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Gidday I am Susan Lewis and while seeing the benefits of being online I know there are a lot of people still facing challenges within committees of people who consider being online today the same was they did back in the 1990’s.   Like before the DoS system gave away to Windows.

True being online today means keeping people informed.  Not everyone.  Just the people you know are interested in what social value items that are being shared.  Not so much keeping everyone informed of your activities, or minute daily breathing exercises.   Being online four decades ago is not like being online today.

The decisions of what people themselves see as being fit to view have altered.  People are greatly influenced with cyber security in today’s user space. Even checking things as finely as to create a WiFi blockdown in order to protect friends and family from cyber hackers.

sfmsaffilateaccess consider being online today

Consider being online today without an outcome, or a clear pathway to achieve that dream in mind. Thinking that dithering and not making a choice is a way out is like enabling life to pass by.

When you  consider being online today the value of being online seems to be a balance between what is over presented and freely available to what is needed and wanted.  People who know what they want and are leaders of leaders within this online world have consciously actioned choices made.

One of the solutions to being online today !

Use as an example this choice of being open to being online via an email system.  Choosing which picture theater you are going to see a movie at. At home or in a theatre? Choosing what you are taking in and nibbling away at information.  For me there was just about always all sorts of little niggly things involved. The worst was constantly having to find out what was up-to-date rather than advertised. Finding the platform that had tailor made, step by step levels of upskilling or total education that suited my kind of learning was a must for being online today.

So I chose to apply through the email. And again to go through the modules which required the $29.95 [USD] admin fee and into a thirty day trial. Further choosing to go further forward in the midst of all the Autistic learning meltdowns was described as an action for a hero.  The description made me smile as I thought this struggling through relearning and exploring new ways of doing things was a normal that everyone did.

SusanLewisandLogo consider being online todayThree years later as this post is written for you to take note of the thinking of was it normal for someone in my circumstances to choose to move forward changing their selves through changing the environment around them was actually normal.  Funny enough it’s when you choose not to choose a way forward the slipping into places unknown begin to start again.  Even then the community seems to ‘have your back.’

What I found was being online today has more support, clearer knowledge, greater friendships and yes there are still many challenges.  reaching out means that others can help, or be helped.  And seeing these results develop has become fun.

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