Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business

F.E.A.R. is escapable

With micro-business what is personal time commitment?

Strive for Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business you are interacting with and all to soon many Autistic people find concentration gradually shifts focus. Family things may get overridden.  Social and community voluntary things tend to become less of an importance than they were meant to be.  Often  according to the management of the small business people the others are only a cog in the wheel of the owner management making a profit.  The profit needed to pay for the equipment and their sickness  insurance.

There are no holidays with pay.  In fact,  this is my story which many people who work win a workplace where bullying is ‘swept under the carpet”  for fear that “if not to someone else  then it will be me” attitudes.there wa s one holiday at the ten-year mark that interfered with leaving me a total of four days instead of the ten that was granted! So away to Canberra, I went looking at a VanGough collection.  Something I had really wanted to do since a school child in the 1993 to 1997 art classes.  In fact, that was a day travel there and again back. Of which I was fifteen minutes late and go an ear bashing for the rest of the month.

The next year was different.  After a year in preparation, plus over eight thousand dollars spent in courses. As well as myself overhauling and upgrading the face and body painting gear from when I was doing this full-time this is what happened. An innocent comment of two other drivers thanking the owner for allowing them to take holidays. One to visit a ninety-year-old mother in Thailand.  The other to take their family back to China for two weeks.

Which in itself was very generous of the small business owner?

However when I commented that was strange who was going to be driving as I was away as well.  There was silence around the table.  Everyone was looking at me. At another driver and at the calendar behind on the wall.

You see most times I had been that tired all I did was either pre-fill in the paperwork and drop everything off, or simply take the taxi home and that was on on-call shift.  Radio in hand.  Days, and nights, at a time.  Now I had missed the removal of my eleven months of ‘penned’ in time for a brake on the calendar.

As things went, one of the drivers passed away a few months later. Happily, they had their holiday.  Since I could not go anywhere, he had brought me a USB full of photos of China.  That had been a beautiful thought, though.

Verbally abusive harassment continued in Taxi-Radio waves.

Later in the year, I simply walked out.  After forty-five minutes that the small business owner yelled through the airwaves at me.  Mainly because he had overslept. Was late and it was apparently my fault.  However, I was out of range bringing back someone from another town when he should have been leaving.  As this was a prearranged booking that he had passed on my assumption was he was ready and up.  Oh well, obviously he went back to sleep after I had been banging on the office window to wake him up.

When enough is enough and something gives with autistics

Yes, I am on the Autism Spectrum.  As such there are a build up of tolerance ‘do not do that!.  Only there are a limited amount of time.  Each person is different.  I walked out after eleven months of one-hundred and twenty hours on call per week. Yes, you read that correctly.  That left about forty hours to prepare food, do the washing, say hello to you this I was the leader for.  At least by the time his happened my own children had left home.  Because if the set up much of this was able to be done in parts during the working hours as the base was at home. Just not sleep, though.

It turned out that another driver had rubbed off my intended holidays.  That same driver needed to have to time off as their parent needed assistance.  In the end, they too left. They had the time with their parent.  And now they have their own small enterprise.

So less than seven days before We were due to attend at the Confest this news of what holidays were they?   Now the Confest went for ten days.  Plus travel and setting up and pack down time.  As it was the rest of the party was going up, and I would arrive with everything set up.  Okay, that did not work out.  However, the whole of the Confest was canceled that year due to the deluge that was a constant ten days of rain.

Many more positives things have come out of these experiences.

And now I am placing all these skills, the knowledge of the good management practices, with the knowledge of how it feels o experience bad management practices. Understanding people, their reactions with greater empathy has occurred.  However, the bullshit and Bravo toleration level that people try feeding others have decreased greatly. My own choices into the Affiliate marketing business are mine to make.  Should people want to be negative then, they may remove themselves from my Acceptance of people as well.

Saying hello to you as you measure your journey. Acceptance into the circle of influence of the micro-business Susan Lewis


 Have a terrific day





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