What if you could follow your passion and bring your life passion into the open and share it with people. Your online or offline time.

Micro-Business people are like anyone else. Great at a few things, Average at some things.Big-X-on-reports-jPEG bring your life passion into posts Still others, well let us be kind. The report card would state “could improve with practice”. Usually with a big red scrawl.  This was not pleasant.

I loved English as a subject during school Okay let’s be entirely truthful here. English was fine. Just do not ask me to formally write something down for someone else to read.

Writing is not my forte. You see in the whole of my life I could not spell let alone be labour over a sentence just to get it right. However, one sentence does not a book make. Not an essay and even a paragraph.

The same when it came to writing posts. Well, they were easier than writing the automated Aweber messages. People know that automated or broadcasted messages are sent directly to people who exchange their email address to receive the information they are interested in.

For nearly six months, I managed to resist this job to get stuck into. Over the years, there have been other platforms where short messages were required to be written.  These too were as torturous as well.  It was noted that the High Functioning Autistic trait of Dyslexiacreativitys-about-ownership bring your life passion into posts was there throughout my life.

The connection to what someone would ready or listen to was amazingly just not there. Similar to writer’s block.  Roslyn Carter once stated that ” You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.  At that point the understanding that there is a passion to bring back.  To finally open the doors and let it rip.  Nothing will hold you back now – unless you allow it too.  Write while you present yourself out there to people.  And use the tools with which to benefit you along the way.

From out of the strangest of places comes help

Whatever microbusiness you are running there are times of intense loneliness.  Driving along from a to be.  Sitting up in  the area you work within getting the paperwork done.  Right down to the simple locking the door as you leave the premises. In many respects you may become isolated.  The world moves on without and leaves you behind.

If “one person can change the world” this person at that point in my life was a lady in the-the Six Figure Mentors backs office support has been the person for me.

Rather than criticise something that was an obvious common occurrence for me, she made a helpful suggestion. When the idea of utilizing the free to use the version of Grammarly it big-tick bring your life passion into postswas checked out.  Especially as the closing part of this idea was that free. Loved it so much that I purchased it. Now of course it is on my computer, and I see the results on just about everything I write on. As in not in graphics that I create, nor in WordPad on the PC.

However, this program actually helps when writing on Facebook or Google+ LinkedIn and other platforms. And yes in Aweber messages too. Especially as an Independent Affiliate member of any product, salesperson or micro-marketer the presentation online is there forever.  Literally drive that traffic out there back to what it is you are placing on your WordPress theme site. Why not chose a theme that suits your passion.

Stay tuned. You could surprise yourself.  For more useful skills updating place your best email in the newsletter section below.  Confidence comes after you have tried, tried again and kept o trying until you know you have done it.  Can do it again.  And are will to show anyone how they too can do the same things.  In this case through writing everyday activities, you bring your life passion into the open.

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