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As the years go by then boy is there so much to learn out of school. School always seemed so restrictive.

Then came the computer age. Now as those years go by once again I look at my mother and feel the loss for the many people with out their parents. Even if the person is alone within the nursing home provided they can have access to the internet the spending of hours just waiting there for someone to turn up may be lessened.

as-the-years-go-by-1000-x-200 As the Years Go By
As the Years Go By

Sure there is an isolation between the two ended. But imagine what it was like when messages were verbally given by runners. Then quill, ink and parchment paper. That is if someone could read. The printing press came in handy as now new news from far away places could be sent via a postal system.

And so there is my mother about 10km away from me. Tomorrow there is the trip into the other town where she is. It’s here shopping day. A car trip to an from the shopping malls for groceries the GoGo wold struggle with. Lunch and company is fun. Sitting in the mall, whose turn is it for the lunch shout? Watching and seeing those people all hussel about. Gradually though more people are approaching my once isolated mother. Heard recently that the economy being as it is the society lived in cannot afford to keep going with the old folks retirement payments. These with other services will be cut once again

As The Years Go By …..Grab That Dream

Thinking again about how to keep the level of care and the few outings going? Mum is an independent soul. A real battler. Even when things were going down wards due to health and heart issues what did she say lying down in the hospital bed. The specialist mentioned the death word careful around her. To which mum leaded on the right elbow. Looked around the medical personals faces. Prized herself off the bed a little further and stated: Over my dead body! God is not ready for me yet!”

They say you should be content with small mercies. Sorry folks. I am who I am. My mother did not bring me up that way. As more time go by the realisation is that there are many of mums traits with in me.

SusanLewisandLogo As the Years Go ByLife happens when you make it too. “Get a move one….Hurry up girl I am eighty remember” was last year. As the years goes by I understand more about us both.

Yes supported  and loved is worth so much more than we all give credence to. Put your best foot forward pales when it comes to placing that best email forward and enjoying the resources that may, or may not, lead you into a life where both you, and yours, can enjoy the results.

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