When one thing triggers another to happen so that people end up dealing with the recovery of URL’s extremely varied emotions break loose. Be ready for this unexpected eventuality with a set of premade and kept up to date instructions. Effectively action this efficiency and your back in the running quickly.

It’s when you have not caught up with the training in one of the SFM or the  DEA courses
available.  Now things get a little bit sticky.  Regarding the ability to communicate effectively with any team members take what may seem like extreme measures and have a back in plan.

Creating systems are sometimes missed during E-learning and education sessions as people are focused on the topic. Not the gold nugget references, comments and hints. That is where the seven-week once weekly Marketing 101 training us of terrific value. This training

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Look for solutions in Digital Business Lounge

delivers particular topic on a rotational cycling basis. If the topic is now out of sync with what is currently happening in your world, there are the community forums in both the SFM community and the DBL Specific Digital Business Lounge forums. Often utilized is the Six Figure Mentors back off support desk. Include the other members of the community. Add the Digital Business Lounge own WordPress 101 training series, and the information resources are awesome.  Why stop there? There are a wide range of other digital training systems available.

However, should something drastic happen these resources may get overlooked as people may think it a weakness to actually ask for help.

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Under One Roof Digital Business Lounge are an intergrated marketing system

Hopefully, though in the case of missing URLs creating 404’s learn the skillsets of recovery and never use it. However, Online marketing activities involve the possibility of having to grit your teeth and cope at times.

Four things about the recovery of URL’s.

Other than the measures for keeping track of them in the first place… maintain a list of the URL’s published as well as any tracking codes allocated to them. [ includes the pictures as well]. Secondly, in the top right-hand corner there is a masked “Options Menu’ Just place the post cursor there the “Options menu” will pop up. The option you want to use now is the Edit  choice. Press that and scroll down to the bottom of the description. Delete the old post. With the new ready to be attached, replacement link reinstalls the newer post.

Should you not have one handy there is the option to delete the message or to simply “Move Post To Collection” you have made.

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The biggest piece of acceptance out knowing the apps and tools you are using are the correct ones


Thirdly depending on the widgets, you attach to the different. As technology changes rapidly one.

Digital Business Lounges WordPress101 dashboard there are ways to alter deleted, redirected or changed URL. Everyone’s requirements are Check into the broken links tool and see if this meets your needs.

Lastly, the actual place in the DBL’s adapted WordPress 101 sites where your post name in the Permalink settings section of WordPress101 themes dashboard you are using.

Initially, only wanting to know more a risk was taken. Literally bundling up the courage this is the next thing I took on.

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Where did this knowledge come from?  The SRM’s back office staff with the patience i never realised anyone had helped  with the concepts and understanding of things that had puzzled me.

Marc Van Eynde is quoted as stating: Be brave.  Take risks.  Nothing can substitute experience.   When it comes steps to the Recovery Of URL’s there are many other avenues  to explore as well.

These are the 4 steps to recovery of the URL’s that have either saved sanity and have assisted very well with time management.

Having full access to a Start-Up Training With a 30 day Test Drive then it is extremely 

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as I do not know how long this offer will be in place.

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

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