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As you Smile At All Times Dare To Be Different.

As you Smile, at all times dare to be different.  So different  that you reach out to others with your smile. Let them share this rare and precious gift. Like the bird that is set free, a smile travels the world. Freely giving of itself. Enhancing lives the world over. Growing with social worth. One day as it returns back to you welcome it back. Congratulate yourself on a gift well-received by many.

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Nice People Win at Last

Realize that nice people win at last place in many instances. Take the expressing of expressions. Expressions are confusing?  Err what is an expression of feeling?  What does it feel like?

When you have these expressions blocked away and hidden then how do you write, or become known, for your sincerity?  People have an inner sense of danger. A basic survival measure that insures the human races protection.  The best copy writers know this.  As well as how to use Nero-Linguistic Programming [ NLP] to it’s fullest.

Google also is very aware of NLP.  In fact even though Google makes up about a 0.03rd of the internet platforms when you are writing a blog and suddenly drastically change the method that you are writing with the web crawlers pick the changes up.  So too will the 2017 newest edition called Albert.

Nice People Win At Last

Actor Varun  Pruthi in this video portrays a “nerd” in love.  Someone intellectually gifted and yet emotionally challenged.  Maybe the sum should look like (^IQ) v (v EQ).  Thankfully the man in red has a nero-typical friend who approaches the lady – gallantly putting the friends case forward.

The part many people will miss is the lady’s situational inappropriate laughter at her friends brother.  Neither the man in red, or the lady in question, are portrayed at knowing how to approach the other.

Yet once this bridge is provided the two look set to communicate well, form a relationship and move through a few of life’s challengers together.

Myofascial means muscle tissue (MYO) and the connective tissue in and around it (fascia) . Therefore there is the word myofascial. The challenge is that Autistic people have a slight challenge. Lack of connection between the emotional center and the myofascial movements. The key to success in any business is an understanding of psychology. Learning to use the pain as a pain motivator, you show your prospects all the dangers in the road ahead. Now to dramatically increase your success rate with resolving your clients issues. Even before the client is really conscious of the fact that there is an issue building up. There are basic principles of treating trigger points. A game changer that pushes you out of a comfort zone. And slowly all the hard work is paying off. Once the unknown knot has been identified, unraviled take the risks that come your way. You never know until you give it a go. Why am I including these comments  and drawing these conclusions here.  Basically it boils down to this : Hello. I am Susan Lewis.  I am Autistic, Online and Loving it.  That being the case I simply see things differently.  In itself this causes confusion among others.    As well as myself.  When it comes to learning new things, putting concepts together there is what appears like immediate understanding.  Then comes the middle term memory loss.  Made more of a challenge with the 1991 truck impact into the vehicle I was driving.  This resulted in learning to relearn.  That means processing of information until the ‘bits and dust’ have all been accounted for.

Being online and a developing affiliate marketer there are a lot of challenges.  The biggest being both patience of myself and  of others.

The patience really started when the learning over overwhelm started.  Sure Neuro-Typical s have overwhelm.  And the common “Don’t we all” is heard.  Yet for my situation I spend over a year going to bed in the afternoon.  Or waking up still in the chair [ just].  The floor was also comfortable. During this time I learned to focus on a goal.  A ten year goal [ was meant to be 3 years but would not realistically fit in]

The community began to understand that I will do things in my own time.  And why. Slowly the things are starting to come together.  Probably will take about two years to correct the many mistakes everywhere.  However this is no longer worrying me.  What will be will be and change is gradually happening.  It’s a terrific feeling to understand and see that ‘Nice People Win At Last’ place.  Purely as there is no where else better for people to go to than yourself.

Okay not being perfect maybe I am in danger of being miss quoted.

Through all the challengers, what I was able to find was myself. Finding myself helped me be supported while I worked out what emotions were.   Sure, many of my friends now work in the same office as myself.  We all have different shift rotations governed by where we are in the world when we are connected to the internet.  That leaves the space for some really personal friends to be near by.  No fluff, no bull.  Just really great people with room for more.  See, it’s true.  Nice people win at last.

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Through Trial And Error

Got it.  Have figured the bits and pieces out through trail and error. Passing through the “Bring Your Passion” into posts and transferring what has been extrinsically learned, while learning to write, and ‘WOW’ finding there has been so many intrinsically learned things happening in the background. The story goes as follows.

For weeks the development of the Autoresponder emails has finally been started

A Big Thing to Think About When Videoing is to Always Screen And Test The Intergreation Tools You Are About to Use. Remember That: A Bar Of Iron Costs $5.00, Made Into Horseshoes It's Worth Is $12, Made Into Needles It's Worth Is $3,500.00. Made into Balance Springs For Watches, It's Worth $300,000.00 Your Own Value Is Determined Also By What You Are Able To Make Of Yourself. Susan Lewis Marketing
Check out the Aweber Archive

Aweber personal kindly custom made a template. Then the coders adapted this as I changed some of the requirements. The aim was to create 100 automated response emails. Not stopping until that all was done. Well I’ve stopped… several times. Creatively experimented. Then got back to concentrating on what was meant to be happening.

Progressing through the original emails there was a real connection when “bringing the passion of what was being” achieved came through seen while updating theses into the new version of the template. So far I been setting up the Broadcasting as well. This is fun as gradually I’m seeing quantifiable results with people joining in commenting and liking the Facebook Page and Twitter accounts that broadcasting is connected to.

It was time for an experiment. Opening up the Aweber Archive for Building An Autistic Online Community with the intention to syndicate one archive through another syndicating and scheduling platform, there was only time for one schedule to be done. I chose to utilize the second platforms link-shortner. Not a great idea as you will find by reading on.

This morning I opened up a Facebook Page and there were the words. Clicked on them and yes this was okay. Everything with the words went okay. So why the big white box where a picture should be?

Thankfully this was only one and not on wardly going through a preset up syndication fan. And I will keep using the TidyURL link shortener instead.

So now we know to just use the Aweber archived URL when using that tool. And all other platforms will be carefully checked into just like the picture attached in this posts reminds us to do. Test and check what it is you are doing.  Definitely enjoy the results … even if they are through trial and error achieved.

Building our own community of people who want and need assistance to raise there profile and be heard through the online noise, having the support and training through of people who are experts in their field, have been there and done that, has really opened up my eyes, and my mind, to the Online Systematic Processes.  So much so that experimenting through trial and error  has a far greater appeal than I ever have tried before in that there is just an extraordinary amount of knowledge found out there.  Literally, lets have some fun, come and join us.

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only way to go now is upwards

Its been one of those weeks where you wonder what is it about the “only way left to go is upwards.”    Yet between the computer hard drive frying after twelve years and learning how to do things there have been many changes.  principally within my belief in what I have done.  Seeing what steps have been taken.  The totally utterly terrific support and frame work this community has given.  Both the online community and the real world place I reside within.

From this week the only way to go now is upwards overview

The computer towers melt down of the hard drive : that meant I had time to reorganise the laptop memory.  Filing sorting out is an “Oh not job!”  However there came about 30kb + of extra memory on the laptop.  So many copies within the mess.  Which when you are using Notepad is quite a large chunk of memory now available.

The banner below is now fresh looking with its band of electric purple. . Now things are tied together.  The Autoresponder templates are looking connected with the band.  The logo  first made in 2014 when i was just playing around with the GraphixCreator is a finishing touch.

Having completed a course and sorting out my “me”  seeing this logo on things… well I did not actually realise just how far the progress had been.

Where other people have come through and moved on faster than I have,  I have found  me.  the memories and experiences are now untapped  from memory lock down.  Much mental sorting has occurred.  New mindsets have been added.  Like giving pictures and files a revamped place to call home.

The big plus is that the truck imploding into the vehicle I was just starting to drive [ I was doing 2 km]  that triggered  the loss of these pictures, files and all the other memories have been finally cried over.  Simply there was the time to sit, see an advertisement re drink, driving and deaths,  that was released about the time of the implosion [ 1991].  I believe before the incident as i remembered standing in my mothers lounge room and watching the video.

Susan Lewis Marketing logo is created with GraphixCreator. One of the first pictures that was made by Susan lewis. From that start this little logo has come to represent so many things but most importantly the ability to bring a rainbow of joyfulness, laughter, life and just love into people's lives. The love heart I must admit was just a thing to fill hte4 space at the time of creation as there were little add ons and I wanted to see how they worked. What is terrific to realise that even though the Platinum Level Digital Experts academy course had not started there was already a connect through the Post Traumatic Shock Syndromes memory loss. That connectiojn allowed a little bit more of who I was seeking to escape and come out to play each day. And has done even though it is now two and a half years after the actual course work has finished. That Platinium course Brand Incubator has gone all through the things I do. The colours of the rainbow mean so much , so to does the rainbow as that rainbow means hope.This time I had been hunting out the logo.  Recovering virtual pictures that I  had created.  Maybe they were intertwined in my mind. The loss of one making me determined not to loose another.

The end effect is that  a before and after connection has been laid.  I was able to finally ‘live through’ a replication incident, release and cry.

Sure there were moments of meltdowns.  The change is that they are more about ‘ARRAR’ what have I missed re the new program, rather than about me personally.

Like the banner above.  Sure there will be ‘twiggs’ along the way.  The road toward healing is like that.  One incremental step at the time.  Happily the only way to go now is upwards.  Beginning with the small module steps [ past the video seen through this pictures link]


Reach Down Inside yourself will open into another page.

With the only way to go now is upwards singing in the air around you you are aware of "Belief in yourself. Reach down inside" . To find the love that will set you free pull up your courage and take a stand against whoever is bulling you. You could be surprised that all you will find is long forgotten dusty shelves. When you find the love that sets you free the fact that you need to love yourself will ulimatly be the thing that sets you free. you will come alive. Starting with watching the videos, deciding to move forward and start the Modules…….

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Being Autistic online and loving it

From Lost To Found, And Beyond.

Hello. I am Susan Lewis. Autistic online and loving it.

What’s following may seem strange to many, but it is a lived life that has been developed in three chronological sections. Covering fifty-six years [ and counting] the first thirty-one years, the next twenty-five years and, from now onwards. Viewed through the eyes, and mind, of an autistic person – myself.

Throughout this time there has been a need to find the tools, training, community, and coaching in order to make learning to learn easier.  This, as many people living in the Autism Spectrum know well will be, and probably has always been, just quietly simmering in the background.  Influencing many behaviors, personal attitudes, and belief systems.

Ever truly disliked having your photo taken. I still have not got used to the fact this this is me. May seem strange however in 1991 after the Orbost Shire Councils Gravel truck and trailer impacted into the Nissan Urvan I was driving there was no memory allowed to escape. My brain spent years holding fast to the information. Frozen memories gradually allowed to thaw arose from the mind standing still in shock. Autistic Post traumatic Shock Syndrome reared its head and stayed there. There was no debriefing. Our young family struggled along for the next twenty-five years. And is still dealing with the ramifications. One being that until October 2014 there was this person sometimes noted in windows. She was familiar as I got older. Gradually looking like my mother did 30 years ago. It was a shock to see the photo that was accidenty self taken and to finally know who that person was. ME I was that lost person that I had growen used to seeing. Now it was connecting the Platininum Level DEA course was definatly something I knew that had to be begun, seen through and to this day still has subtle changes occurring. Adjustments to be made and these are willingly done. The past then the then present person is now one with the knowledge of two different experiences. Combining these experiences I now have who i have become. And I am looking foreward to who i will be..
Susan Lewis of Susan Lewis Marketing.

However, this synopsis is my own story and will take you through the following as the search was now on the internet as I looked far and wide for over fifteen years for a particular set of tools, training, community, and coaching that made sense. To hunt for something glimpsed is frustrating. Knowing there was more to social media than just being a person using that social media.

The unknown aim was to enable integration into a life where people, lifestyle, and coincidences were strange yet understandable. Mixed through faith, understanding. with a growing conscious awareness of how things were fitting together depending on the unseen threads belief these experiences. As well as a realization that being autistic, online learning was indeed possible. I needed to communicate as these skills had receded. What was  needed to know was how to write again.

What to Do

Bookmark or favorite this page in your toolbar. Come back and further read through the links.  Gain greater depth in your understanding just by making that commitment to return to this page. Then click through the links as they are shown to be shared with you.

Being a valued member as an Associate of The Six Figure Mentors is a challenge of focus, combined with being given the tools, training, community, and  learning. Not always easy as keeping up and learning the new techniques required for online presence combined with discovering who I was has achieved.  This is ongoing as everything became a matter of mindset changes being rewarded with all the fun of a treasure hunt.  Yes, it was difficult for me.  The realisation that it was difficult for others as well meant reaching out to them. And allowing them to reach towards you when they saw you needed assistance.    In any case, people improve themselves by being open minded and trying to implement the newly learned skill set. That way they surely become wiser tomorrow than they are today.
The biggest tool used to find the “lost” me.

In this world, an overqualified, underemployed, autistic female has found herself, her dream and a pathway moving forward with which to follow that dream as an associate member of SFM. A community reinforcing the belief that it only takes one person to change the world.  Is that person you? Behind everything is now the acknowledgment of knowing ‘Autism As A Gift’ it really is like having a dam running over

As you can see, in today’s information age  there are many ways of getting self-educated, to develop and learn the skills to become a self-fulfilled person as a successful entrepreneur. Starting that online business is well within the reach of most people, even if you are learning at your own autistic pace.

Be that person you really are. That Autistic online, and loving it one.  NOW !

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Having Joy In creativity

During the later part of 2014 two new toys were brought into my life and having joy in creativity the beginning to make full use of them started. Both being creative in nature dealt with creating visual pictures for online use. First paintnet, then Graphixcreator.

Until October searching out a suggested 100 quotes to place in this site was made.  Quotes were found and typed.  Get found by thinking out side the box . What about making quotes into visuals? Syndicating these then pictures through pages, groups and collections all through the internet.  Syndication brought people to the posts.  Each action raising the sites profile.

Being a visual learner thankfully enter a friend showing the basics of paintnet.  With a little practice combining written quotes and photos into creative graphics achieved. Soon these piled up in allocated folders.

Then came the GraphixCreator -Beta mode.  Okay, I totally confused it several times. You were not meant to add this picture into that one. Six months later another person worked with me showing how to cut pieces from one picture, superimposing the finished piece onto another picture.  Wow.  Fun and total enjoyment as this skill was being used time and time again.

First thing created with GraphixCreator was a logo for Susan Lewis Marketing.  Logos are used to for recognition, ownership and identification. The most important quadrant on the flags is the upper corner near the pole [ the left one]. As a Gravatar the logo is on the left of the tab.

The process of creating this logo took nearly four days to create.  Add a new piece and that was a new visual in itself. Alter the position of one piece and manually change the position in all of the pictures.  Result:  One logo. Creating a giff means many picture parts are made. Figuring out how to do this gif process took time.

A ninety day video challenge later has a slow Gif turned into a slow video.  Needs to be a quick functioning logo insert for the videos though.

Meanwhile in 2015 the SimpleLeadCapture was released. Along with basic PDF’s these all used GraphicCreator.  By the end of 2016 that original logo had not changed.  The corner strips were still all pink instead of a multi-dynamic colored purple orginially wanted.  Within five minutes that changed.  Using one of the stored  originals in My Library, along with a high pixelles background there was the new logo created. A simple add this to that, and save, procedure.

Just before many people went on holiday over our Australian Summer time a mentor took me through the process of Simple Lead capture. The logo proved handy as the background to the Autistic Business SimpleLeadCapture form.  The words resonating with other autistic people who when they are looking for a business that related to their traits is appropriate to them.  I know this as I am strongly Autistic myself. It’s taken me a while to sort myself out. Then to organize things so people on the Autism Spectrum similar to myself are able to “Discover how you can live a life full of joy with autism. Be Autistic and loving it.”

You see the business system is simple in itself. It’s when the over analyzing tendencies come out in full force this get complicated…. because the natural mindset does not want change. Particularly, so with Autistic people.  We’ll over analyse and procrastinate.

Yes. This is a simple business system autistic business owners are using to live a life of joyful freedom.  I know this as I am one of the people who are using this business system to live a life of joyful freedom

Now it’s the beginning of 2017.  Each and every picture is getting revamped with the logo in the upper right corner. To get to this point and willing do this thoroughly anticipating the end results shows just how far forward being willing to make these small, cumulative steps have taken me.


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Changing tracking stats

Checking and changing tracking stats

Checking and changing tracking stats takes time.  To achieve noticeable results that show the responses to changing tracking stats means the back office records need to be able to reflect these changes on a daily by day period.  The main aim of this post is explaining the importance of recording the correct tracking procedures.

Tracking that has been broken  or was incorrect is classed as defiantly needing a priority time managed overhaul..

For today everything else on the agenda [ other than writing a post and a couple of email as and scheduling a few things] has to be laid aside as this maintenance measure is a must do. The 1st of the month was yesterday . glance at the stats and horror of horrors the realization that there are still broken ones showing means a job was not thoroughly completed. In an ideal situation this measure is a basic step for the Affiliate Access. The daily measuring and recording of results to be kept. Set a measurement spreadsheet up if you have not already. Only do it today and keep the up keep of that measurement ongoing.

The tracking stats are able to be broken dawn into requested day by day measures. The day by day measures point out which targeted nieche the syndication processes you are active within working where. How this is set up is an individual thing. Some have specific ones for each campaign while others have an overall one that has the while lot included.

The OCD and narcissistic side demands ‘perfection’ or not at all. The ‘not at all’ won out for a while until there was an understand of the significance. Researching the topic and little coaching online during an open webinar the concept of what marketing spreadsheet records were that were directly associated with the syndication process would show left me pondering. Sometimes explaining concept A connects concept D is understood by neurotipical people as the ‘not refereed to’ procedures are already known. Spread sheets are used for tracking the process of club memberships and peoples awards gained. Also the breakdown of the awards sets completed. This type of thing with spread sheets had been done for years by me. With the tracking stats the idea of actually tacking them did not seem to have congruence. Why would people track tracking?

The answer lies in see patterns. turning the numbers into the visual data. With the updating of the tracking stats there appeared an enlarged spread sheet version. Click now the understanding clicked. This also fits in with the YourTidyURL that is available for people with a world press site. Especially when they are Access Affiliate Marketers using these there basic tools. make that four basic tools as TidyURL helps further . Especially when you have a co-joined Autoresoonder.

The beauty of the SFM Tracking Stats is that you can look back into specific time periods. Working back through looking for the results should you desire too. Then keeping an eye on targeted groups still syndicating through the Social Media.

If the tracking was incomplete when the post was released it will still show up in the tracking stats until fixed  and then the tracking deleted. There definitely is a congruence with in the record keeping you are doing. Simply associate the tracked ID with the name of the post. Then search the net and delete the newly ‘found’ old links still presenting themselves in the tracking stats. The idea is to rid the world wide web of the possible 404’s that beneficial to anyone but you. The internet will thank you as well as there will be less  threads classed as Junk hanging about.

Therefore by changing tracking stats as you find them benefits you.  The company you are affiliate marketing for and the world wide web.  And there will be less  people who associate your name with any 404s Auctioning  the responsibility of acceptance that in the beginning mistakes were made whilst learning and  changing tracking stats benefits all in the web.

Until the next time the broken tracking thread comes to the tracking stats attention the overall knowledge that each campaign is out there being found doing its job is reassuring.

A simple spreadsheed is something I use as a checklist in my daily tracking and it should also help you.

Note that the idea of a spread sheet is not exclusive. I have no doubt that you will add and develop your own checklists. However , the report I am sharing with you today should act as a good guide to start you off with your List Building.

Click the Link below the banner and download your copy with my compliments.

As promised Click here For your List building Report

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color to convey

Visual ways to use color to convey information.

Including color to convey information has many people trembling in there shoes.  Rushing out and engaging teams of people to come up with a color coordinated solution.  Willingly paying for the privilege.  Why? Great color combinations can have the same positive effect as terrific copy combined with fast load times has with the visitor. The visitor is captivated and wants to stay.

Further the visitor recognizes the color patterns and symbols associating the feelings with good information that solves a problem.  Plus colors harmonies with the person and that persons brand. These factors tie together, in part, with the recognition of what the person behind the trust being given to is associated with.

There are some people though who have trouble with color representations.  The two categorizes are visually impaired or people from different cultures.  As the worlds cultures are beginning to “occupy shared commercial space ” the color attributes content and placings are being studied in greater detail..

 Susan Lewis marketing Logo uses color to convey information.

Susan Lewis marketing logo
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

As in this site there are many explanations Susan struggled for since 2003 to find. 2014 after watching the video series, signing up with the email and choosing to go past the first module, working through these modules until they were finished Susan began finding the answers. The first was the creation of a logo.

Something to focus on. That represented love with herself being found and a life with a lot of understanding and laughter.

These that were hidden from being understood as a result of the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome setting in.

Continuity is a balancer with the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome people experienace. balance is also within the logo as there is a pivot point..

With Autism many of the people are out of balance at time. Marketing with Susan Lewis helps keep the online balance focus. Even if at times the perceptions and explanations may be a little out of focus themselves.  Until one last piece of information is put forward.  Then the pennies literally drop.

Instead with the white inner and purple rim the logo actually balances the pictures below off.

On the mobile the effect of the white screen back ground starkness has lessened..

The blue that many people internationally associate with Autism day is used within each pages heading and sub-heading along with many of the pictures created.

Check the use of color to convey information in the  images below.

There are things different with the pictures.  The font and its sizing.  The second is the two lines of font. The third is the slight, but suttle, different tone of the electric purples.  The forth has a slightly lower drop area where the blue meets the lighter blue.  The level of where the blue actually appears to change the skin color of the face from the other.  Yet the image is the same image.

You could also say that because of placement the right hand now has ‘a grip’ of the “Autistic, online and loving it aspect.

On the right hand vertical  column [off the page if using a mobile] right next to the top of the page is another picture of Susan.  Below Susan’s  photo are some of the SFM banners.

Susan Lewis is Online and Susan Lewis Marketing are two online known titles i have. A real life one is that of "Your Autistic!" Just one more day around in the life of Susan who sees life thought he Autism Spectrum area that I am on. I'm not a psychologist or some fictional person on a television show. My life has focus and that focus gets me through one day at a time. Apparently life is emotionally complex. Someone forgot to tell me that. Smile that was my attempt a humor. Interests lie in finding people who are emotionally lost through experiencing Post traumatic Shock Syndrome to the extent there is no memory release. My memory took twenty five years to really start to come together after a truck imploded through the front of the van I was driving in 1991. I did not know who i was until in 2014 I had joined the Six Figure Mentors and was experimenting with different light shots. The photo snapped through a mirror I did not recognize as me. It was someone else. Where had the me I had known gone? Where had that 23 years gone. That is what I mean by lost. The next 23 years plus are still learning by relearning how to learn. the focus now is being able to assist others know where to go to look for online skills instead of working through an employer.

The positioning of the slightly lighter  blue moves the eye towards the right.  The right for people on stage represents the future.   Therefore finding out about how an Autistic person is creating an online income through the Six Figure Mentors training, upskilling and education processes is something is in that future.  How?  Susan is an Affiliate  Member of the Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors provided the programs Susan needed to find out who she was after a track impact in 1991 effectively removed first 31 years of memory.

As A person who experiencing some of my life online, writing about these experiences and connecting these experiences to concepts life in the last few years had had more meaning, exposure, interrogation, and conceptual work outs its amazing the journey focus is even still shining like a ball of pure high energy light blue electric light. Yes I am on the Autism Spectrum. Asking me where about though you will draw a blank. Not interested in further defining this journey called life. One box is enough and that is labelled Autistic and Autism Spectrum. Having living with Autism Traits popping up all through my life I finally have a name association to things that i believe are normal. They are for me and my family. All the generations past, present and future. With the label I lost being lost. If people cannot handle what and who I am then that is there hard luck. Now I am online and loving it.

Scroll down the page to the MyLeadBar tool.  The reverse coloring effect is working here.  The purple is on the base color of the bar. The “Awesome Let Me In !” button , with the Video Series On Digital marketing ! wording above the button is complimentary in color effect and tone of the two featured images used.

These are just the initial ways used to explain the potential use of using color to convey information through visual communications how and why’s.  Soft yes but very potent in the effect that is desired.  The building of trust has begun.

My Banner
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New Year Overhaul

Beginning to work on this massive overhaul starting 2017’s New Year Overhaul has already begun behind the scenes as teaming up with a mentor and a community that encourages growth through challenges  has given more than was expected.  Focus and momentum being apart of this preparatory sort your things out before New Year overhaul begins in earnest.

Knowing what is to be achieved and staying as close to the journeys track as possible [ with exceptions] finds a source of renewable energy waiting to be tapped into.

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