Let’s Share The Communication Processing

The actual definition of communication processing is ” A communication disorder is an impairment in the ability to receive, send, process and comprehend concepts or verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbol systems. A communication disorder may be evident in the processing of hearing, language, and / or speach.”  Looking for something totally different this definition by the American Speech- Language- Hearing association appeared.

What happened to communication processing after impact

Taxi drivers in Australia need hearing tests just in case there is a hidden communication processing challenge. Twenty years after the truck impact  the result came back “Significant hearing loss equivalent to an explosion.” The question: Oh would that have been the truck hitting my van?  Answer: “That would do it.”  Finally there was medical proof that something significant had happened. Two sons and myself were in that van.  All of us have the “same explosion” equivalent statement.  Which would make sense as to the challenges each of us faced relearning to learn in my case.  Them just trying to stay afloat at school.Wondering how they will get along as adults in the work place.

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Communication Processing
Communication processes are significant

Over the last few years writing and communication processing  has become easier. These are priceless assets such as finding-self, redirecting focus, learning to relearn and braking through the Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome have resulted in a bucket list of Susan Lewis gradual updates as things get ticked off that bucket list.

Communication processing is an art to pass on

Arriving home, or where my head is laid, holds no fear.  Cooking is simple.  If tired eat fruit.  If entertaining go out.  If wanting a home cooked meal… make it.  Except I still cook for a table of six people and easily increase the cooking to over twenty.

Explaining something still takes time.  Everything is added.  Drives busy people bonkers. However, communication via the written word is another thing.  This took years of relearning to learn, active frustrations and just shear analysis, creating lists, and more lists, just to get to this level. Behind this is the

As seen in the writing of thoughts in this blog post.  The interconnection of one blog post parts through to the end.  learning these things from mentors within this community has meant lots of patience, and a ton of understanding, on their behalf.

Here’s to a Communication Process that is working

To know that your almost there through sheard dogginess, refusing to listen to the doubters, believing in the circle of influence from people who are leaders of leaders.  The community and the challenges.

Which reminds me… see the link.  You too are almost there.  At the beginning of a new journey forward.  Come be a part of this  community.

See for yourself where your communication process actually lie.

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