4 Steps To Starting Your Online System

Everyone has their own unique way of coping with new things.  No two people are alike   Well these thoughts are definitely truisms.     At fourteen I met my husband to be. Years later we met again.  Travelling the world on yachts was his ambition.  Mine was to train as a registered trauma nurse and travel the world.  These dreams altered as we joined forces. And later as the children arrived.  Options of small business ventures came out way ahead.  Some we picked up and ran  with.  Always our think patterns were totally different in their approaches.  Neither of us have forgotten the restless feet syndrome.dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo-285x400 4 STEPS STARTING  your online system

Previous lessons learned have begun to catch up to technology and I found the internet offered me something extra. And that is where these ‘4 steps to starting your online system’ have come from. A mixture of the old, and the new, being used to kick start  a journey into creating an alternative online lifestyle. .The basic thing being to know where you are going and how you plan to get there. Come with me as  the journey really starts to take off.

Creating your online system with a planned out path is actually important. Take time to understand really what it is you want to achieve. Yes, Brainstorming and mind mapping will assist. That is not all.

If there is one thing to really push though it is the research side of things. Research before, during and after each thing has been sorted out. Each steps of the way. Again this is not a complete step. Research backed up through a gut feeling, or visa verse is what is forgotten with frequency.

Rough out the focus of your online system! 

Back this focuses up through planning the primary goals. Plan a few loose strategies.

How do you know what these are to be? Have you ever created a bucket list? One personal one and one for a business. Is this not similar yo a business proposition? Even when you blog or website is for private use currently knowing what you would like to achieve has a different feeling once you figuratively breathe life into it.

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Stands to reason then that having 101 things you site wants to include and achieve means that there are 101 things to wave something to write and share about. From the idea popping up to get placed on the bucket list in the first place… through to the inclusion, completion while sharing this along the way to being included as an overall part of the actioned plan. Now it is reviewed. Later included as part of the stepping stones concerning the concept compilation within another stepping stone.

Bucket list Your Online System.

For instance, the link will take you through to a bucket list written in 2014. A new bucket list  that involved the online system proposal reaching many more autistic peoples, and families and friends.


Action your way through the steps. Check and evaluated. Honest self-critique is of value. Of yourself. What has this step achieved! Where is it going and how far to go for completion of this sub-step. Considering with this thought step back. Take a look around .

 One of the things that I have learned over and over again while in SFM was too just keep going.  Along the way revise what is working and what needs to be placed to one side.

Focus on  ‘a very few things’ at one time.  And one step at a time you begin to see what an extraordinary Online Business you have started Up.

As important is that should what you plan to do today overwhelm you then downsize that days expectations. Then Wash rinse and repeat.

Reduce the time frame set out 4 STEPS STARTING  your online system the old way would take. !

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May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

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Come with me into the 4 steps starting your online system


Susan Lewis



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