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phase two sorting out my video player

Okay somethings still not quite what is needed here. too much space above.  However I can change the title position to come under the banner simply by adding it in and this also may become a link where TidyUrl the link shortner can be utilized.  Oh Possibilities.

And back to create another basic format so as not to alter the original code used here.  Very important that information.

Just about as important as following the right instructions.  [like copy and pasting the correct YouTube URL and having downloaded onto your computer the Java app.  Adobe for PDF’s and Java for watching videos.  Why did I not think of this before these experiments…. my computers CPU was updated. The day after posting this puzzled end result sets has found me uploading the necessary apps and copying the correct YouTube URL.

Autistic, Online And Loving It


jhgf      hhhhh

 Next step is to show the basic  Aweber implant that I have to word around.

 Lets see how these two combine now!

Now lets see what there is to work with with the two Yourtube player and Aweber codes mixed in.

Oh boy I just removed somethng in the coding side of things

well, well will you check this out.

I think I have done it. All I needed to do was remove a few spaces [ carefully] and add the link between the banner and the video.

Heck now To start adding all those videos that have been created and a waiting impatiently for inclusion into these blog posts.

The point is that I saw something on someones blog post. I liked it and tried multiple times to get somewhere. This is a creative version that has pleasing results.

The message… TRY, TRY AND TRY AGAIN. And then some more times too until it works for you.

Nothing like getting everything sorted and finding some valuable thing has been missed out. That is change alters everything else and you have to wait with baited breath for assistance.

Point to note thank heavens for the JING video screen capture app. simply because there is a message via video form going to back office right now. Yes I love back up technology.

Pension Asset Test

Over the next few weeks  the Australian people will hear be told what they were not given time to hear about the Pension Asset Test due to the date of the press release.
What has this got to do with Susan Lewis Marketing?  There are many people the world over that stay away from politics.  I was one of them.  However life’s journeys have some strange roads to take.  Plus  there is a bit of self interest involved.  Besides my age, my mother is 81.  Many of my older friends are already just scrapping into the pensioner age bracket.  Inflation of land values  with a depression economic forecast may mean that the pensioner  stands on the edges of a very deep Pension Asset Test void.

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Autism’s Legacy

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Autism Spectrum

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Autism Post Traumatic Shock syndrome

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Behavior Changes

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Bucket list

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High Functioning Autistic’s

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Pure Energy

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Susan Lewis Marketing

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Who are you

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Begin Marketing Review

Welcome to a ‘begin marketing review’ post.

My name is Susan Lewis. Prior to accepting an invitation to take the steps to create your ideal life. Definitely, with the view of a different lifestyle.. hours spent searching the internet, joining different groups and organisations, valiantly hoping to learn a few more necessary skills in order to begin marketing on the internet there were many fragmented ideas and concepts formed. However, what was working was unclear to me.

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Seeing Autism As A Gift





Welcome to the Autism As A Gift

If you are normal then you are not Autistic.  Autistic people are unique, diverse, magnificent and each in accordance with their of Gifts.

And of course with the good along comes the relatives oif the other side.  The doubt, fixations, listening to others as they bully and colgoal our minds into accepting we, Unique as we are, have a disease.

Well if there is one it is because we believe them that are in DIS-Ease with our selves.

Get off the grass and smell the roses.  If inclined make the roses into a salad.

Your DNA is how it is made to be.,  Theirs and theirs  alone.  How you end up treating yourself is up to you.  You are a gift to humanity.  Without Autistic traits in people would the world have computers, opera singers, great musicians, inventors, people way before their time, people with gifts of healing, people who can hear the birds, sense the illnesses, see the shadows of others before they cross their path.

Welcome to Susan Lewis Marketing.  I am Susan I am Autistic Online and loving it.  I have a voice and I am using it to help you , and tother like us, reach out, not be so lost online.  Find an alternative way to have, and live, your own unique lifestyle.  Even share these ideas with a partner.  Your best friend, A relative .  And most importantly your inner child.

Pathways To Solutions

With new pathways to solutions….

With Digital Learning under your belt where too now? The Six Figure Mentors BootCamp helped me sort out mine! Will it be the same as you'res?
Be supported as you work out your own pathways to solutions in Digital Learning areas..

Expand you daily life into areas then you will find better pathways to solutions.  This page is about tapping into the solutions that are found in many people.s business and daily lives. And yet these have been hard to find while relatively easy to have implemented with the training received for the upskilling and education programs that are out there.  The

each person own Pathways To Solutions means Life is a roller coaster. Aim for the highs, accept the lows as part of that journey. Just do not get off .
When Life is a Pathways to Solutions Roller Costa Ride! Why wonder there the off stop is? Hold on tight and enjoy the BootCamp  experience.

challenge was what one  would be easier to understand the wording and tones used.  Yes I am talking about people, like myself, struggling on a roller coaster ride between knowing you need to know what has to be done to get your stuff out there. Coupled with understanding that bridges those things together. Furthering the unique journey that each  autistic person has along the pathways to greater independence in our lifestyle.  being Autistic myself these challenges were terrifying in the beginning.  Were they worth it though!  Sure were.

Many people live life in fear of hopping onto a roller coaster that has no way of stopping without you feeling churned up within.

Others believe that that, however, is the life a person with a dream of having that business of their becoming successful. Others try to find the perfect dream job.  between the ‘Just Over Broke’ day to day grind that makes other people dreams come true or the business that takes over your life and drags you down with all the others around what then is your choice within your life? Where are you pathways to solutions for you?

Success is a highly desirable dream. Take action.

A big tick as you bring your lifes passion alive within a WordPress 101 theme.d website
Massive YES to the committing to the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp. You’re invited.. Now just click the link below. Let your journey begin.

Not only that you and I both know that success is just around the corner. Well actually a

pathway to achieving what you want is right in front of you.

Right in the middle of a manually heavy stock-taking time someone once asked me if “with your dream job does it include all of the responsibilities and duties the owner does not want to do themselves?”  That was  an early wake-up call.  Nothing could ever be the same again.

And then came computers into every business that I know of.  Nearly every home and phone,  right around the globe.

Now to see education of business personal and owners taking the steps one after a time in order to place their businesses on-line I know their struggles. Yet there is not enough time in the day with which to teach or update these business owners.  Especially the micro- businesses owners [ also known as the Soloprenur].

Right here a breathing space is occurring.

Okay, if there is any part of you that is saying “I’m really intrigued in what is over the

Your ready to move one to the box full of goodies
Not Clicked yet? Come back when you are ready to move forward with what you are doing.

page.  I will find out.  Go for it.” Then listen to it.It’s speaking to you for a reason.

Zip over here and

 Click this link.


Simple as that.

The link takes you through to the post of


Gut feelings are  POWERFUL pathways to solutions. What are you waiting for…

 Have a terrifically uplifting day
From time to time you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

Saying hello to you as you measure yourpathways to success journey
Using the pathways to success has been an up and down roller coaster ride. That said things are getting now interesting. Read the short ‘story’ behind who I am and find out why!


Keep yourself up to date with what’s happening.

Know Who Is Susan

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Susan Lewis Marketing with These pathways to solutions work!

Share Today’s Toolbox

Why Share Today’s Toolbox E-Resources ?

Finding a way to have the opportunity to share Today’s Toolbox E-resources as they were being created was a challenge as not everything was in place.  However, the marketing ideas, concepts and a few quietly controlled  ways to move forward with marketing was something always seemed to hold people back. When one found the information they did not share it. 

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Today’s Toolbox E-Resource SERP INDEX

On Target with Today’s Toolbox E-Resource SERP INDEX

Making it right through to the top of the SERP takes effort.  Besides which just getting there is a terrific feeling.  Repetition then that continuous international presence is a challenge.  Overcoming the Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pidgeon Algorithms

SERP INDEX useful links

Aweber is terrific simplification

Fully Utilize The Link Shorteners

Help raise the SERP with YourTidyURL

How to utilize how a computer bot speaks to its SERP boss

Page Speed mobile uploads to affect your ranking

Important : Click This Link is still to come
( this link will open in another page )

May your day be beautiful.  Doubly so as your SERP marketing results follow suit.

Resources are tools. When it comes to SERP Index every bit of energy and go make them work for you.
You are welcome to share this SERP index

Susan Lewis


Important : Click This Link is still to come
( this link will open in another page )

Today's Toolbox E-Resource SERP index main emphasis is to assist with people wanting to know more about SERP.  Primarily how to  receive a stream of positive feedback through people looking for what you have placed out there to be found.  There is not fast forward or skip to the chase of the backworkings of SERP.  .  Implementing the beneficial process that is behind the science of Search Engine Rank Page takes time.  And management of the boredom through repetition factors.  Tiny things that seem inconsequential have a subtle impact.  Like a train  moving over a feather.  Something moves !  And you have to be flexible to move with the changes.  Then go back and fill in the loop holes.   Webmasters and social media syndicators have gained my respect as things are learned and set in place.  One small SERP thing after another and the growth surprises are still happening.  One of the reasons why haviong a community of experts able to assist those who have reasons to go down the ranking with the zero-financial budget.  That the "Pay It Forward" member system exists here. is seen clearly , even though at first I was very hesitant.  This is now fun.
*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page


Susan Lewis Marketing: To the top to read :SERP Index 

Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly

“Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly”. Third time in three years these words are beginning to sink into my head. Each tome a Momentum day arrives the air is electrified. Who is new. Who do you recognized.

Who wants a HUG.

Now countdown has begun. It’s real. Going to Brisbane for 2016 Momentum day is happening for me.

Your receipt is being emailed.
Brisbane Momentum Day here we come!

Loving the internet.  Waiting for the old fashioned postal envelop and hoping things did not go astray.  Instant access.


In the beginning  changers need to happen.  That ws why I went.  Changes were happening.  Platinum Level training was occurring and I was not going to miss out.


Melbourne was an eyeopener.  Great people.,  Friendly recognized faces.

Hugs from one to another.  Or maybe not.

What will happen this year is anyone’s guess.  And its been two children’s birth [ they are adults now] and a lifetime of experiences sine I was last there.


And the receipt has arrived.  Brisbane. Accommodation  and transport up sorted.  Now the ticket purchased.  Great feeling just does not explain what this third  Momentum Day organizing feels like.  Just to read the words.  “Your receipt will be sent out to you… Confirmed the very act of going.

Welcoming in with a thank you. as now that circumstances have changed create a 'to do' list with mentoring systems and personnel. aligned with your passion for freedom.
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Back to the top: Your receipt will be emailed to you shortly.

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