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happened in a person

Post Traumatic Shock Disorder is about what happened in a person.  Get that point sorted out begins to allow some gaps may begin to fill in. Find the trigger point that cripples the mind into withholding memories a past beings to meet up with the present.  A future may then be mapped out.  Which was better than always living with an invisible jigsaw of a past littering progress towards starting life’s journey forward. <!–more–>

Bridges between what happened in a person life result in that persons brain forming and produced one reality. The memories credibility have to wait until the primal force for survival has settled.  Then there may be time to sort out and reconstruct what actually did occur prior to the time when the Post Traumatic Memory loss’s began, A time when relearning to learn needed to start to occur.

ptsdisnotabout happened in a person
From this moment the choices are yours. And yours alone. Be honest enough to look them in the ‘eye’. Strong enough to say good bye to negative inputs.

There can be a big difference between what actually happened in a persons life and the meaning , or interpretation of the experiences the person makes up about the connecting pieces that make up their whole understanding.

Non typical case is the “Long term Total removal of memories. From what happened in a person whose personal experiences this situation removes not only access to the painful memories but every other memory within. In short the result is a feeling of floating. With nothing to hold onto where do either new experiences, or brave blips of old experiences, connect to?”

With medical conditions such as Alzheimer, or through oxygen being unable to feed the brain” as was stated to family
members, people gradually loose their memories.

PostTramatic Shock Distress memory loss is different. Somewhere there may be a trigger switch just waiting to be recognized and found. Opened then activated. Too fast and PTSD close down happens again. To slow the condition hangs around.

Find Your “U.” Now move on from that point.

In my own case this opening up started to happen twenty three years after a truck impact. Before that there were random
time slips of disjointed understanding where memories were released …but who and what were they? People look at their circle of influence strive to be like the best on of that crowd. Which means a lot of damage is done through self judgment. There is no one as hard on a person as that person themselves. If you, the person has no connections between the past and your present there is no retrospective memory sequences. Unknowingly there you are beating yourself up and literally not knowing why. How can a jury understand what has happened in a person brain retrospectively. The jury cannot even get a ‘look-see’ in there.

Considering the person involved does not recognize, nor understand any significance or things in the past relating to things in the present let along the future everything needs to be rebuilt, replaced, resorted and relearned.

When ready the place that was found had modules of understanding ones self. For myself these worked as there were other things learned over those years. What these modules started off was a re-connection , The present to the past. The past to the future and the present to both the past and the future.

The best way to understand what I am writing about would not be to experience full loss of memory.

Instead after the link here is clicked through and you’ve watched the video series, choose to go onto the modules. Progressing through them will take some time. But spend the time fully immersed and get those connections sorted out.

The percentage that actually complete these modules is interesting. Especially as the greater percentage have all their memories and are possibly not experiencing PTSD.

The modules are not a walk in the park to fully and in depth complete. However the end result is that now knowing what it is you are doing with your future, sure helps pull you over the slippery ride at times in the life’s journey taken Either way I see you on the other side.

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only way to go now is upwards

Its been one of those weeks where you wonder what is it about the “only way left to go is upwards.”    Yet between the computer hard drive frying after twelve years and learning how to do things there have been many changes.  principally within my belief in what I have done.  Seeing what steps have been taken.  The totally utterly terrific support and frame work this community has given.  Both the online community and the real world place I reside within.

From this week the only way to go now is upwards overview

The computer towers melt down of the hard drive : that meant I had time to reorganise the laptop memory.  Filing sorting out is an “Oh not job!”  However there came about 30kb + of extra memory on the laptop.  So many copies within the mess.  Which when you are using Notepad is quite a large chunk of memory now available.

The banner below is now fresh looking with its band of electric purple. . Now things are tied together.  The Autoresponder templates are looking connected with the band.  The logo  first made in 2014 when i was just playing around with the GraphixCreator is a finishing touch.

slm000047 only way to go now is upwards

Having completed a course and sorting out my “me”  seeing this logo on things… well I did not actually realise just how far the progress had been.

Where other people have come through and moved on faster than I have,  I have found  me.  the memories and experiences are now untapped  from memory lock down.  Much mental sorting has occurred.  New mindsets have been added.  Like giving pictures and files a revamped place to call home.

The big plus is that the truck imploding into the vehicle I was just starting to drive [ I was doing 2 km]  that triggered  the loss of these pictures, files and all the other memories have been finally cried over.  Simply there was the time to sit, see an advertisement re drink, driving and deaths,  that was released about the time of the implosion [ 1991].  I believe before the incident as i remembered standing in my mothers lounge room and watching the video.

slm000020 only way to go now is upwardsThis time I had been hunting out the logo.  Recovering virtual pictures that I  had created.  Maybe they were intertwined in my mind. The loss of one making me determined not to loose another.

The end effect is that  a before and after connection has been laid.  I was able to finally ‘live through’ a replication incident, release and cry.

Sure there were moments of meltdowns.  The change is that they are more about ‘ARRAR’ what have I missed re the new program, rather than about me personally.

Like the banner above.  Sure there will be ‘twiggs’ along the way.  The road toward healing is like that.  One incremental step at the time.  Happily the only way to go now is upwards.  Beginning with the small module steps [ past the video seen through this pictures link]


Reach Down Inside yourself will open into another page.

reachdown-1 only way to go now is upwards Starting with watching the videos, deciding to move forward and start the Modules…….

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drilled narrow, yet deep

Explain drill narrow, drill deep.

The Six Figure Mentors community know the effect of drill narrow, drill deep with the  Universal Laws in action.  What you really think in your mindset will come to the top.  And that is what your brain will register first.  As children our brains are taught through both love and pain.  Love brings forth happiness and belief.  Pain even well hidden for survival modes will lie there and attempt to always turn things sour. Often seen as a spiteful nature.  What is worse is that that spite will turn your “Y” factor against your “X” factor.  “X” Factor mindsets are not born.  “X” factor mindsets are made.

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