expressions on the faces of people who obtained one.

What a change Creating your own Online Reference library  now is

All told the arrival of Pinterest certainly caused a major shift in presentation, of how things were now going to be done online.  You may, or may not have need for a basic summary  on Creating your own Online Reference library now as, while old patterns are hard to break, the introduction of Pinterest could still that pathway to success free with possibilities for you.

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