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Bucket List of Susan Lewis Marketing

In a way, having a Bucket list is kind of like having ‘fun, randomised structure to focus upon’ progress through and tick off when achieved. What is done along the way may be recorded in photos, as a video, podcast, and a conglomeration of tests, posts or tweets.

As a record of steps taken to complete each of the 101 Bucket List Objectives as they occur these become posts on this site. There is no order to the list. Just an ongoing 101 objectives to complete

The achieved sections are then removed from the active to-do list and placed in a completed list.

  1. Be of assistance and value to the people who are using this information to get their products out into their market place, gain traction and have the successes also desired.
  2. Create an attitude of peace and fun about myself and others and follow through.
  3. Have achieved the Affiliate Marketing Affiliation Certificates required for any Affiliate Marketing product I utilise.
  4. Publish as a two week scheduled magazine on taking the idea to markets.
  5. Introduce a Digital Communications toolkit that will help people increase their businesses impact  [tODAY’S tOOOLBOX E-rESOURCES]
  6. Use visual effects when recording the stories of people’s step by step processes that take their ideas to market.
  7. Publish the written the Susan Lewis Marketing Bios.
  8. Follow the progression as people are updating the new born [further development]ideas from previous ideas as they took the ideas to market.
  9. Record the “what and why” stories behind people’s ideas that they are taking to market.
  10. Present ways of how High Functioning Autistics and others on the Autism Spectrum are following their passion while integrating into the ‘market’ places for their ideas.  doing
  11. Follow 100 people within the Autism Spectrum who have taken their ideas to their market.
  12. Develop an active Contact Assistance List .
  13. Relearn to write clearly so that what is written resonates with the people reading it so that it is acted upon   COMPLETED
  14. Educate the population on a physical product.
  15. Take a physical product to Market.
  16. Visit 100 different markets, festivals and shows .
  17. Attend One Momentum Day in each state of Australia as well as each the Main and North Island of Aotearoa [ New Zealand]
  18.  Fly to different places like Sydney, PeRth, BrisbanE, London, Uganda, New Zealand,  LA, California, New York Central Park, Bali, Maldives, Cook Islands……
  19. Communicate to people why they too can take an idea to others [its ‘market’ place]   COMPLETED
  20. Utilise the #Upskilling Micro-Educational Training that is available
  21. Create 20 per year e-books themed “An Incredible Journey.”
  22. Find the humour in what seems like impossible activities   COMPLETED
  23. Use the GraphixCreator tool to create 50 of everything possible through using the tool
  24. Replace the equipment now used enabling these posts to occur with ease.
  25. Create this Susan Lewis Marketing site to what the ten year Dream is while incorporating my personality.
  26. Include plan B and Diversity.
  27. Obtain 100plus #Micro-educational / #Upskilling clients yearly
  28. Retain each year’s sum of #Micro-educational clients.
  29. The Susan Lewis Marketing team to have #UpSkilled #Competent and #OnGoing #Understanding of all aspects of Marketing.
  30. Create 500 direct on the topic up to 3-minute videos.
  31. Organise a 3 C’s day [Completely Crazy and out of Character day!]
  32. Look out for leaders personalities within their field.
  33. Develop and use 100 gifts within Susan Lewis marketing and on the susanlewismarketing.com website.
  34. Have all the platforms of Susan Lewis Marketing using the header and colour schemes of susanlewismarketing.com
  35. Be accepted into Black Membership
  36. Reregister yearly as a Black Member of the Digital Experts Academy.
  37. The Community is Developed.
  38. Develop a culture within the community that allows for plenty of individually, human weirdness, craziness and cheers
  39. Organise a meet-up with other small business owners socially.
  40. The community workshop is released.
  41. Have attendrd the Google Analytics and Masters Class Conference in Melbourne.
  42. the awareness that being an Autistic Person is nothing to be afraid of.  COMPLETED
  43. Present a paper at the United Nations Autism Awareness Conference re “Autistics in work, play and business of today.”
  44. Kazoria Orphanage work and education package.
  45. Micro-finance for primary fund-raiser concerns.
  46. Each time rejected to come back bigger and better with bounce and determination.
  47. Paint the trailer Pink again.   COMPLETED
  48. Purchase new Camera.
  49. Reach 500 posts on Susan Lewis Marketing.
  50. Be Google Complaint
  51. Susan Lewis Marketing to be Facebook Compliant
  52. Reach 1,001 subscribers
  53. Have landing pages for five
  54. Delegate as soon and as often as is possible.
  55. Have engaged in marketing that gives ROI
  56. Have filing system hosted on cloud.
  57. Record the light up shows.
  58. Obtain a working retweeting Twitter account
  59. Assist others in being innovative with their social media accounts.
  60. Work as a team member as part of a larger activity
  61. Review new boot camp
  62. Register Under-One -Roof
  63. Have completed the Elite module training
  64. Have completed the Advanced Modules of the DEA
  65. Have business cards created a second time
  66. Know my competitors profiles
  67. Connect the Tow Bar to the car for pulling the trailer
  68. mentor people  DOING
  69. Make a #Kindness Donation per year
  70. Improve my conversation small talk with strangers.  Doing
  71. Actively participate within a social etiquette class / course seeing the completion of the course through.
  72. Build a connect list for businesses.
  73. Recognise those people and businesses who assist in the creation and activation of the items listed in this continuous Bucket Completion.
  74. Keep up to date a festivals and market blog at the buyers so that knowledge of what goes where is available. View point of the buyer the what and why story behind what is on offer re product, goods and services through that seller.
  75. Keep up to date a festivals and market blog so that the sellers know the types of markets where they may find their niche markets as well as what to expect to find from a sellers point of view re complacency of the markets rules, contacts etc information.
  76. Take the ‘idea to market’ concept throughout the world.
  77. Challenge to go out to have someone solve a particular ‘problem’.
  78. Branch into resource development importation and export guidelines.
  79. Schedule activities that being joy.
  80. Contact a company just to thank them for their services.
  81. Set up a Pay-it-forward purchase operation from donations for the people who are just taking thir ideas to market.
  82. Organise a panel of like minded people to mastermind the newbies in taking their ideas to market.
  83. Organise a picnic for 100 people.
  84. Have published a series of newspaper articles written by myself.
  85. Add excitement, life, vitality and personality through this Susan Lewis Marketing and onto the readers.
  86. Have no debt to the business and the business to have no debt to others.
  87. Go to China Expo within China. In 2016.  [ 2018]
  88. Keep the office tidy. COMPLETED
  89. Promotion of Blog through the media
  90. Streamline auto responder for 3 years with of posts
  1. Know how to use the Apps associated with online marketing to the fullest extent for what is appropriate with the 10 year plans goal.
  2. Have 500 pictures uploaded into the Textures of the world community group
  3. Have a strategy for recruiting and retaining talent.
  4. Keep the focus on the growth of Susan Lewis Marketing instead of comparing to competitors.
  5. Schedule one deliverable per day.
  6. Simplify my financial record keeping.
  7. Treat customer service as a way of life with reference check points., Create those check points.
  8. Utilise an accountability person.
  9. Be an accountability person to someone else
  10. Use this webpage in part as a Business Bucket list journal
  11. As the things on this list come to completion [if not before] add new ideas to this bucket list.
  12. Change the world in some small lasting way.  Doing

Thank you for reading this post. Just think, Now your one step closer to finding out major pieces of the connecting jigsaw puzzle re- how to utilize the internet to your advantage.

From time to time you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.


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