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now take a free test drive for clarity and support

Test Drive For Clarity And Support – Come On Create That Alternative Digital Lifestyle Now Take A Free Test Drive For Clarity And Support 

To create that alternative Digital Lifestyle vision take a free test drive for clarity and support.  In this post Susan opens the door. Come on through. Check out the Digital Experts Academy and the SFM.

In this post Susan Lewis ties in two things .  The first is a reference to the buyers cycle where in today’s digital world the buyers cycle now has two very recognizable parts.  Part A is the customisers cycle and Part B is the buyers cycle part.

The second thing is the value of small family supported businesses having the opportunity to “hands on” explore, talk to others about experiences and finally to have the time to absorb the core values as the see them in action.

See how that little extra motivation  in a very special, positive, supportive learning environment flows into other things being achieved around the communities members.

Tune into the virtual house to test drive for clarity and support

Being a very visual person Susan Lewis uses the analogy of exploring an old house and describes each step of the way using references to an old fashioned house.

The reason for this is that there is a recognisable visual connection into the ‘memories’ of a selected  few people on the Autism Spectrum.  Those with the Autistic trait of being ‘visual ‘ re understanding and retaining new information.  Also for the people with specific head injuries as Susan experienced that were related to the truck impact in 1991. Susans mind needed something familiar to grasp hold of as new information was able to just stay still long enough  so that old memories could start to surface, find the new memory and attach long enough to connect.

To find a Community that has a test drive for clarity and support

The use of an old house where people can connect into the test drive for clarity and support allows a somewhat sense of familiarity.  In this place there are many nooks and crannies also known as special places for a one-on-one conversation to take place. There are many things to look, see and do where as a person looking for information during the test drive  there is time to engage, optimize and expand the knowledge  so that a valued judgement  choice is created by you, for you and taylored directly to you needs.  Just because you know best what will suit you now.   As expected people are executing the options to keep going or to say not at this time, even if they see the value as their personal research is conducted. These action are a big part of the customers cycle.  Whichever choice is made both are progressive clarity and support steps forward for both yourself, your  family, and to the community behind the the private members doors.

Second progressive step is for people who want to go forward. There are no sunglasses that people wear within this house. If an dust moles were found as you were conducting the research… then ask about them.  The time to explore, evaluate  and even the choice to purchase the initial modules comes at your own leisure.  The reason for this is  you would have short-listed what interests you. Selected what three things you are really interested in to find out more about. To have the information, and help, available within this virtual house helps direct your interests in the right direction.

The actual test drive for clarity and support

Asking about clarifications, information on pricing and yes, even discounts come under the buyers cycle.

Feel free to carry one reading as you begin to open the gate and head to the virtual house. And remember to open up the virtual goodies bag that has three resources to get your online presence moving forward.

Why a test drive for clarity and support in this old house

Entrance to this private community is through the front gate, up through the door everyone gets admitted through.  Now we’re in the entry.

From this point the virtual entrance door is still open. And will always be open to you.

While you are here take a free test drive for clarity and support

By the way….Welcome. While your here  choose an “all level test drive”. For clarity and support in the journey of the lifetime.  The entrance way has a library for public viewing the amazing  video resources.  Come in and take a viewing seat.  Watch the videos.  Now some will wait it out.

Sure there is an uncomfortable feeling as no-one knows what’s in front of you.  You are the one that makes the choice to move forward, or to leave your curiosity unanswered and walk away.  Simple as that. I suggest that since you’re already there test drive for clarity and support anyway.

Behind being an empowered individual with the confidence that comes from having the right know-how is knowing you have made sure things are a great fit for you. Knowing this and connecting with what you see in this virtual old house’s test drive …. that’s one of the secret[s] that separates success from disappointment!


Remember the test drive for clarity and support!

The behind the reception desk scenes are people [ alias sales team] who will ultimately know what suits you.  Yes there is an ‘art to deciphering cognitive processing and the sales people are there to help make sure you are a right fit for the community.  Think of a onsite  tailor suiting the person to the clothes or the clothes to the person is the question.  Like all clients you are the person with the personal say for yourself. The fellows manning the reception desk represent the entry access through to the rest of the establishment.

Many may have listened to others tell them that  “the time is not yet right”.  For you though ; once the ‘are you a robot’ minimal sum is paid the  next step happens.

Another doorway to move forward is opened. In this area are modules. Complete the modules, questions and everything that is in front of you.  Oh by the way during the 30 day test drive for clarity and support go through everything you can.  During these modules there are tools to help you through the choosing what is right for you and your future circumstances.

tapforresources now take a free test drive for clarity and support
Click here to begin to experience joyfulness with the community and business outcomes.

Connecting into a refreshingly friendly community helped me remove the isolated and alone feeling has both given and received support. Amazingly being able to help give someone else a leg up is confidence in your own abilities grows helps you grow one step further.

Test drive for clarity and support and enjoy yourself

When you take that free thirty day trail the possibilities for you are made realistically within reach.

Honestly, in a busy day, I often wondered just how much more I could fit in. Weaving the 1 -2 minute lessons into the coffee breaking further helped finding out how to tap into the booming digital economy. Gaining momentum with the special bonus Digital Skills Platform is further propellent to ‘gaining a broadcasting presence’.




Weekly Website Creation

Weekly Website Creation Webinars

New skills sets are a focus this private community concentrate upon. Besides the personal growth involved through each of the l membership levels there are wonderful discoveries all through the available options.
One training to note is that of the Weekly Website creation webinars. Gaining access to these  weekly website creation starts when you have access at the Elite membership level to the website and themes and the basic set up introductory WordPress 101 video tutorials that takes you through the preparation and introduction to leads into the using your Website to its best advantage.

tipintopracticenow-susanlewismarketingdotcom-e1480828742955 Weekly Website Creation

Should you miss something just go back to the training video and check things out again. Elite  membership gains you all the tools within the one monthly subscription.  Why not gain the skill sets in order to further your website knowledge.  Now with a firm foundation basis of the WordPress101 training’s available in you Digital Business lounge access [ the vertical column on the DBL dashboard and scroll downwards] And set up and functionality of your chosen theme along with basic knowledge within the Forums, the SFM Facebook and Google social sites, blogging challengers and way more you have an additional  option of the Gold Membership level.

Basically now you can literally hit the floor running  as you propel yourself through the Gold workshop training. Even include sales campaign ideas.
Digital-Learning-a Weekly Website CreationMembers give back into this community who  If you have  the need to create terrific websites, is there for you.  Why why not give this a shot when you are experiencing your 30 day free trail ? It’s extremely easy and by itself is available for you …..Better yet ! Although I have no idea how long this option will be part of the ‘choose and try test drive ‘ that’s  included in the free 30 day trial !  Load the cart and have a go for 30 days.  A relatively small price to pay for creating your future potential with significantly  better WordPress Website quality.

Grab the full Test drive by hitting the banner below

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends as this may be the start of your future.
susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Weekly Website Creation
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett
 Finding your “elite self ” sometimes starts in the strangest of places. Knowing you are able to truthfully say I have  with understanding  and that others are where you were…. still painting canvasses  by filling in someone else’s dots.
What a feeling is being able to remove frustrating website design things off from your memory and literally replace them with new memories is a fantastic feeling.  Add to this the support along with the networking and this elite membership level is a fantastic place to be when you are starting out online.

Can you hurry up on the changing?

Stating that “Courage does not make us right. It makes us Bold. Courage allows us to step out.” David L Peterson is terrifically correct. Amazing how a courage statement like this just “challenges” the mind to prove its worth.

Change, or change acceptance, was not something that was taught in schools.  Most of us don’t have any idea how to get started on change within out lives.  Others of us got into trouble for challenging the status quo.

When we fought back there was either bullying to cope with or to become. Somewhere the next choice was to withdraw.

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Training And UpSkilling.

In the beginning… Training and Upskilling was a pirates haven

The internet has “been around forever”. Initially as a way of communication, training and upskilling and a while later for socializing. What was first shared by professionals, then between universities has spread through the world. Government departments, education

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 Training And UpSkilling.
Remember Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals the Titanic !

facilities and the military, and businesses employed the graduates. The onslaught began to happen. As more and more people found creating an online community had many uses. Especially as people became familiar with the socialisation happening on the Platforms.

A division occurred. While most people chose to use the net for social reasons, others mastered the arts of using this tool to create a ‘net-lifestyle.’

Time to get the general publics training and upskilling within safer boundaries.

Meanwhile bubbling quietly behind the scenes the broadbands people were creating step by step programmes, bringing a social conscience into the net sphere. The warnings were on the net with algorithms. AKA Panda [Feb 2011], Penguin [April 2012] , Hummingbird [ late 2013] Pigeon [July 2014] then Compliancy [2015].. And each time the warnings were on the wall these forerunners suddenly began to sell their training and upskilling secrets at a ‘MUCH reduced’ price. Crowds went “mad with relief”. Rushed into cash in with the digital gold.

Offen such that the participants would swap their labour for learning. Not realising the coding pixels may have lasted for a day. A week. A season. Few understood or cared that what went on the internet… stays on the internet. Therefore once the marketers pixels had time lapsed only the original companies stood to gain.Simply because the pixels were coded to revert to the original advertiser.  The person sharing the secrets.

Reached-a-slow-point-yet-1-200x200 Training And UpSkilling.
Reached that Slow Point Again

Once a gold fever took hold all the carefully given instructions went out the window. “Once I get to 100 posts, then I will record where I placed the advertisement”.  Think about it. The mind will only remember a few places at a time. Many people were in this situation then, and there are many people today as well.

Change to the previous algorithms that worked back in the ‘pirate’ days was implemented. Finally with ‘compliance’  being brought through either the ‘pirate’ social media outlets are being closed down. Otherwise, what was being shared ranks so low and the equipment used to find them is so fast that many sort different methods.

Unleshtherestraints-267x400 Training And UpSkilling.
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the DEA guide actions through the online traffic jams.

Like a lighthouse in a storm, there are a few education, training, and upskilling places still standing today. The light is on full beam, and they have proven they’ve stood the tests of time.

Have control of the training and Upskilling objectives

If you are going to have any control over what you are being brought into, it is necessary to understand what makes all the current interconnecting training, and upskilling processes work.

Learning new things, or upskilling takes time, concentration, effort and valuable energy at the best of times.  Add the family dynamics of having one, or more, people in the family within the Autism Spectrum and you now have to take control of your learning environment. Finding, then attending an education facility open 24 /7 . With people who have an authenticity of both the developing of these skills and who have been in the similar family, concerns is here and definitely is available.

So much so that the company  who stands with the people it trains and upskills offers a ‘100%’ with the training, [Even if your reason is you do not like the look of a co-founder !] Yes check out the resource of the seven day video series.  Move through that and on and  into the Bootcamp where there are four basic modules.  That way you have a good chance of sorting out a flexible learning strategy

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Training And UpSkilling.
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

From experience working out what it is you want from life.  Turning your passion into an overall goal is possible. So possible that there are people who arealso in similar positions taking things one step at a time. Including their family in the adventure of this incredible journey. Gaining a foothold slowly up that slippery surface,

Susan Lewis Marketing Scroll to the top of: Training And Upskilling

This Academy Has Paid Off

Being a member of this learning academy has Paid off 

Commit to educating yourself and it pays off right? The Elite training through the Digital Experts Academy has paid off with a mindset alteration at being accepted for who people are. Whereas as an Autistic person in an unfriendly environment the training and education in other academies began to have major challenges to overcome.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 This Academy Has Paid Off
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Writing this post, there are still some small things to sort out with my own adaption to the micro-learning system. However, that’s where Youtube enquiries are handy as a backup system of learning through the Grovo programme within the DEA. That is a  twenty-four / seven education skills and techniques training able to be accessed at all times, from any digital device, is terrific. The internet must be connected though.

What a relief! Cause there’s no confusing need to jump from one platform out into another and overload either the computers system or my ‘autistic programmed ‘brain wave’ and learning retention systematic approach to new things  Just in this alone the academy has ‘paid of’ well.

  What is the next step to making sure the Academy has paid off for me as well?

Sure, there is a financial commitment for this information. Doubly sure the information is scattered on the internet… somewhere. Remember I have been elsewhere. Spent years going from one place to the other. Looked, searched only to become frustrated. That is until a friend sent a link leading into meeting up with Stuart Ross in 2014.
tapforresources This Academy Has Paid Off

through here Make your own decision   

Stuart Ross currently is showing people how to create a life and a business that they LOVE. You deserve a life and a business that you love. We can help even if you are starting from scratch using a tried and true digital business system that includes all the marketing of products, systems, and support you need with online marketing.

Right now the choice is yours. Choose to go through the modules then look seriously at  a level in the Academy enabling further online access to growth..

For myself, that money back guarantees on the $29.95 student membership is still considered one of the lifelong better judgments that was made. This then lead towards the Elite options.

Being a member if this community, going through the initial modules, sorting myself out and the journey that leads to an alternative digital lifestyle is like the saying…”it’s been worth its weight in gold”. Definitely challenging and totally rewarding.

susanlewiswiththestars This Academy Has Paid Off
Welcome into the academy has paid

Just in case you missed the link… here it is again.

Developing a level of self awareness that encompasses change, change and more change  is a challenge for any Autistic person living within or on the Autistic Spectrum.

While easy to learn “things’ inner change was and is harder.  Doable and a positive set of behavior modifications later these things are experienced. Very worthwhile in my opinion.

Do I recommend the Academy?  Yes.  Start with these basics. Move at your own pace.

Start to experience this  

Important: will open on a new window.

internet marketing involves

Internet marketing involves learning to find answers to unasked questions

At a point in people’s lives, there is an infinite question of “Why”. The question is not necessarily only a person driven one. Maybe you’re looking for another way of doing things. The boss is breathing down your neck at work and the other boss is doing the same at home

My boss was ME.  My Experience.  The experiences that were holding me backwards from moving forwards. If you can relate to this on some level, then carry on reading.

begin-an-alternative-digital-lifestyle internet marketing involves
Internet Marketing Involves actions. Learn the basics from the Digital Silver Education and training program

Over the years what was seen were people earning a comfortable living from the activities on the internet.  Finding out what actions the internet marketing involves careful, diligent work. Though usually was as unless astronomical time was ‘wasted as could be’, This were definitely not transparent in those early days as they need to be today. Competitions were entered into and other actions taken you just had trouble accessing information.

In fact, the weeding out selection process was entered into several times. Effectively, people who wanted to train assisted those who were giving the training.  Right to the very last thing to do.. and that was just to pay the money and do the training.  Which by now the actions were familiar to you just not the answers to the questions.

Internet Marketing Involves action taking.

To an analytical brain recovering from a brain injury where learning had to be refreshed not being able to access the basic questions placed up information flow through road blocks. Further training was sort, and that training answered questions.

To the question “How are you competing in today’s market?”

Yes, the combination of the internet marketing involves a financial reward. For this though the person signs a different agreement. Rather than being a competitor the agreement is now that of becoming an affiliate marketer. The same rules of conduct will apply. #No Spam, no false representation and so forth. The difference between a competitor and affiliate marketer is the expectation of some form of training available. Depending on the cost associated upon signing up will depend on the training levels available to you.

 Many times this would involve the purchase of something to speed a process up. Life finds its balance so buy telling other people of what you have found, where to get it and both the benefits of that solution you to are driving people to the sales point. Are you sharing the link you were given around right? Circumstances have indeed changed with online marketing. Doing it yourself with smart online strategies learned through the Digital Experts Academy online upskilling and training levels is probably all you need affiliate marketing for beginners Silver Level training.  Are you prepared to place $2,500 [US] on the table to learn the cutting edge Digital Marketing fundamentals? There is a 10-day Window price of $1,700 [US]*. Since you have read this far, you must have a serious need to know what is on offer with the money back guarantee.

In case  you want the link through one more time

This is the LINK right HERE

When you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact me via

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


contact-me-1000-x-200 internet marketing involves
Having access to the internet and marketing online it becomes easier to Introduce yourself


*[Straight-Talk Alert]: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The goal is to give you cutting-edge online tools and educations to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. See the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page

susanlewiswiththestars internet marketing involves
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

“Create your own reality. ” The Six figure Mentors.

A community that will support you. Help you reach your highest potential.” The Six Figure Mentors.

“Relearning the Moving Upwards, Moving forward processes. One step at a time. ~  Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis Marketing with – Internet Marketing Involves.

The Internet And Networks Are

The internet and networks

Are you aware that the internet and networks are now over thirty years old? Did you know that everything that goes through the internet, is out there waiting for you to find it? Did you now that using old Search Engine Optimization processes are penalized by the broadbands?

Imagine if there was a smarter way of gaining training, simply Upskilling even while working towards the creation of an alternative lifestyle !

Become active within the internet and networks

Utilize the internet and networks. Update and implement using  transparent methods. Enable a greater time management flexibility. With more effective, and efficient, processes for the bots to read your pages, posts and articles  the things behind the scenes become more user-friendly due to compliance. Thus, more people become aware of your voice.

Is it worth it? Heck yes. After years on the internet the little things that somehow escaped

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore The Internet And Networks Are
Make your decision then work that decision. Upskill using the apps and tools from the internet and networks until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within one brick at a time.

became available to all. Peoples learning curves finally began to be actioned. Results are gained. And these people are sharing. Now differences are recorded and seen.

With the consistency of what at first appears as hard work, the creation of a list works towards the rise of people finding your pages, posts and articles. How? Consider the actual integration of how the internet and networks interconnect. Then look at the follow through on what you are doing within the internet and networks interconnection and syndication processes. Now check your mindset things.

Start with what you have!

From the brainstorming methods combined with the research and due diligence, right the way through to the step by step syndication process there are more and more people you will be reaching out too. Targeting what you are communicating with the people who are interested is part of this process.

Now the people with Autistic traits that I know, like myself, have some degree of a challenge when reaching out to people in real life. However, what appears to be simply : do three things and this process is made easier, actually involves many layers

There are education process, skills update courses enabling more free time, family and activity time. However, there is a balance trade off to reach first. Like all study there is implementation throughout the processes. A store’s assistant will be shown the rudimentary of the counting the change to the customers. The welcoming and other stor protocols. People studying dentistry are not just given a drill and a customer and told to go for it! Why then would it be any different with an online course?

Make things easier with the internet and networks

Having access to up to date, round the clock, current and straight away applicable

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal The Internet And Networks Are
Start your journey with the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp as a complimentary get started assistance pack

processes that track past just search engine optimization is has been made easier. Look the internet and networks have had to change as people have pressured the broadbands to take active action for their personal, business and the government’s information and rights of protection. Now the responsibilities of the are past through compliance measures and onto the middle people. The internet and networks user may not recognise that they see the difference straight away. Take note of the load speed in general. Especially on the mobiles.

The old methods are once again evaporating. The new rise of presenting information are coming through. Particularly those who are ‘more broadband compliant’ than others. Now the organisations behind the people presenting this information are also becoming compliant. Their members are demanding this compliance through the tools that they too use. Some companies are listening. The Six Figure Mentors is one that has been actively

prepareme-rightnow The Internet And Networks Are
Up for the Six Figure Mentors BootCamp challenge?

jumping forward with upskills, educating and training internet and network processes and tools with the internet and networks trainings as this a smarter way of gaining training or simply Upskilling than going about everything by myself ! Add the Mindset changes.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day with the internet and networks 
From time to time you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom The Internet And Networks Are
Introduce yourself as you learn a little more about Susan Lewis


 Have a great day

contact-me-1000-x-200 The Internet And Networks Are
Introduce yourself and contact me


Susan Lewis Marketing with – the internet and networks rock!

Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


Transform your reality into something

that really suits  


The essential person you are. That is right.


Who YOU are!
Go and look at the changing your reality The reality of who you are may take a long .  They don’t offer a miracle.  What they offer  is a free Bootcamp where YOU go and work out your “self”.

This that come by your way once in a lifetime do not usually come back within arms reach. By the time you recognise what just went by you may hope against hope that that same thing will come by again when you are ready for it………. in a perfect world that waiting period will happen. This is not a perfect world by any means.

Where else will you find you have the opportunity to work out… YOU at a cost you, and everyone else, can afford. A little of your Time. When Mark Ford first introduced me to this concept everything was new and shiny there. I waited…That’s what I did.

Then the world went mad

This was during a stage in my own life where my working world was going into a weird phase. Part of that reason was two people out of seven left suddenly. One passed away and the other had a heart attack. Night-shift work for over fourteen to sixteen hours on call does that to you! I left when I realised that my life was next.Not dramatic at all when you know the circumstances.

By now I was now emotionally Bankrupt.  So low that when I came across it  the second time [ thankfully] I didn’t have a dream.

Now there is a  dream.

Five years from that initial contact I now have a dream. I have a focus. Involves working

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea-300x400 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

towards helping you. Four months after working out my dream I am now going back to what was a hobby of mine. Blogging. A hobby developed out of the necessity to communicate with members within a Not-for-profit-organisation. Neither of these as hobbies pay the bills. They have however given me prior learning skills. Okay and some defensive attitudes developed along the way.

Take the plunge with the BootCamp.

BootCamp was a ticket I needed to grab hold of the survival rope reading “need to Survive.. grab here!” The message was just dangling there every so often in my email box. And again I nearly missed it when I was going to cheat and just hit “Clear All” from the incoming email message box!

Alright I’ll catch you Around.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality


trial-650x310 Grow-Up! Transform Your Reality
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Introducing the My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’


In this post the objective is to present a fair use review when using My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’. Different platforms offer different steps. This one of a series of three URLgenerator’s the Six Figure Mentors may utilize. The others being TidyURL and SimpleTrakk.

Most people will agree  that it is worth your time creating a ‘whole’ marketing campaign as you are about to invest an incredible amount of time in getting your goods to market.

When you become competent at using URLgenerator tracking systems the steps seem logical. Then, looking back the realization at how your skills have reached another level of

Tracking-your-hot-links-stacked-books-400x364 Introducing the My Link Generator as a 'URLgen erator'
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with my Advertising Link Generator is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information
mastery and understanding have become (You’ll amaze yourself as these factors have gradually become second nature.)

Even better is when someone becomes a lead the tracked URL pops up in the Advertising Link History section. Also check the My Leads and the Autoresponder as other details on that lead will be here. Mean while you sit there racking your brains trying to figure out when and where you placed that item you tracked. Using an example. At the time of writing this post five months ago I tweeted a tweet. Simply took a code and placed it in a tweet. Then the autoresponder responds a lead that was now receiving the boot camp series of messages.

Knowing that unless you have a 404 [page no longer available] then the internet allows viewers to keep reading your pages. Effectively the links are kept alive. People read them and through they pop into the Autoresponder.

The steps to using My Link Generator.

First realize the URLgen erator page is divided into three parts.


Click through this link for the steps

Besides checking which landing page you are associating to the thank you page for congruence reasons and the

Autoresponder list that you are wanting these links to click through to you are about done here. Just double check that you have the correct URL to place into that tracking box.
Press the green button that reads [Generate Advertising Link] and the third section now has a new long link and TidyURL short link to use.

Where to use which link type.

The internet is a fickle thing to use. Unlike people the internet is basically generated through a machine. Machines never forget and are unforgiving of some sort of misuse. When there is such a relatively simple to use tool that is helping an ‘opposition’ company that is generating good quality tools for their affiliate marketers to get on with the job of driving traffic to their site then others get a little upset. Let’s put this down to teething troubles.

Therefore with any tool, some fools create long term hassles.

My best suggestion is that as the broadbands themselves go through there teething trouble and keep changing the algorithms what can be fully used one day may not the next. Suffice to say that some broadbands prefer a ‘closed shop ‘ approach. Thus you will end up using their tracking systems. Therefore use your own discretion as to where you place which link.

As you see creating an effective campaign that must include tracking use the best. Don’t settle for less. On the note that using My Link Generator as a ‘URLgen erator’ is the best tool for most campaigns tracking come on through and check out the rest of the tools and applications available..


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Introducing the My Link Generator as a 'URLgen erator'
Susan Lewis enjoys being Platinum member of the Six Figure Mentors

 Have a nice day


trial-650x310 Introducing the My Link Generator as a 'URLgen erator'

back to the top: Introducing the link generator as a urlgenertor

The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator

The steps to using My Advertising Link Generator.

First realise the URLgen erator page is divided into three parts

  1. A) choose the domain part, B) the funnel setting and C) the advertising history.

And importantly the URLs are created with as few  character usage as possible

1) Take the url of what you are posting online. This includes everything you are posting.

2) Open up the Six Figure Mentors back office area.

3) Go to Marketing.

4) Then down to My Link Generator [ once this is up you will read it as My Advertising Link Generator]

5) All three are congruent with the effective use of this tool.

Tracking-your-hot-links-stacked-books-400x364 The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator
Tracking your hot URLgen erated links with My Advertising Link Generator is a MUST as part of the Pathways to Success parcel. This is Help On Tracking assistance information

Part A : the Choose the Domain

Ai) Choose the Domain you will be associating this link too.

  1. i) This includes your custom domain should you be using the available custom subdomain option.

Part B: The funnel setting area

Bi) On the Left side there are three parts of the page.


  1. i)My Default Sales Funnel
  2. ii) The Landing page

iii) Tracking -This is where you place the URL you want to generated a tracking code for. Once activated the code appears in the third section c) Advertising Link History. (read below)

Bii) On the right side there are two boxes

  1. i) Autoresponder list – As different campaigns are developed there will be different lists that are prepopulated with your messages. At least there should be as you will be madly writing these otherwise.
  2. ii) The Thank You Page

Besides checking which landing page you are associating to the thank you page for congruence reasons and the Autoresponder list that you are wanting these links to click through to you are about done here. Just double check that you have the correct URL to place into that tracking box.

Press the green button that reads [Generate Advertising Link].

Part C: The Advertising Link History

TidyURL-complementary-left The Steps To Using My Advertising Link Generator
Presenting the complementary TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

This third section now has a new long link and TidyURL short link to use.

Please Note:

There is a free to use TidyURL application .  People may use this on their WordPress web sites.  Instead of reading TidyURL my short links shared now read and the shortlink characters I chose to track associated with the post.

Choosing to use the TidyURL tool itself you also choose up to human readable characters after the TidyURL heading.  This allows you to tempt the readers curiosity as to what is within the link.

When using this Tidy Urlgen application in be aware that one will over-ride the other.  

 And look you are at ready, set and action time.

Other than your choice of integration of URL Generated tracking also into the TidyURL Autoresoponder, and SimpleTrakk  that is all there is to do when tracking all of  your campaign links.

These are the steps to using the Six Figure Mentors My Advertising Link Generator as I know them to be.


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