Why are instructions usually in a back to front order?

To many of us Autistic people, learning new skills seems like a jumbled series of ‘ back to front order gobbly gook’ nonsense ! Order and plain simple “show me instructions” so that I can carry out what you are telling me to do just have little comprehension. To make sense of the results is what is needed is for the instructions to be put forward in a way that ‘I’ understand.  Then give time to me to analyze the processes the bits that were have left out.

Having a resource that was available to use at the basic level of tracking, of course, was of great advantage to everyone. Including myself. Understanding what was meant to happen with the tool, however, brought a meltdown on while Digital-Learning-a-400x80 back to front orderalready in an Autistic overload.  That made normal neurotypical instructions far out of understanding reach!

Like many people within the Autism Spectrum, the next step was to take apart, analyze and fill in the gaps that were meant to be there.  Gaps that neurotypical peoples are expecting others to fully cotton onto within the first few rushed showings.

A-messy-office-e1473564045296-291x400 back to front order

That brings us to the following instructions presented in one  ‘back to front’ order of achieving what was meant to be  tracked.  More importantly, the stop gap instructions are designed to reduce impatience and thus, the steps, ‘all the steps’ are worked through.  That basic tracking task is achieved.

Back To front sorting of information

tidy-125 back to front order
Hit on Me!

Processing this information in a back to front order meant that the Autistic trait of impatience was ‘held at bay’ just a little longer. The benefit of this process was everything got done that needed to be done in one sitting – not two. Positioned in back to front order was also the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder [ OCD] coming into to play. The objects at the front of a system were in reverse. The actions of one process did not take precedence over the other. This back to front order is just another way of getting things done.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478718232752 back to front order
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Completing the tasks of saving the URL in its proper sequence, therefore, maximizing the capacity of the link shortener meant following the task all the way through. Also, this back to front order has time and time again brought an awareness of knowing that there was not need to go through a second step in order to have the file completed and ready for use.

At this point changing the back to front order made sense.

Just in case you missed the link This TidyURL tool is what has been spoken about above

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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

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