Now you Have got to the TidyURL Page

Let’s Look At Using TidyURL. 

Checking out to see on the  screen shot ….

You see in the search engine just the “
Next is the WordPress Link Management Plugin as a free download.

Right of that is the blue “Login” button

TidyURL-screen-on-Iphone Advantage of Using
The TidyURL screen shot superimposed on an IPhone through the use of the GraphixCreator tool

Where to find the TidyURL help when you need it

Now there is the working area. In this box on the right-hand side are the words “new to tidyURL?” Go through the basics. Once your viewer clicks on the link a YouTube video appears. Through this link is where Alex, from the developmental side of Digital Business Lounge,  takes three minutes to go through the step by step process’s.

Believe me when I state that this is the easiest way I personally have found the video help when needed.  Usually when I am all aflutter while drowning in a sea of “Oh heck what have I forgotten now “questions.  So I know this link very well.  In fact this URL is booked marked upon my computers navigational bar under the  “Help  Me Now” title that I made for these references.

And the next step is to use the TidyURL

The basic one is to place the URL you want shortened in the box and hit the green button

TidyURL-complementary-left Advantage of Using
Presenting the TidyURL The WordPress Link Management Plugin displayed as a CD case

called “Create Link”. Now use that link on where ever you want the shortened link to be.

Advanced features cover 301 redirect, 307 redirect, cloaked and having a social bar.

If this sounds like a tool to have use of, do you think that you can spend the few minutes now to confirm its potential. Act on it 

Right Here… Welcome to TidyURL

At the bottom of this TidyURL area

Check the screenshot on the Iphone. Under the main body are displayed some of the many systems provided by the Digital Experts Academy. These include Simple LeadCapture, YourTubePlayer and two of the many free downloads. 

Have you enjoyed your look at using TidyURL to your advantage, as the Link shortener of your choice?

Dynamic is one word that marginally describes the TidyURL application.  This product has

has handled all of my attempts at brakling the system while learning how it actually works.  Must admit that the support system is fanitastic too.

trial-650x310 Advantage of Using

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