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Should I blog or website page this information?  What is the difference anyway!

Something I struggled to understand for a long time was what was a blog and what is a Website.  Knowing you write on it was fine.  Now you also  put pictures, gifs, Slideshare along with videos on there as well.  When the internet was able to upload pictures and then photos  was a triumph in itself.

However, what did you do with the virtual blank canvas in front of you?  The confusion started because companies had static cited articles that remained there.  And other people wrote on their blank canvases updates of daily life.  These were like diary form blog posts .

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The mixed up choice between a blog or website page

Now there is the choice of a website – with pages, a blog – with posts or a combination of both – posts and pages.

And pages were static? Yes and no.  What !

There are two different types of pages. A website page  and a custom page. Oh great !

Custom pages are pages that are static, yet are imported onto the site as tabs.  Now there was a name for what many people had just done naturally within their sites. Uploaded from one site a page or a post URL and displayed that post or page with  a tab on another site.  Custom pages are either filled with words and a few links.  Just like the other information pages on the site. Or they are specially formatted landing pages created using a range of integrated tools.

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Intrigued with the previous users of other tools had such hassle with their tools I really was interested in experimenting with these tools when they first came out. With this challenge: for people to go ahead and see if they could break them.  Believe me when I say that I tried my best.  However, I also learned and that brought  about a whole different mindset.   There was a support teams and other members with a lot more experience just ready and waiting to offer guidance or to collaborate.

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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

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