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Accessing the archives in my TidyURL resource is a ‘sinch’ . A quick, easy and online, everywhere I go resource.  Beats sorting through piles of dusty paper sitting on a shelf or in a box.

Libraries are full of information. Rows and rows of words relevant for another time, place or person’s interest. Where as at home there are usually boxes of overflowing ‘messy scribbled’ notes,  with an attached call to action found somewhere on the table or noticeboard, in the box.  Thrown out or one day ‘store’ this information before something gets to it. And another box gets full, overflowing and stored.  So much for easily accessing the archives in the back room.

Weather patterns all around the world bring floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire dangers and even personal tragedies such as the halving of goods through separations. Fill of heightened emotions those stored files get overlooked. People simply move on and cope some other way. Computers get replaced, or the programs used on the computers are updated. Spreadsheets of cataloged data have become corrupted.

Whichever thing has happened to the hastly writtten notes, there goes the ‘treasure chest of data’ you thought was safe.

Going through bush fires raging too nearby in Gippsland Feburary 2008 had many people disappearing. Especially the Monash Gippsland University students just about ready to present their PhD’s. For many, all the relevant references had been burned. No references means: no proof. No proof brings doubt. Presentations and submissions require proof. There goes what seems a lifetime of hardwork.

At that time the thought of cloud storage usage was there. Cost factors considered and the idea plummeted.

Storage of information apps gradually trickled into the system. Computer apps usually cost an arm and a leg.

Not so for the people using the free resource TidyURL. Access is to your account is simplified. IMPORTANT: Click here. All that needs to be done to create your TidyURL storage account is to enter the email and a password.

Accessing the archives in my TidyURL resource. TidyURL is a fantastic resource that shrinks the link as many know. Here a boinus use though. Saving the extra special URLs needed for resource proof in the cloud. Small and tidy as you have catergorized what you need within the menus you have created.
Want TidyURL access.? This link.

As time goes by several pages of stored information needed to be accessed. The instructions are

  2. Hit the login button.
  3. Enter the email address you signed up for TidyURL with.
  4. Now the password you created for this account.


Accessing the archives to all those pages of filed documents is right there. All those lovely URL files properly sorted out into the ‘MENU categories’ you created.

Please Note:  Before you use these free resources please contact  Request myself and I will walk you through the simple, but concise steps.  Plus send you a small PDF on either TidyURL and Or YourTubePlayer [ or request the other one as well]. May as well now how to use these resources to your best advantage.

For those who are a student of the former Monash Gippsland Australian Campus, Federation University Campus – Gippsland now occupies the training facilities. Monash is one of these training, education and Upskilling facilities throughout Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Just in case you missed the TidyURL link


Important : Click This Link
( this link will open in another page )

.May your day be just beautiful.  With your presentations and marketing results following suit.

Accessing The Archives Time management is knowing where you placed that important URL you had on file. Since TidyURL is virtual, and you create the files stored via the cloud, natural disasters , family difference, or a few rooms full of boxes will not stop you now.
Now to  Access the archives is fun and not dusty..

Susan Lewis

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