Opening  the email that lead me to the Six Figure Mentors answered something wondered about.  That of  what size a small packages would be that could house great things.

Great things come in small packages.  Check this takeaway link
GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKGES by just copy and pasting it into the search bar. Or click on it. The lack of understanding took a while to find that the answer was there.   Now with the gratitude for the truism backs this small saying this post is sharing that with other people.

A key is small.

So to is that hand motion of which turns the key and opens the lock. An invitation to use the key to the door will always beat a forced entry.

Both the invitation and the key are two small things. Maybe with one in each hand for a balanced approach you are about to discover whether you really want to exploit your ‘own’ potential for your own self. Or whether you are comfortable helping your boss to feed his profit margin. Forget, or put to one side, the forever wondering if you should reach out to the financial backers and literally beg for a loan for the home you have been living within for years.

To action and follow through or not?

There is one thing for certain inaction gets you nowhere fast. A little-packaged action and giving up changes you any way you go. There is that restlessness within either way you go. I know as I have been there.
There are three choices.
a) You swim with the flow and be just the same as the other 99.99% of the population
b) You take this action.
c) You stay in the small fishbowl limiting your potential with no privacy and at the mercy of someone else to clean that and feed you. Mind you if you get too hungry the bowl will get very clean. Thats what an employer knows. Keep the staff hungry for mire and the work gets done for the slave wage remuneration is accepted every pay cycle.

Mostly in my journey through the business systems and practices within my life I literally arrived and was left out there wondering where I had misplaced the invitation that told me where the key was placed. Or worse that the invitation was filled with jargon or a language I could not interpret. What I knew was there was a freedom somewhere that I was searching for. Hence why you have the invitation. The key is that link. Your actions are your own and will coincide with your dream.

Be prepared When You Go Into The Digital Experts Academy

In this new, digital economy the jobs that were there, the skills and training we went into the workforce and acquired have literally become extinct. Technology and out own life’s paths brought the things we fear most in our lives. CHANGE. We all change in our lives. That is why we keep photo albums. Thing is when was the last time you printed out a photo for that family album?

With this in mind, go have a look at what is behind the link here. Look through the fish bowl and see what is there as you listen with Stuart.

Why? For Everyone Always Revises [FEAR] what change factors have unknown endings.
And Yeah Grat Things Do come in Small Packages.   Will you ever know what your change factors are??

You will meet Stuart and Jay. They are as they tell you throughout the next seven days worth of videos.

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