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Bring on the smile… Just one little smile

Just one little smile. A simple smile has a universal energy all of their own. Honest-to-goodness people may choose to not recognize the impact of a smile. Bring on the smile.Thinking there is nothing to ‘it’ means that smile, that rare and precious, genuine, ghost of a smile has been diminished.

People will walk for miles for just one little smile

Gidday my name is Susan Lewis and I make the figurative statement that people will ‘walk for miles for one little smile” because I’ve seen it happen..  Working with young youth within communities there was always a challenge to bring on the smile… just one little smile of those who attended the meeting times.

When you are really, a simple adulterated smile even taps into and distributes energy smiles-have-a-Universal-energy-all-of-their-own-146x200 Bring on the smile... Just one little smilewithin. Lightening up the world Creating that part of time sparkly, tingly. Leaving behind an electrified vibrancy zapped with pleasure

Like the touch of sunbeams coming through a mist to being to smile has caused this minor miracle to remember that the “he’s begun to relax” muscles within the brain to  acknowledge one got away. Lock up the face muscles, tie down the personality, operate in neutral. Squash any follow through.

If it meant you would have just one little smile

That smile to be a blip on the face maybe just one little smile ultimately stretching into a dimple on the cheek, and laughter lines around the eyes.

People need not hear the sound of the simple smile cause there is no sound. Stealth of being combined with wealth of living. An ‘I’m outta here’ dive across the finish line just occurs. No warning and no welcome. The time is right .

The bursting forth of the smile on the dial is the combination to the escape code. The sound of the effects however of a smile imprinting itself whereever there is a landing place will just be there like the air that passes through a powerful gossamer flap of the butterfly’s wings. Soft, gentle and freely dispersed.
Bring-on-the-smile- Bring on the smile... Just one little smile

Genuine articles will artlessly travel the world in a flash. You miss it once. Unaffected that smile will be back.. There is no catching, and maintaining worries with the sincere variety.

Take away any negatives with just one little smile

SusanLewisandLogo Bring on the smile... Just one little smile
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Deal with the negatives by taking that one little smile turning it up the right way and producing that one little smile. No matter what.

Like a car on blocks the false smile will get weighted down …. It ain’t going anywhere fast.  Children tend to look within others. As though there is no physical boundaries.

That simple smiles the key to the connecting of all the rest of the emotions. The glue to the jigsaw puzzle of life is to bring on the smile. That innocent simple little smile

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Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policy

Marketing and Communication is a balance

First impressions count as there is a once only policy when communication between people occurs.  When there is even one mistake, that one little mistake will get picked up on, and remembered. After that are the constant communication updates, reviews and “did I really think and say that that way?”.

Whichever way things go communication is a must. Being able to communicate what you need to put out there has so many methods it is interesting  Consider the results being Hello-are-your-there-200x135 Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policybetter, clearer  while helping to build your credibility as an outcome. Writing the emails for a Smile A Day message. Sending out newsletters. Composing blog posts.  Adding the caption text to the bottom of Video the video screen enabling the hearing impaired easier understanding of what the video is about. As varied and intense, or as casual and creative as that first impression needs to be the list goes on.

Whatever you are about to communicate needs punctuation, grammar and spelling checks. Know whether your writing is too passive. Then again, there are the different levels of writing.  Technological, PhD stuff or everyday speak.

Connect yourself to proactive communication results 

How many times have you wondered about bettering the way you are reaching out to people?   Running what you are writing through the application such as free version picks up so many of these little quirks.

Feels good to know that the grammar is checked right from your browser or on your own microsoft office applications.basically everywhere your attached computer system is

ideas-to-market-1000-x-200-200x40 Marketing Properly Means There Is A Once Only Policy
Take your Ideas to Market

there is the instant proofreading and plagiarism check.  Quitely activated with the well known squiggly red lines and straight green ones.

Writing-enhancement platforms are a sane way of getting the basic things done. With the use of anyone of these applications, the objective is making an impression that really does count.  Choose to treat the method  of your communication as a means to the right way to communicate. Then keep up to date.

Think that each time communication is attempted it is a once only policy.

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All this effort is worth it

Viewing the world around people effort verse their achievements is different for everyone of us. One retoriacal hook of a questions is the old Often stipulated with that invisabole ‘sigh” infuring what ever we want it to be. Usually Is all this effort worth it” The following post is one based on personal experience.

This post is about seeing every step as a turning point where every moment is turned into a highway for personal growth. One stepping stone at a time to transform challenges into sand where ince stood molehills. To jar the mind uto knowing that success often depends on how you look at things.

Yes.  Oh Yes. All this effort is worth it.

Ever wondered why there is the constant reminder that all this effort is worth it. Having the dream is what the strategies hook onto is important.  Each stepping stone of the way is built backwards.

Start with the dream and brake that down until you reach a check-list of actions that lead back to the dream.  All that is in place. Good.  Now put yourself out there. Complete one step at a time.  Blend the next ones into one that just happens to be one level upwards.

There are times of indecision. Overwhelm rushes at you. Confusion. Being unsure.  Wondering why the heck you are still doing what you were doing yesterday. Last year. For the past fifteen years.  Then something happens.  Some small thing.  That starts you off again.  Like the small lapping waves that reach out touching the shore. Once again the cycle starts again.

Once again, the wondering is still there. Do you carry on as you were?  Should you try a new version?

Time for a self-evaluation

And this happened yesterday.

Yes: people are actually finding what it is that I am putting out there when it comes to their stories. So the big fish in the little pond idea is what I am dealing with re the newsletter is working.

Yesterday at Heyfield Market one of the people whose idea was written about had the man’s mother partner going to Melbourne The mother mentioned to her daughter in law, which had daughter-in-law looking. Telling her mum about it. She found it. Is so full of joy and happiness that she is telling people about it. Followed up with explaining to the CNC lady

enjoy-your-newsletter-transparent-200x150 All this effort is worth it
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about the concept of the newsletter and how to place information on the newsletter itself. So she will follow up on that as well.

I like the personal touch with able to explain person to person what it is that I wish to do. Doing that. Then seeing that person another time and finding out that I reaction.

Spoke to a couple yesterday that have a beautiful non-preservative etc wine. They have no internet nothing. People cannot follow up and order more. Therefore today I am doing their story. The one and only story online about their wine. It gives me great pleasure being a “whale in a rain drop!”. This is what I mean about helping people tell the story as to why they are out there doing things.

Worth it Yes. I get pleasure that they are found.

Not knowing that they already have the expertise by writing about them they get some authority to back up the expertise. Someone else with enough clout gets them noticed.

On the other side that makes it easier to get what is needed to get out there.. out there. Simply because of linking. By that I mean writing as a big fish in little pond means that people are interested in finding what is written. That they read it places a link there on the sites page. This in turn raises site’s search engine rank. And the pages raise again allowing more people within the same niche to find them. So I write what the stepping stone steps of the dream is, along with what I also want to write : how neurobiological trauma seeps into some people’s lives, quite possibly confusing the Autism traits such as selective mutism that strikes and implodes at odd times. Yet so many of these people carry on with their lives. Follow the neurobiological series to learn more. Realise that everything you do now, and everything in your past has been worth it.

Get in touch with your niche. Be the big fish in your markets little pond.  When the pond gets to small you will have that momentum, belief and authority to propel the jump into the bigger pond of your choosing.

Meanwhile, the newsletter offer is there on the right side of this post. Simply use your best email …join up. Oh, and place Susan Lewis into your own email contacts.

It’s an old method that people use to get noticed. This ‘gather your friends’ method means that things are getting out there besides what I am encouraging people to read by sending the links through the media outlets myself. Hence why actions on social media accounts like Twitter accounts being active are so important.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

You have an idea. It is worth taking it out there…. to market.  Join the newsletter receive information in small bite size reads as to how. All this effort is worth it.

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The Persistent Strategy is Just Don’t Quit

Usually, people arrive with good wishes, along with words of wisdom such as “the persistent strategy is Just Don’t Quit”  when a journey forward starts.  Conversely, when an inner journey begins they collectively crowd around. The ‘well wishes’ turn to gasps of astonishment! And “what are you going to do that for?”

From this point maybe the doubt surfaces. people probably stop and begin to second guess themselves all over again. Right now there is a

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Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area

Heyfield-markets-arriving-at-003-200x151 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Sunrise over the Heyfield Market

Arriving within the Heyfield Country Area. The onset of autumn, followed by the colder winter months delaying the breaking of dawn later and later, till eventually stall holders frantically setting up their wares in the early hours are greeted by the new dawn sky as it breaks over the local church skyline. Such was the case when the #PopCorn4U van arrived. With a Market start time of 8AM the vendors at the Heyfield Country Market  have lots of time to exchange pleasantries prior to the hopeful onslaught of potential customers who as the colder months approach tend to stay tucked up in warm beds longer and longer before making their way to the Heyfield Market

There are times within the year when the dedicated stall vendors take time away from their rounds, Easter however is not usually one of those times as many families come together to mutually attend the local festivities. The assorted refreshments, cakes and lunch offerings available around the Auxiliary building along with the many varied wares bring people out in fairly large numbers.

The atmosphere generated within the Hayfield Market more than makes up for the often cold early starts the vendors endure. The spectacular dawn show, followed by Easter crowds, is one of those special moments in the year that vendors often reflect back on


sue-150-x-150 Arriving within the Heyfield Market Area
Susan Lewis

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Was all that persistence going unrewarded?

Education, Action, Hang in there and Persist.

You want something bad enough then educate yourself, Take Action, Ask for help and Persist.

Think about it. All that persistence and just gathering things is waste of your time. Having everything there and not taking action will just means that dust will gather, mess will occur and time moves on leaving you, the ‘things’, and your future in the past.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. So stated George Bernard Shaw. He knew what persistence meant. Then there was paper, pen and an old heavy typewriter.  No internet

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Why find an alter ego in business

Someone once asked “Whether running a business was the same as having an alter ego?” The rationale was that to engage an alter ego was to have a “double life”

I now ask you the same question.

Alter egos allow you two basic things. The first being the having a protective shield for troubles and woes to bounce off or slide down. The second is to have the freedom with which to present yourself as the best you can be. As well as and confidence to juggle things around to suit the occasion.

Purely because the daily grind has less effect on the alter ego. Therefore using your alter ego to present your thoughts allows you to go ahead and get things checked off your checklist as completed.

Organisational flows are fed through incoming streams that have less blockages. Getting things done allows the continuity of just knowing your dream is one step closer.

Checking off the checklist rearranges the time management allocations. While refreshing the energy levels. And usually everything else in between.

Many people would report that that in itself would be a relief.

Go on give that alter ego a chance. See what change in perception, presentation and persistence comes with having that front. The real you behind your business may in fact not be an alter ego.  Instead, finding an alter ego in your business  may just be your real you emerging once again.


sue-150-x-150 Why find an alter ego in business
Susan Lewis

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Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level

Do you know that there are many families who do not have enough to purchase a simple camera or other memory recording device? Did you know  that on any site there is less than three seconds to catch people’s attention? Did you know that these situations make it very may cause lives and sites to be boring?

Imagine if there was a way to use photos and other visual effects, present them in a

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Look for solutions RIGHT here

professional manner, while upskills old skills and talents! Learning and practicing new skills and practicing  a pass the picture around sharing.

There is, and are ways through these creative obstacles that are minimal cost [ I like the ‘cost everyone can afford’ approach its a giveaway!!].  The fact that all you need is a laptop and the internet, some creative knowledge and apps that will assist you getting even the crappiest picture looking really great.

Hidden natural talents pointed out gave my confidence a boost!

Never having taken a photography course my confidence level was not great.

Then years later that camera was stolen.  For over seventeen years no camera.  Photos were expensive re developmental cost.

Various camera’s used included a plastic Box Brownie, Instamatic film cameras. Then years later that camera was stolen.  For over seventeen years no camera.  Photo developmental costs were expensive. Pocket money would not cover them. Where school jobs made photo development possible the creation of those photos were hindered.

Imagine how nearly fifteen years I felt when slowly the camera was afforded.  A digital camera.  One where there were five hundred photos taken and downloaded at a time. Storage facilities full of pictures exist. Just  what do you do with photos though?

get-in-touch-cards-j-200x158 Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Find out more get in touch

Well, for me there was my confidence level issue as well.  Not too, many people got to see any of these photos.  However, there was information on the internet where you could alter pictures, merge photos.  Have magic wands, chop and change and all sorts of things.boost up my confidence level the idea of taking visuals into the internet market seems a lot easier.

Even make Giffs. Add visuals into Videos. So many different things to do.

For a while writing on various blogs gave relief.

Added a photo and wondered how to do things differently.  Present them so that they would be eye catching.

Programs like Pinterest or WAYN of Flicker would accept and share the photos. The MelbournePhotowalkers arrived.  So too did the Google Plus page.  Being able to travel, take pictures, share a meal with the vastly different crowd.  As an added benefit, just share photos on their timeline.  Like, comment and share in return.

What happened next.  Gather the information up.  Read about how to do this and that.  And just do not action the information.  Two things have happened in the last twelve months

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
A journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

that gave confidence levels a much-needed boost.

Firstly by joining the Six Figure Mentors I found that there was something I could contribute to within the community there.  Creating a “textures of the World” Group was fun. This group was a side benefit of the Six Figure Mentors training that was occurring The training is vast.  What I wanted as well were specifics.  Like base training in particular actions or subject categories.

However, there were time constraints for myself.  I wanted things now to be happening.

Secondly a friend who has now spent a lot of time, effort, and control while showing me different things has given me a precious gift.  That of reigniting an interest in creativity within the Genre that I have chosen to have predominance within my life.  That of being creative online.  Yes, I still have ideas of physically painting when it is warmer. As a break from the online stuff.

Ohtobeabletohavesdonesomethingsooner Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
A stray kitten resting on my shoulder during the night.

So now the photography has been described as textured. So full of texture.  And I have not even got around to speaking of the “Textures Around the World” group either.

Share within the community

Strangely enough, the interest in sharing photo albums has risen again

By taking a gigantic leap of faith in someone else I have the knowledge now of having faith

within my own self.  That the pictures captured and shared are part of myself.  And this visual effect self is no longer hiding from the world.

When people have an idea, they want to take action on the plan. Develop the skills

required.  Practice and learn all there is to learn.  Not wait till the ‘everything is perfect’ phases has been and gone.  Heck, that phase amazes me. Holds so many beautiful things

Whereadreamandaburingdesirecollidea Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Once the desire and the dream collide is there any stopping you achieve?

back from being explored to its fullest.

Instead ‘taking to market’ these skills is something to be enjoyed knowing that others are enjoying them. This action alone positively reinforces while it boosts up your own, your supporters, and the public’s confidence level with what you bring to market.

Even with the old tools and equipment I have on hand ithe process of taking photos seems a lot more like fun. I can still immerse self behind a camera. Having been able to boost up my confidence level the idea of taking visuals into the internet market seems a lot easier.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have. Find out how right here.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom Generate strategy steps to boost up my confidence level
Susan Lewis

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Share the knowledge….it’s a free world

Heck, it’s a free world!.

Keeping up to date you realise that skills maintenance training costs though.  Either in time, money, effort, experience or loss of search engine rank page [also known as serp].

 When you are, at least, an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors the training you receive from working with people like Tom Breeze is videoed.  Accessible through the back office. Twenty-four hours of the day. Where ever you are as long as there is an internet access available amazing. <!–more–>

Tom Breeze video tutorials, as well as the community groups connected are inspirational YouTube training and is fantastic. With basic knowledge furthering these levels is a doable and achievable, very gratifying experience.

ideas-to-market-1000-x-200-200x40 Share the's a free world
Take your Ideas to Market

Feel your not quite up to that standard yet.  Okay, I went back and for fun started the necessary ‘basic’ training.  These come in short bite size videos and transcripts. Had to play the video back several times and reread the transcript.  Once I finally answered a question right moving into the next segment was a relief.  Because the relief sensation was simply that the knowledge gap had been filled.

Acknowledge a knowledge gap

Realizing just how the ‘missing gap’ was affecting the overall marketing performance, the answers needed to be found. This feeling of understanding now lead to confidence and power in the future approach to things that no longer needed a ‘fix it’ attention.  Just action.

Part of that action was to have the confidence to accept help when it was offered.

Jay, one of the Six Figure Mentors co-founders, is often heard to state ” Wash, Rinse and Repeat”.  Subsequent to accepting help once, now there is a positive two more people helping. Each obtaining a certain amount of confidence, reciprocal recognition and so mush more that I just do not have the ability to name as yet.  Even people who are part of, or just receiving the newsletter are sharing the knowledge freely.

When these basic skills have been learned, practiced, resorted out, pushed out there the rewards for time and effort follow. Knowing that actions slowly bring forward the truth.

the-digital-gold-rush-200x40 Share the's a free world
Catch up through Digital Education.

Experiencing is just how much the saying is ” it’s a free world” is correct is a real buzz.  Free to move onto the next thing.  Support the complimentary video series set to you.  Just add your best email then be ready to have a quick read pick me up daily.

now with confidence in your own self-actualization helping others achieve their dreams comes forward as well. Especially when sharing becomes no problem.  Hay, with that knowledge  it truly is a ‘free’ world to explore.


sue-150-x-150 Share the's a free world
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Share the's a free world



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Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing

Today digital education reaches through into people’s lives. Affecting commercial and daily marketing procedures. With the right information,  you have an understanding of how, and what the media can do for a business.

People are used to popping onto social streams.  New marketers are experiencing fewer clampdowns on their advertising. Messages to their readers are getting out there without black hat dirty tricks.  Making things easier for both the reader and the marketer is what the Google Compliancy and Facebook Compliancy issues are about.

Disturbing does little to explain what is happens when out of date practices are used. With compliance structures and guidelines becoming prevalent, the ‘dodgy’ practices page, or posts, will not be on top of the search engines. Therefore, these will be less likely to be found. Instead, these will get squeezed to the bottom of the search engine page ranks.

Add to this the knowledge of the Internet growth and usage. What was current last week or month could well have changed.  Keeping the skills and knowledge current is a challenge that is met. Often.  Every day and all around the globe.

Rather than have “Search” and find missions for current, useful information why not just go to one place, log in and access up to date information. Thereby save a heap of time.  Better time management.  Back in a blink of an eye may start meaning something positive. As simple as being able to keep a promise because you know where to find that piece of the information puzzle.

  Thinking you have something useful then implementing is an achievement.  Where do you go for the information is a “one-stop” shop.

Small business people with necessary knowledge, or who rely on family and friends to assisting

Question-marke-in-pink-200x150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Keep on asking the questions, expecting the answers and tell no lies.

them with their marketing, need not start to wonder where, when and how things are done.  Now the skills are there.  Work through the Elite accessible training.  Simply either do what is needed yourself now as you have the skills.  When others who have a far better skills set than you are assisting, you complete the project an idea of what the job entails, plus real-time practice combine to make things appear easier. Now those assisting may still disappear, get otherwise busy or simply move on with their lives.

 Now with a ‘primary digital education’ you know what skills you are looking for in a person or the team helping to push your idea, product or service into that niche marketplace.

Simply by upgrading your media learning you can link your digital education into your marketing outreach.

Keeping this simple keeping your knowledge enables linking the digital education into your marketing reach

The action has lead to reaching out to you and you reading this post.  Digital Education itself is not enough.  Your action and your own digital education combines to  push your ‘ internet presence”, also known as your ” voice” further into what you are doing.

Success with Digital Education helps create the pull you are looking for.


sue-150-x-150 Digital Education Reaches Through Into What You Are Doing
Susan Lewis

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