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The determination to flourish with your dream

Let’s shed a light on the determination to flourish through just surpassing everyone’s expectations of what is possible within life. Around each one of us is known to be a circle of influence. This circle of influence is  a community of like minded people. Also known as the tribe , or herd, with which each person associates themselves with.

Often overlooked  are the characteristics deep within each individual that are  closed away, or underutilized, to  enable harmonious external relationships with other people. To stay accepted  in the community these are personal choices made  at sometime in the lives of every person.

For many the choice boils down to an early choice not to be different. A survival factor that once made was encouraged to be ‘forgotten’ about.

The object of this post is simply to water, and openly nourish along, the seeds of potential growth factors within people  who choose the read further.

Bring To Life The Determination To Flourish

In this post Susan shows you how effective the determination to flourish was for a tiny little rose that was  planted in an empty backyard. This little rose claimed its space just by quietly growing and took over a significant area, one piece of fence line at a time.

That determination to flourish over the years has seen so much social worth given quietly as each year this rose grows further into its potential. The flowers are enjoyed either snipped and taken  inside or left growing beautifully.  The other plants and herbs have much shade. Something the need to fully reach their own potential.

The question is why use a rose to illustrate  how finding an online platform is a fantastic testament to growing into your own mental determination to flourish potential.

The fact that this online platform allows different upskilling, training and levels integration the fact that with the right level of access. Together with an added plus; when each person has enough creative upskilling, hard work, persistence and practice, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.  To the depth of our own personal belief factors roots within our own personal mental mindset changes. Now we can  effectively action our vision.

Susan writes from the perspective of being on the Autism Spectrum. Typically  she has chosen to go further than the traits and stims many people think they know all about and thus prejudge peoples abilities with what their own perceptions are.   Noted that although there are significant Autism Spectrum trait

Enjoy how the following this true story utilized the synergistic approach of the written word to bring forward a creative picture initially  merging the growth of a rose that has the determination to flourish instead of speaking about a person with the determination to flourish.  The rose being perceived as less of’ person to person threat.”

Asked why the post speaks initially through the eyes of a third person the above explanation will suffice.

Within this post are aspects of the Autism Spectrum traits put forward as the decision making influence pointer. We all have these. Yours will be different as we all are unique individuals.

Enjoy the visual aspect created as the post is read. And yes the door is open for you to make the comments, or a short relevant illustrative story that shows how this post has affected your day.

What to do with The Determination To Flourish

On the topic of the determination to flourish Ronald E. Osborn is quoted “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow !”

The Determination To Flourish With Your Dream

Visualise what that dream is you are currently looking at beging.  Is that dream big enough!  In belief so underlyingly  incredibly innocuous there  is little room for growth.  There is another saying ” Ask and you will receive.”  Just after this is a part quietly missed by many. Effectively that your belief in what you ask for is what the request is engaged with.

Say you look at a place to live.  An apartment building attic floor space, even a one room dive, to the biggest mansion grounds main room, that integral subconscious belief is what is plugged into.

Potential of the determination to flourish

In the garden beds here there are four types of roses.

  • Stand alone  roses,
  • Roses that have come up as red bushes, or climbers, when in actual fact they were sold as something totally different,
  • Roses that have become triffids and are being trained now as shade covers.
  • And roses such as explained below

Twenty years ago I planted a small white rose. The man explained it was small now  but to plant it where I would appreciate its growth the most.

Knowing that that white rose would grow just a little higher than the stand alone roses that had beautiful perfumers and horrible thorns this rose was planted where no others were.

The other roses still have these qualities.  Most of them have survived over the years and are appreciated as they struggle firth in a hard clay soil, and the hot Australian days.  Bushfires and floods.

This little white roses flowers first were only about 1.5 cm wide at that.  Now the flowers are five centimeters wide. At one stage there was  the pink of nearby geraniums merging within its DNA. The petals still sometimes show the faint pink traces.  However, as the white rose has grown the geremiums reached their ultimate height. Now happy where they are as well.

What I see now are branches up to twenty feet long growing through the vertical willow trees near by.   These branches thave begun to cascade back downwards.  Effectively screening of a neighbours back of house window.

The determination to flourish brings forth change

The reason this rose has become so beautiful, fulfilling its potential time and time again, is just the fact that there is a shear stubbornness within it.  The determination to flourish and flower every year one way or another is beautiful to behold.

This rose shows the integration of life values, Views an outward potential as a challenge as lifestyle choices. Now if I believe the rose has this ability to defy the odds what can a human being do?

Some of the people I know have reached out and effectively opened their mental doors to accommodate and change perspectives.  In so doing  achieving managed behavior gently. Most have struggled as foundations for change were rough and raw around the edges. When they went back time and time again the changers had become more familiar. They grow use to visiting and slowly adapted to the changes that took on a life of their own. A new direction has often emerged.

Gradually the one choice to click through into the same resource that stated my own journey moving forward.  Achieving lifestyle changes as well through smaller outcome stepping stones being recognised and related too.

Lets make choices count. Joyfully peak behind the scenes that incredibly opened my minds space up and add another dimension to life.

In the comments below there is room to place one stepping stone forward behaviour ‘thing’ you have noticed a change within this week.


Melt that Doubt Away

Melt that doubt away …by a very specific message process [ called a metastory].

Through having the belief in your vision, make the meta story to make sure there are no barriers. Even to overcoming physical limits as you reach the summit.

Have the passion, the belief and the get go to melt that doubt away.  Focus on the end goals. Meanwhile replace what you already know with faith and belief that what you believe in will keep it’s promise

Together with Susan Lewis let’s shed light on turning every moment into a highway for oersonal growth that helps transform your challenges into stepping stones reminding you that success often depends on how action was taken through the way things are looked at.

What will melt that doubt away

Take a little extra motivation into your life and melt that doubt away as you grab hold of  exactly what it is today opens up to be. Just do whatever it takes to live your best life. encourage people to dream again.

To help people find their way online a flurry of online programs were released.  Are continually released.  Some on platforms that are very creative.

However long people like myself searched there was a connection challenge.  The time was not right. The  unspeakable just happened and the car repairs have…

Yet once the invitation to ‘the program’ finally arrive in my email box the “melt that doubt away’ energy was just ot there.,  There was no need.  There was total belief, and  relief, that the becessay program had been finally found.

Over three years later what was opened up in that email was an open invitation through to what is cutting -edge process with a specific, proprietary formula that helps you really dig to the roots when it comes understanding and expressing your WHY ie your values, mission and purpose.

The kindness of people held melt that doubt away.

To only believe it, that this would melt the doubt away,  only when you have experienced  these factors would have left so much unexplored and appreciated.

Knowing that there are so many community members to work with you to define these principles behind the ” X,Y and Z” factors has both helped and pushed forward all the personal opening to total growth in so many areas. Then to translate them into a visual representation which twice became a unique, authentic digital brand presence.    Yeah I outgrew the first personal value statement.

Has there been a development of  a unique brand that the world want to know about… yes. As proof ‘You” are reading this post.

There were struggles yes.  There were challenges that became so much fun and had such a positive ongoing effect.

My question to you is when do you want to start to develop a brand that the world want to know about?

Soft sweat words melt that doubt away

Look within yourself and be really honest with yourself.  What is your vision for three years time  As important is what are you prepared to give up to gain that vision.

Be fulfilled. Go out and conquer the day. Be cheerful that there are terrific experiences that just build the energy around you. Be only to ready to believe in that


Be proud of the achievement and believe you did a terrific job out there taking the action to what ever your goal was.



Melt That Doubt Away

By the time the vision has become that physical reality any one cane see where the process of melt the doubt away became a reality.

Now everything is as it should be. To be so specific even where you are standing now there was nothing left to to chance. Every decision made wias be the right one. Everything fits together. You know the event in its intimacy. Everything is in alignment.

With the total belief there are no reserves. No retreats. No regrets.


Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done

There is a massive advantage that comes with the Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done. Illustrated in this case by Susan Lewis’s story behind the simple cutting off of over a meter length of hair.

I’m going to cut to the chase because I know someone had with me years ago when I was trying to figure out how I could run my online business more efficiently that all it took was the belief of the action being already done. That all I had to do was reach continually forward and into the vision created that was mine.  That I carried of the  future. In part this was to publish a  Blog post every day no matter what!

Let’s start at that frustration point which really was a reflection of something internal. Called procrastination aka ‘for ever always running’.Procrastination was just another name for FEAR.

In working with a business consultant , there were a number of things he pointed out that I could be doing better, but the one that stick out the most, and that I still carry with me to this day, is the importance of ACTION of the system that I had set up.

It may seem a little obvious, or maybe a little vague, but I’m telling you , once you learn what a system is at its very foundation, and once you realize how important they are to running a business to it’s full potential, you’ll wonder, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without actioning that system to its fullest capacity.  As a newbie concentrating on ‘one cut’ at a time and building out to another while maintaining the first. There was a process and like a baby it would take concentrated absorption, following of instructions and she copy cat falling forward moments.

As you read the benefits of belief knowing it has been done points below visualize one very fed up female in total shock. As the thought crossed her mind and there she stood putting her point across to the original source and saying NO.  Okay the “On the Autism Spectrum ” part had me putting my point of view across. It was too dangerous cutting my own hair when I could not see at the back of me!  And so I asked a friend to do this the next night. Listen to the video and enjoy the uncut version… the whole story as it unfolds may have you smiling Joy and in laughter.


Benefit Of belief Knowing It Has been Done



The short and extended into the next steps version is as follows:

The instruction. Then the actual asking. The action of arriving was done. The hesitation / doubt on someone else’s part [ read circle of influence]

My choice to follow through: “Here give me the scissors.” Grab the hair and CUT. Then handing back the scissors . Their shock … my relief.

That part of job being done.

Next hairdresser friend where both Mum and I had haircuts.

Few days later choosing to go
1) On woman’s master mind [ every 2nd week for gold level and up]

2) On Visionary call was great.

3) JJ’s Wake up call Friday afternoon [ midnight where I am though]

4) Making new video series and posting on appropriate dedicated to site Youtube channel.

5) Sharing through the community.

6) Sharing through Facebook and G+ and Twitter and Instagram

7) Adding video onto Susan Lewis Marketing Blog posts with the tool specifically provided for maximum advantage.

8) Adding to Aweber emails

9) Several other places.

10) And utilizing the ongoing Page Engage benefits of the Pro account.  I’m truly loving this facit of syndication action.

The-sumofyourattitude Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done
Action through a click here entry into living a life to joyfully build your own online life.

Really it boiled down to the simple benefit of belief. Knowing it has been done had  everything boiled down to Attitude, Action , and Relief that the action was done, NEXT thing to do…is….

Love to hear your thoughts on all this as I recognize that from one potently focused, very decisive physical actioned ‘carry through’ has emerged the me who was hiding behind the last physical aspect of my ‘self’ [ read jumped out into view]

Sharing with Joy as I look back from my future vantage point and know that anything done has been worth it as the Benefit Of Belief Knowing it has Been Done is a total relief growth in ‘move forward’ point.

Specific Details Surrounding Life With Momentum

Visualize all those specific details surrounding life with momentum. The one day where it’s a turning point. Some small insignificant sentence  opens up that whole new you. That moment in time when the confidence you gained through achieving your ideas, and ideals, finally showed the world, and you, who you really were. To know what it took to get to that point.The choices and chances taken with the fight, flight or freeze coping mechanisms.  Where the pathway went. What pathway you have already traveled to get you into your future-self. And what lies ahead as you join forces on collaborations, challenges and each time a door opens.

 Importance of Specific Details Surrounding Life

Together with Susan Lewis let’s shed light on the importance of specific details surrounding life choices. How turning every moment into a highway for personal growth throws you further forward than you ever realised. yourgreatesttest Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumThat each challenge is another which helps transform your challenges into stepping stones reminding you that success often depends on how action was taken through the way things were looked at.

Specifically to believe that this journey was about change through personal transformation. To recognise that you are ‘ an opportunity waiting to happen.” You are even now  what is known as lucrative fruit.

Along your journey… accept that you have become that leader in our community who is like a magnet, one who reaches out to others having been invited to guide others on their journey of self discovery. Especially people with a typically invisible ‘perceived disability’  Nearly mid fifties Susan presented visually as normal.  Her speech pattern sounded normal. There were nearly invisible stims and people did not pick up on them. Yet, those who knew Susan was on the Autism Spectrum, and also a survivor of a vehicle impact, could see nothing out of the ordinary.

This is a summarized story Susan’s first Momentum Day in 2014.

Background Specific Details Surrounding Life 

Clinically being taught about, or actually living with , or amongst something invisible pushed forward the importance of background specific details in surrounding life experiences.

According to Susan “Give me a table between me and the other people [ market marketer of old] or a uniform on and then I can be my persona. Avatar of a shop keeper assisting people with their own choices… it’s called work.”

HistoricClockInSydney-2014 Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumAlternatively “Give me a meeting time crowd to run and I am fine as there is a position to be in.”
Situationally “Give me perfect strangers that I will never see again and bingo the conversations are usually started by me.”
Next “Put me in a room with people in there and no uniform between me and them and ,………..”
Lastly ” Let me arrive early and observe the people coming through the door gives me a place of peace of mind”
These situations somewhat described this crowded overwhelm / social brain freeze very aptly when Susan later left the main room and entered the foyer. “Run’ the brain yells..
The thing was Susan had already met and spoken with one organiser. Shared a photo taken the night before.  Things were not so strange.  There was something to virtually grab hold of and use to pull herself our if the social ARRRRRh get me out of here situation. Besides the day backpack was back there in the main room.

Create Specific Details Surrounding Life As it happens

Expect me to go into a bar that was not connected with finding my old Taxi Customers and there’s me exposed to a crowd, people, fumes, smoke, energy, moods, hairspray and eyes … noise and distortions of what ever and I spent an entire five days forcing myself to to go closer and closer. Finally on the fifth day one man asked me why I did not go to the bar with the others. [shhhh autism ] Anyway he volunteered to guard me from my fears.
Being the soldier that he is I felt honored to be accepted. Still fitting in had moved from being perceived as hard to being accepted.
However, last year, in Perth there was the comfort of books and coloring in pencils. Now I could be there, and not there, at the same time, whilst familiarizing myself with the ‘peopled’ feeling.
Monach-Butterfies-on-books Specific Details Surrounding Life With Momentum Monarch Butterflies on book used to refocus through crowded space..

That’s when I remembered the notebooks and range of pens [ pencils last year] that I took with me each time Mom day was on. Carried yet not visible in my bag. Some people use a pet puppy toy, a bracelet. A certain cloth for clothing. Or a saying that gets them through this crowded day.

Others have their ‘I am’ here persona.

Specific Details Surrounding Life for others

Let us know, contact me, if this story helps you out the next time you start to think of a group of friendly people you have met though this community present as a sensational trip switch.

Acknowledge Specific Details Surrounding Life

Just remember that there are people at the next event from last Momentum Day. That there will be people there the time after that you now know! Believe it or not …. people like yourself who recognise the new scared and wanting to run ones . Bridge the isolation factors by the invite as you, like the soldier above, take the time to reach out and then move forward into your inner circle.

SusanLewisandLogo Specific Details Surrounding Life With MomentumYou see you are a veteran now. It’s your turn to help the newer ones forward. Let them experience the  love, peace and harmonic happening  these Momentum Days have.

This is just one aspect of putting yourself forward where others have been. The leadership challenge is for you to accept that the choice is, was and will always be your’s, and yours alone to reach out and to help bring someone else through.  Leadership that moves both forwards and backwards.  Backwards to bring them to where you are, and have been.  And forwards through to others who will either agree to be your mentor, friend, accountability partners, or even person travelling on or near the same journey as you.

Move forward with these specific details surrounding life.

Benefit of belief is: knowing it has been done

To just visualize just one benefit of belief knowing it has been done is next to impossible. Why? The answer lies in just how deep is your belief?

There are  mindset skills needed to become a successful online business owner.  One is to have that action takers mindset

In this article … looks at having the right mindset to becoming successful online which is very important if you want to know how to run an online business.

This post’s and video Susan Lewis takes you through a journey of wondering.  Where does the knowledge begin.  The where does the total belief that the original vision  turned from a concept to a thought. Onwards to a vision.

By the time the modules are completed well and truly you’ll get the hang of what your dream is. So that you can begin to follow your own dream you need help. Count this post as help towards where you want to be.

The tools to use are another part of the overall now seen puzzle.

Yes there are the normal fears of what if you don’t have one good enough at writing posts, making graphics, using tracking tools, and evben engaging with other people in the community? It’s your dream therefore its your ‘good enough’ You are of value, unique value. Each step of the way this value and uniqueness is added to.

Personaly I used to have these same fears.  The one day my hair was cut. The lady did not want to do this.  Hey the hair was longer than my arm. and flowed past the finger tips.  Give me the scissors then.  Grab and cut.  Funny as I write this I realised that even then there was an option to bow down and cave into someone else’s fears for my mental Will she regret this action state!.

After that incident two days later a hairdresser friend of mine fluffed up the shaggy “hairstyle”.  Less than a week later the hairdressers property was under sever fire danger and the forest fores ripped through. What would have happen should I have caved down and not made that affirmative statement… and taken ownership of my own action.

By putting everything together only you can do this major challenge.

When people come into this community there are modules to get through. The modules past the initial marketing process are the first stepping stone to master that dream of yours. With understanding, practice and an ‘I can’ turning into a ‘I have done’ this attitude you know your efforts eventually got it right!

Dancing With Flags


Dancing With Flags



Now Video The Explanation

Now Video The Explanation

Recpricial Help Is Here

Repricial Help Is Here

Fill Your Day UP

Fill Your Day Up

communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

In this series of blog posts Susan Lewis challenges you to work out how, and then keep the communication open, honest, helpful and to the point?  The method Susan Lewis uses involves a part of her journey.  One that incorporates both her experiences as a person on, and, with what people refer to as falling into neurobiology trauma and of course living a life on the Autism Spectrum

Neither of these ‘classifications’ define who, or what, Susan is. Except they do make it easier for a common ground to be explored, rendered helpful to others in the same boat, their loved ones, or the carers and officials within people’s lives. Also the general community at large.

Below is an analogy to a personality type.  A used car salesman form of communication. How some communication methods are used to divert [ avoid / cover up] from certain truths. The fact is that seeing this behaviour pattern its always up to you to recognize and act accordingly with grace, poise and pazazz and move forward.

Why have communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

How often has the suggestion to keep communication open, honest, helpful and to  the point been overlooked and warning bells ring as a salesman personality greated on the nerves? Making the information receiver choose to want to ferret deeper.  Essentially to weed out that miniscule piece of information just so you have that Haahahha moment. And hours, upon hours of research have totally made distractions a choice.  Then the early bird window closes and you end up paying more?

what_if_you_fly_my_darling communication open, honest, helpful and to the point
Dream Big. Aim High. Fly Higher Than Ever Thought Before.

When you keep reading through the links incorporated many more rabbit holes to explore become open.  And like all the people on the Autism Spectrum Susan knows that when those loopholes appear to the person on the Autism Spectrum seeing these a) you are now ready to receive the information so b) to receive the information  go investigate.  And the age of the post does not matter because there is something there that your inner self has determined it knows is valuable for you to find. That your mind will grab hold of it, retain and digest this information, probably mislay it when filing and when ready out will come this connective piece to an invisible jigsaw piece.

Build on communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

What Susan has is eight generations of known people on the Autism Spectrum behind her family tree, a wide thirty year plus in various community groups, experienced and professional peoples and mentors to fall back on.

Amazingly when this happens so many things begin to fall into place. Mini distress signals, those meltdown moments, opps another overwhelm of the freeze feeling appear on the seens as just another day in “intellectual paradise’.  Yes all these have been written about from Susans unique and individual perspective.  Note please that Susan is not a professional but has become a different person as she made the choice to face one fear. Take it on, Won over it.  Then another and another. Susan became very well practiced at facing these fears. The award she has is knowing you are reading one of her posts, that you can read it and are enjoying the read.

ptsdisnotabout communication open, honest, helpful and to the point.

Learn to be “communication open, honest, helpful and to the point” 

With communication open, honest, helpful and to the point  it starts early in life there are building blocks forward for behaviour management replication to occur.  Especially in larger family and community environments give a hook for attitudes and tolerances to be learned and opened up too.

As the parents were professionals there was information that was cinfidentail between parents spoken about As a child Susan did not know the difference between a secret and confidentiality. Thus Susan Learned to not tell. Which had definite influence when future incidents happened.

 A bit about where Susan’s journey has come from.

Which includes activating a pain heightening receptors from an extremely early age. Then adding a medical challenge while in the operating table at six years, right through to a truck impacting at thirty-one years old. Memories lost. Resulting in the need to relearn to learn. Which ultimately lead to opening a private community invitation. Communication challenges tackled one after the other.  Now there is the overcoming of the  brain freeze lopp to deal with. aka selective mutism where the bodies perceived threat mechanism of an oversupplied natural Opiate hormone rushes in, freezes everything, traps the mind, and refuses to micromanaging-is communication open, honest, helpful and to the point


Guess what once Susan realised what was happening the Universal laws were demanded to take action. Sure, be creative. The perception of the original threat is less a priority than getting in top of the internal threat of over action.  In short what would you rather gain…. a small amount of freeze time or the loss of a future option that brings forward possible change? Susans personal choice is “Bring on the change.” Change is less scary when your body, mind and spirit is in a natural balance.

Mark Twain once was quoted as saying” Courage is resistance to fear, Mastery of fear, not absence of fear!”

Action: Start with communication open, honest, helpful and to the point

Make a decision. Commit to the outcome. Take the risk. Act on that decision  At this moment in time things change. Instantly know that right now, For Ever Always Right has just become the motto. Your actions, no matter what they are, are known as been right for the moment.

SusanLewisandLogo communication open, honest, helpful and to the pointPut that varsity inquisitive mind to work behind the scenes as you open up the video resources in the series. Choose to progress through the modules towards the discovery of “self” as that dream is finally unwrapped. These three things are what has just started  to open a digital future up for each and everyone of us who get through.  Moving forward into the future by seeing our own calling singing through. Developing and breathing the vitality if taking on a life of it’s own supported with a community of like minded people