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Today Help Spread The Smiles Needed

Today help to spread smiles. Gidday, I am “Susan Lewis”.  Creator of the “Help To Spread Smiles” campaign. A place where ample spare smiles are found to share around. Aimed at a slowly formed energy rich smile turning into a massive ball of energy.      This post shows people how to actively be enthusiastic with the promotion of the simple smiles beneficial side effects.  Knowing that smiles spread once greatly multiplied . In short the objective is:  to ensure everyone of earth’s seven- Billion plus population receives one willing happy smile needed daily.  Join with us. Together push a magnificent beam a smile momentum to begin.    

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Smile At All Times Dare

As you Smile At All Times Dare To Be Different

As you Smile, at all times dare to be different.  So different  that you reach out to others with your smile. Let them share this rare and precious gift.

Like the bird that is set free, a smile travels the world. Freely giving of itself. Moving quietly and spreading around the world. Enhancing lives the world over. Growing with social worth.

One day as it returns back to you welcome it back. Congratulate yourself on a gift well-received by many.

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Congratulations just for being you

Hug me now! That a simple ‘Hug’ helps balance people and  that you are allowed to give yourself a Hug – and feel terrific about it too is the norm on many societies as the down to earth people within know that a hug  is a natural thing to do, give and receive.  In fact it may just surprise people to know and accept this.

smiles-have-a-Universal-energy-all-of-their-own Congratulations just for being you
Congratulations with all of your

Imagine if you were able to want a hug, and receive one, at any time during the day.

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