need that list building

Gidday I’m Susan lewis and I honestly thought I knew what a report was but a list building report that was written with a story format really confused me. Reports were for passing succinct official information along. But a list building report is used to pass along information in more of a relaxed, informal way. So this one that was really important to read, understand and then share was a foreign concept to my brain!

The only thing I understood was I needed a list. Every where I seemed to look there were inscriptions, gold nuggets. Red arrow’s pointing to the left, or the right, screaming at me, while I’m looking for solutions! Eventually the only thing understood was I needed a list.
After that was sorted out then maybe the answer to do I NEED that List Building Report? would be explained. Having seen so many times the comments like “Read this Special Report with the Fasted way to grow yourself the list you need to start YOUR digital life as it is the top one I have found.”

Okay the first question was the what was the list!

The second Why the list?

The third : how does the list connect to a List Building Report

Maybe with all three of these explained it would answer Why was I supplied with a List Building Report. Knowing it was a give away for people to have made no sense at that stage. The answers to these questions are individually answered through each link. Noted is the fact that I am on the Autism Spectrum. Once things are explained and my brain has settled down with the explanation I’m usually fine adjusting things into my every day life. Hence why there are answers through the links. One memory bite at a time.

In today’s world keeping people informed will be paramount to our committee and groups existence with emails. But a list building report understood amplifies the importance of being given peoples email addresses.

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