Action Vibrations

Action vibrations are essentially an indispensable resource providing human resources solutions for niche markets and include community support. Like most things in life there are so many aspects that people overlook until something big happens.

Use the example of a singer. Maybe they have sung all their lives. And suddenly they are a star. Where did they come from. Well they certainly did not purchase a voice, stage presence and the ability to read the crows mood from a breakfast cereal box.

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Ask How High To Take Off From

A campfire expert knows how to set the stage, where to place the seating’s, how the crowd is to be filed in. What small lighting things to use. Which fire flares combinations to add to the fire and when. And lastly how the crowd is to be roused up leveled off and slowly calmed down. Just the same as the singer.

Action Vibrations in these cases are released through a combination of what is  the metaphysical and para-physical.  Both the Campfire leader and the Singer knowingly feeling the crowds energy level release.

In the physics of music the method of adjusting the length enables the performer to produce the correct intonation and of  voice control.

With crowd control though the master of the crowd needs to have to avoid  ‘friction induced’ vibrations during the action. Vibrations of persons in the crowd may clash.

Therefore as an action plan the flexibility needs to be inbuilt into an action plan in case of an emergency action being taken.

Is an  action vibration a  matter of perception?.


What you see is not usually what you need.

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