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What is your authentic, and best, self ? As an entrepreneur, your mind is your greatest asset ( which is why most leaders these days practice team work along with making connection with people who have extensive reach)

Teamwork and connection with people who have extensive reach

Visualize how it feels to have connection with people who have a buffer zone that you can ‘lean towards’.

In this post Susan shows you how some of the you may have with access to a mentor. Mentors are   a leader of leaders.  Someone who has been in the trenches. Who when you are ready for the next step is there for you too. When you make progress you then are a testament to the fact that with the right level of access, plus enough creative upskilling, hard work, persistence and practice, each one us of us on the Autism Spectrum can accomplish anything each of us put our minds to.

Simply the set-up’  the SFM’s education program, with the associated community, highlights this need. Communication is a terrific ability to have in this situation.  Instead in writing posts all the time with repetitive frustrations the ability to ask for a mentor the intuitive things they know, understand and are just so ….off the cuff that they work when you adapt them to suit your niche. A mentor is someone who has been in a similar place,.

Which ever way you choose to move forward there is  intensive ground work to utilize different aspects of the Autism Spectrum traits, and happenings within  life  as we all are unique individuals

Make connection with people who have extensive personal vision

To revolutionizing education by giving individuals the contemporary skills people need to make a success of bringing their personal vision to the world..

about-sfms-educationprogram-332x400 connection with people who have extensiveSuccess depends on not letting fear hold you back. On being creative. Loving in integrity with your self and your inner child. Add to this keeping ahead of the game.

Surround yourself through connection with  people who have extensive practice uptodate systems.  yes.   but if you need to learn find a mentor who has the older knowledge.  Plus the most current systematic approach to gettings things done

SFM’s Education Program entry modules greatly assisted me when I was seeking to reconnect with my inner child. The SFM Community is all around the world.  So instead of eventually finding my inner child chasing dust moles, or playing with sunbeams and  walking in the clouds this mentor was able to help my mind gradually focus to check out the 2-minute video lessons.

Specifically crafted for how today’s brains learn and  employed by SFM these video lessons have been extremely helpful.

Connection with people who have extensive fun with their  inner child

Reconnecting the future from the childhood dream came from seeking that inner child

Admittedly looking back having those years of ‘unfettered’ social media bumbling around has taught many things.  The biggest is to jump in, make mistakes.  This community supports you climbing back to the top. to show me what to do next.  Just asl for help, be a team participant and help other people.

There in lay the mindset crossover from an “employee” to “entrepreneur”. Were employees allowed fun at work? Suddenly, knowing that the inner child has been reconnected to the small child’s drink stand in childhood that early entrepreneurs dream has been connected.

The long held question “what are you going to do with the five cents Susan” had the reply “I am going to help lost people.” Just like now.

A big vision for an entrepreneur in the making.

Be The True Entrepreneur In You

SusanLewisandLogo connection with people who have extensive
Look for more about “Susan Lewis” here!

As we close the question now is: What is YOUR driving force? We all need a little reminding of this to keep blazing forward when things get tough. When you pin point your purpose through the Platinum course level its like that old memory surfacing. The one of you being the real person you are.

Having a mentor has been special.  Beyond words. New members make connection with business coaches who have personal  connection with people who have extensive real life knowledge. Because they too have been mentored and coached.

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