CNC = Computer Numerical Control.

The folks behind Z and N Custom CNC Cutting work to “make things with machines”.  More commonly known as Metal Art and Craft.

As you walk around the site there is quite a selection laid out for purchase.

Horseman0002jp-150x200 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Horseman riding the range Z & C Custom CNC Cutting Work

Standing there seeing the various cut pieces the saying that “Art is a gift – that echos – quietly.” came to mind. Once these pieces are in place hanging outside as wall art or inside as bold as brass in place there really is not much maintenance to do to them.  The antiquated weathered look would match where these pieces were placed.

While there a customer came forward. Looking at the horseman within the oval you see there are rifles on either side. This customer thought this one would be appropriate for the gated entrance. Would it be possible to change the guns for a dog head? Say one like a Rottweiler!

Many more Designed, pre-cut or made to your order..

Among the many 2 d shapes, from hand size to carry carefully its a heavy one size. laid out are the dolphins, deer with full sets of antlers, the calves and cows,  horses, and horsemen, swordfish.

Dolphins-x-3-c-200x100 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Dolphins that skin the seas waves. These are CNC Cut Metal art.

Of course if you are into modes of transport there are the known brands, the vintage cars truck, tractors or motobikes and of course the horses.  Heritage, vintage and modern.

Welcome ones that go well with the Tooheys or Carlton Draught signs.  Just right for the man shed!

Check out  “Z & N CNC Cutting Work

The Metal decor in both the Heyfield [ middle of Heyfield] on the first Saturday of the month. And of course the Latrobe Markets [ aka Morwell markets] along the Latrobe Road on every Sunday.


sue-150-x-150 CNC Machine Operators Go To Market
Susan Lewis

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