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With the right bucket list know-how

With the right bucket list know-how there’s never a better time to sort out how to become an online business owner who just happens to be on the Autism Spectrum! In this post, Susan Lewis, who just happens to be on the Autism Spectrum herself, utilizes the creation of videos after learning how to place words on her pictures.  Actually next came the cutting of the background from the photos.

 With the right bucket list know-how

To know that anything new can easily seen daunting the community ran challenges. Joining into the video challenge several times over the years so many new standards and systems were tried out.  Different challenges, one after the other, over the next few months, then years needed more and more graphix created. At least the tools, support and backup services are brilliant.

Work with the right bucket list know-how

In order to have creative marketing just keep on track with the right bucket list know-how employed. When creating graphixs and videos the ticked off boxes came all in a rush.  Suddenly that new activity grew, ballooned out and sometime was finally finished.  Still if you looked for the flaws there were a few. Alternatively there were so many achievements gained that by keeping notes of progress the growth was measurable . The finally product started to leek absolutely like a terrific creation.  Next time and the time after that things just continued to look better.  Other activities around the photographs being turned into pictures to add media to the blog posts was being developed.

Now there is further training in the ‘What do I do with them”

    Cut, slice, dice, add to and utilize, trim down and see what can happen with this tool or that one.

Keep track of where you are with the right bucket list know-how.

To be resourceful with the right bucket list know-how helps as time management guide as time seems to disappear when under intense focus.

It’s  when I had finished the new micro-educational training, then the Elite level training  the realisation that I’d wanted the knowledge and this sure is throwing it at me!  Kind like a starving book worm in the old fashioned library!!

    Knowing that the job was to catch up on the video and actually create the posts, spread the videos around. and respond to emails while making autoresponder messages all within a day.  Phew that seemed daunting. And again the list on the bucket list was getting shorter.  The achievements list was getting higher..

Seems like hard work. Although being organised meant trimming many things out of the way. Yes more off the bucket list.

Achieve with the right bucket list know-how just get cracking

Working with all these new things I was reminded about the bucket list that was slowly reducing in size as things got worked through.   Ultimately with the right bucket list know-how things really do get done one tick at a time success is countable.  So the achievements have been as simple as creating a photograph with words on it to catching a plane and taking photos of the clouds.. from above.

By achieving one step at a time each new creation caused me to develop a brand that the world wants to know about.

The tools, know how and other resources that made so much joy are here.  Click the link here for more information.

When you’re with the right bucket list know-how things seem to brighten up as another achievement gets marketed off the list.

color to convey

Visual ways to use color to convey information.

Including color to convey information has many people trembling in there shoes.  Rushing out and engaging teams of people to come up with a color coordinated solution.  Willingly paying for the privilege.  Why? Great color combinations can have the same positive effect as terrific copy combined with fast load times has with the visitor. The visitor is captivated and wants to stay.

Further the visitor recognizes the color patterns and symbols associating the feelings with good information that solves a problem.  Plus colors harmonies with the person and that persons brand. These factors tie together, in part, with the recognition of what the person behind the trust being given to is associated with.

There are some people though who have trouble with color representations.  The two categorizes are visually impaired or people from different cultures.  As the worlds cultures are beginning to “occupy shared commercial space ” the color attributes content and placings are being studied in greater detail..

 Susan Lewis marketing Logo uses color to convey information.

Screenshot_13 color to convey
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

As in this site there are many explanations Susan struggled for since 2003 to find. 2014 after watching the video series, signing up with the email and choosing to go past the first module, working through these modules until they were finished Susan began finding the answers. The first was the creation of a logo.

Something to focus on. That represented love with herself being found and a life with a lot of understanding and laughter.

These that were hidden from being understood as a result of the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome setting in.

Continuity is a balancer with the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome people experienace. balance is also within the logo as there is a pivot point..

With Autism many of the people are out of balance at time. Marketing with Susan Lewis helps keep the online balance focus. Even if at times the perceptions and explanations may be a little out of focus themselves.  Until one last piece of information is put forward.  Then the pennies literally drop.

Instead with the white inner and purple rim the logo actually balances the pictures below off.

On the mobile the effect of the white screen back ground starkness has lessened..

The blue that many people internationally associate with Autism day is used within each pages heading and sub-heading along with many of the pictures created.

Check the use of color to convey information in the  images below.

There are things different with the pictures.  The font and its sizing.  The second is the two lines of font. The third is the slight, but suttle, different tone of the electric purples.  The forth has a slightly lower drop area where the blue meets the lighter blue.  The level of where the blue actually appears to change the skin color of the face from the other.  Yet the image is the same image.

You could also say that because of placement the right hand now has ‘a grip’ of the “Autistic, online and loving it aspect.

On the right hand vertical  column [off the page if using a mobile] right next to the top of the page is another picture of Susan.  Below Susan’s  photo are some of the SFM banners.

susan4 color to convey

The positioning of the slightly lighter  blue moves the eye towards the right.  The right for people on stage represents the future.   Therefore finding out about how an Autistic person is creating an online income through the Six Figure Mentors training, upskilling and education processes is something is in that future.  How?  Susan is an Affiliate  Member of the Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors provided the programs Susan needed to find out who she was after a track impact in 1991 effectively removed first 31 years of memory.

susanautistic color to convey

SusanLewisandLogo color to conveyHave a terrifically uplifting dayScroll down the page to the MyLeadBar tool.  The reverse coloring effect is working here.  The purple is on the base color of the bar. The “Awesome Let Me In !” button , with the Video Series On Digital marketing ! wording above the button is complimentary in color effect and tone of the two featured images used.

These are just the initial ways used to explain the potential use of using color to convey information through visual communications how and why’s.  Soft yes but very potent in the effect that is desired.  The building of trust has begun.

trial-650x310 color to convey
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Fully Utilize The Link

Progressive people fully utilize the link they put online.

Just placing a link there, and waiting for people to come forward and ‘hit on it’ is a skill to understand and be practiced well.

Everyone needs to fully utilize the link’s they create before moving on to the next thing they intend to do.  Careful, simplistic, detailed steps are what Autistic people are fantastic at creating  for themselves.  Once that person understands the steps clearly, fully sees the process working these instructions  will be memorized at that person’s own level and capacity.  Some may have visual data instructions, while others use explicit coding and mathematical algebra. Strangely enough, others may even hum or sing the instructions.  Learning is a new systematic approach to something different from one person to the next.

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Blog Or Website Page

Should I blog or website page this information?  What is the difference anyway!

Something I struggled to understand for a long time was what was a blog and what is a Website.  Knowing you write on it was fine.  Now you also put pictures, gifs, Slideshare along with videos on there as well.  When the internet was able to upload pictures and then photos  was a triumph in itself.

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What you see is what you look for

Challenge the challenge of your lifestyle .Making things online work with you is what you look for rather than struggle with creating a video, writing … have a fun time mindset swapping.

Enter onto this education platform where ‘it is what you look for‘ may not be what you need.  There are many gold nuggets scattered around.  The challenge is to recognise them as gold nuggets right for you. What some people see as fake gold may indeed be the right nuggets mix for you.

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101 resource messages kit

Phew 101 resource messages ready and waiting

101 resource messages at the finger tips and that feeling is terrific. Absolutely marvelous in fact. But what to do to send these out to people such as yourself?

Sitting down to the computer the text behind the ‘about Susan Lewis Marketing” was written. The first copy turned to the second when this text was uploaded into the chosen Simple Lead Capture theme page though as there suddenly was twice as many words as need be there.

The apple green color was  chosen to highlight important words. In the top row the buttercup yellow links through to different pages and the blog posts.  Still awaiting other landing pages development.

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The Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Imagine if there was an unfolding Sales Funnel Story that all autistic people could just pick up,read and understand the content and context of what has been written. Although that seems like say ” Met one Autistic person met them all” when really a person who meets and begins to understand some of that Autistic person’s traits has only met that one Autistic person.  Hence why the Title has the word “Some” within it.

thesalesfunnelstoryforautisticaffiliatemarketers The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

As an Autistic person myself for years I avoided the sales funnel. The tracking, codes and anything else to do with the subject. With far better understanding now, ‘The Sales Funnel Story‘ is being developed for your understanding. With Gratitude, I thank everyone who is making this understanding possible.

Over a period of time posts will be written.  These posts will go towards several PDFs.  Collectively these PDFs will the the basis of an e-book.  The title of which will be ” Thr Sales Funnel Story for ‘some’ Autistic Affiliate Marketers.”  The aim is to translate how to approach the ‘Simple Set’ of tools for tracking measures, apps and integrated systems and tools used by autistic affiliate marketers.

A decision was made by myself to Master Digital Marketing. I am also living with Autism. As a carer. An Active participant [ yes I have it as well] and as An Affiliate Marketer who just happens to be creating an alternative Digital Lifestyle.

Let ” The Sales Funnel Story ” begin to unfold

The ‘Sales Funnel Story‘  is one that countless generations of people have mastered and achieved. Counter balancing this statement are the myriads of people who get stuck, become disenchanted and literally just fall by the wayside.  Somewhere in there, maybe a little to the side, is the person with an invisible learning  or comprehension challenge.

Some may think that challenge is classed as a disability. Believe me, that is not the challenge.  Giving up on a fundamental linking of one thing to another is the issue.

Time has a value that often gets misplaced  learning the Sales Funnel Story

Even if you have not spent your life savings, the time that has gone into understanding and really working the Sales Funnel Story out, one piece at a time, is the challenge.

Argue with me if you want to, but even time has a value besides time. That may be the only thing we agree upon as everyone of us here today are different.  So too are the views and understanding of what may, or may not be considered hard, at that time. That is  Automation as well as Lead Generation.

That is where the Sales Funnel Story begins to come into play. The try before you buy approach has been incorporated into the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp. Like everything we choose to do today there are lifestyle options and informed choices to make.

Once the basic pieces are taken apart, analyzed and put back together the virtual reality of using an analytical program such as involves the Six Figure Mentors ‘Simple System’ begins to form.

Apps and tools that SimplyTrakk everything and show the data!

Look at just writing a post for instance. Everything from the words you use, the setting out of the posts structure, the savings of the picture and other visuals formats, the links within and those that are driven back to the site and particular post are tracked, analyzed and later split tested with.   For this to occur the skills of driving traffic through that campaigns series of sales funnels needs another skill of reading the gathering date sheets.  Much as a restauranteur knows the most favorite meal of the night by the comments given forth.  However ,the cook will know by the dishes garnished, the pot-boy by the number, height and breadth of the dishes and the garbage person by the tin cans or kitchen scraps that go out.

one-piece-at-a-time The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Behind the sweat, the tears of frustration, the need and want to understand how affiliate markets were progressing forward time after time was the I AM going to do this one piece at a time. From that jigsaw puzzle is ‘The Sales Funnel Story’ concept.

Yet those in the restaurant know nothing of these marvels.  Why should they?  They have come for a beautiful meal, lovely company and efficient service.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 The Sales Funnel Story for 'some' Autistic Affiliate Marketers

Susan Lewis enjoys using all the pro Simple System analytical tools and training’s  provided.

In part, what the customers of the restaurant is little different  from their online counterparts.   Both have some deep seated need to be appeased.  Maybe it is as simple as eating at this restaurant tonight and the other ones over the next year.

Dare to be different while you track and create with these tools.

Cheers for now


How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction

As people get older life teaches us, each one of us many things. Knowing you already

Angelinthehotseat-300x400 How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Before you know it the thought about that upskills ‘should have done ‘ is here again

know the answer because you have lived it, seen it, been told about it or watched it may mean that the little bits get lets out. Especially when giving or receiving instructions. Alternatively it may also be that you know the answer just not how you got the answer. The challenge is to go find the question. In turn, that is troubling at times. A common term that suits these is the statement ” Go Google it.”

Search engines have not taken over the world. What has occurred though is that the internet search engines are easily obtained through many devices. IPads, Watches, Tablets, Glasses, telephones and even the PC sitting at home.

Taking a closer look at :

“Go Google it.”

The Alogrhyums have in effect altered the way people find information. When Pigeon came through in 2014, the search engine BOTS started using IP addresses as a reference point. Effective displaying the bigger international companies information further down the search engines page. However, the saying “money makes the world go round” holds true. Paid advertising comes first on the search engines.

Next is the Keyword Phrases measure challenge. Most people are searching through visual references. Static visual platforms like Pinterest, or ‘movies’ through platforms like YouTube have proved very popular. With eighty-five percent of people beginning to search through these platforms rather than text-based documents where does this leave the regular person who wants to market their content or idea online?

Using this as an example.

The Budda Garden had a stall at the inaugural Churchill Market. Bromeliads were labeled

bromelidsawithsusanlewismarketingpgone-400x236 How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Bromeliads from the Budda Gardens. Found at the Inaugural Churchill Market

as the plants that were on sale. Big, beautifully grown plants. Photos were taken. A small banner for a message was made. What was the plant’s name? That that the answer has slipped the mind! What is the next step to finding out information?

While on Google + the community the was opened was “Melbourne ……..” A photo was to be placed into the stream. Hang on that photo also needed a name. So the text went “I know they start with a b? As a name. Just loved the colour ranges within the species..” Margaret Wong answered “Very pretty Bromeliads.”

That is right. Ask a friend.

Although not in the middle of the night. Not one friend wants to be disturbed that early in the morning. Asking a question amongst friends online, no matter what time it actually is, questions are being asked, a conversation started, friends made, knowledge, as well as information, is being gathered, practiced.

Some may think this computer age is a great way of sorting out different thought processes.

angelwithboroniaflowerssittingontheframe How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Can someone actually do things online. Where are the skills with which to do these things

Others may wonder if some people ‘actually’ think! That no-one needs to be super brilliant nowadays.

Life experience involves change.

Accepting the fact that change is a necessary part of growth helps move stagnant thought process.

Change factors also influence what, and where people market. The routes that the marketing may take. What works in one situation may work in another given situation although slightly altered. Basing future dreams upon only those experiences is a limitation.

Knowing what you have already done in your life, what you wanted to do with as well as what you would like to do still with the time left why avoid the additions of creativity and flair. As well as your own wishes desires and ambitions when you create your personal bucket list.

See what happens with a 101 bucket list.

How then can you market yourself to achieve what it is you actually want to do. That one thing you ‘personally’ have dreamed about.

Yes, Life teaches people many things. Remember life teaches us change – Go Google your dreams.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have.

>>>Creatively Upskill…Find out how right here.<<<

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trial-650x310 How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
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takes desire and organisation

Did you know that the  desire to run with the pack in contrast to standing alone is a safety and survival factors? Did you now that an intensely powerful bonding agent is im play thsat separates different members within the herds seeking to isolate those peoples and drive them out should they not conform to that accepted behaviour? Did you that many people may want to have a complete different than life outcome they have accepted, yet feel too trapped to change their circumstances?

Imagine if they could find a system where to ‘walk a different path’ was the normal and accepted way of life due to a desire and organisation of their own needs, wants and dream focus.

Primarily what it takes is desire and organisation

Knowing you have the desire, that burning desire to do what it takes… is yours and yours alone.  Igniting that desire means you have taken the wick, lite the match, joined the two forces together.

Elixar-Blues-0001 takes desire and organisation
American Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues played by Elixir Blues

Some people approach is to test the waters, organise like crazy and slowly encourage the desire to build.  Another is to run forth and light up the sky.

Look at musicians.  Plenty of playing at pubs and clubs. Busking out at markets and on street corners. Then one day they simply are not there.   Are they at some better place? Have they given up? Have they finally made it? Will you miss their energy enough to buy the record? Go to the new place?

For the record here Elixir Blues made it in the musical industry. Internationally and in Australia.

Digital Marketing has a similar approach.

All the ground work, slavish hours, long forgotten and missed appointment go by the

Unleshtherestraints takes desire and organisation
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

wayside when things really start happening.  This is known by many and witnessed by a few selected people.

Are you one of the selected few.

‘Bolder dash’.  No one is selected.  Yes they may be allowed into the very private community of the Six Figure Mentors.  Then they have completed the BootCamp you know that every one of these members meet on the same footing.  This too is reflected in the community approach when it comes to mentoring others.  Meeting up with people in real life through the Gold Convention, the Platinum real life workshops and WOW the Black Member retreats.

This is where 2d digital meet up become real life 3d ones.


That all take Determined Enterprising Actions on your behalf with the complimentary DEA [ Digital Experts Academy BootCamp.  The first is to satisfy your curiosity as to what the JOINTODAYdea-200x200 takes desire and organisationheck is this BootCamp people are talking about.

Now here is a button. People like buttons so I am told therefore here is a button.  Next to this button is

the link you actually need to push.

The invitation to the BootCamp via the Digital Business Lounge.  This allows you  to check out some of the tools and applications available within the Digital Marketing tools side of things.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.

Catch you on the other side.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 takes desire and organisation
Susan Lewis knows that the desire and organization to change involves strength of personality, believe and support of the community you are transiting into

trial-650x310 takes desire and organisation
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