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an easy choice hard situation

Learning, sharing and inspiring for many may be an easy choice, hard situation. You can change and add to the life you lead right now. Remembering that if this change was easy, then many others would be doing this process also. Within this post there are some ideas of how to better start today.  Remembering it’s much harder to build out life on the sturdy rock. But there sure are dividends along the way.

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Now Try Cracking This One

Now Try Cracking This One

The challenge was on as the graphix were there  within  while the brain was laughing tempting with “Now try cracking this one.”  What was all  that about.

Gidday my name is Susan Lewis,  Cracking this one usually referred to analysis something from every angle to just work out either why that thing was not working or to come up with some creative path to either get something working, or turn something into something else that will do the job.

Now_Try_This_One_2 Now Try Cracking This One

Here was the conundrum. Susan Lewis is used to community developments.  Most of the adult life has been within voluntary positions on and in community development.  Different education levels backed up with the Rural Community Development qualifications told me that there was something I could do and do well.

That’s it….Now Try Cracking This One again

Think outside the square.  What was the bridge between what I was known to be good at, to reaching out and creating a movement of like minded people?

Okaygoahead1c Now Try Cracking This OneOh I forgot to mention that I also am Autistic.  Well somewhere on the Autism Spectrum.  Diagnosed as an adult of nearly fifty years did i worry about where I was? Nope just did not seem relevant.  With that diagnosis many other little mysteries in life began to make sense.  Like why our family were different. Why psychiatric patients understood  what I was asking of them.  Why could I do something my intuition and not even be aware of its effect on other people.

Most importantly why things like dyslexia, and those complete blank thought processes, kept rearing their ugly head when there was something to understand.

For Instant.  There are terrific tools, educations, training, community, webinars, affiliate levels and payouts available through the Six Figure Mentors affiliate program.  That made sense to do. So I looked at the videos, did the modules and went forward…. to find out who I was.

Right Now. Try Cracking This One had begun

You know that square I was mentioning.  There is something better.  Remove the square.  With no square keeping your mind behind its walls the universal energy can just flow.  Made sense.  Thing is how did that relate to there being nothing readily available for me to use to catch the eye of other people looking to help train and get ready the others in the community they were in.  Two predominant ones in my life were Australian Girl Guides and the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

Both these organisations on a local level struggled to obtain members, keep the members engaged and trained.

SLMsite Now Try Cracking This One

SusanLewisandLogo Now Try Cracking This OneThat’s where these banners come in.  People who are within communities needing resources at the fingertips are welcome to come on through and experience as much as they possibly can within a grace period.

The answer to the “Now Try Cracking This One” is a positive… I have in that the tools are here so I made my own banners to suit finding people like yourself needing that helping online hand.

Tapping into the video resources is explained through this banner above.


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Own Vertical Banner

Done it.  Seemed So Easy.  Created my very own brand new and sparkling vertical banner. Something identifiable to be my own. Vertical banners are tricky to make though.

That’s when  the fun started.  With creating one of my  Own Vertical Banner ‘s what needed to happen was to minimize the width enough so the post will still pick the media up.  Media is what the picture is known as.

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Just using Social Media

That’s it people! Just using social media is a first step.

Look sharp as you step out of the pickle raining the hand and opening the mouth just placed you in.  Instead, rather than back thinking things through looking for a loop hole to disappear through why not take a whole different approach to a situation.

As a child people just using social media was totally foreign to me.  Gidday. My name is Susan Lewis. As a child in the 1960’s online meant drawing a chalk line on the concrete and standing on that line.  Things have changed drastically now.

Utilize the ‘the families going to have a big birthday celebration for Gran and since you know all that online stuff you’re “it!”  Yip! About now the floor is not going to open, will not swallow you up and wishing the mouth had kept quiet when it had a chance will not do you any good now.  What is been and gone just got better. Thinking about the jam your in is one way of avoiding correcting the situation.

Life is a piece of cake when the going gets good.  Lets improve on it. Think things through looking for the positives. You will find them once they are recognizable.

Personal Search For Myself

Gidday I am Susan Lewis I made it through a bootcamp then went onto experience a personal search for myself. The outcome of which was achieved over a few years. Things got a bit messed up as the layers started to come away. Today capped it off with this simple video explanation that reaches into the heart of community development, right through into situational leadership. Situational leadership being something covered in later posts.

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Mess of the learning process

Hello my name is Susan Lewis and there are times where I really just want to jump in and enjoy making a mess of the learning process while at others to learn to fly in the shortest possible time frame. The difference being management verses final quality of outcome. When younger and learning the trade of people care the viewpoint was more on quality in a work place where quantity had to be accountable for. Life has a hand in the balance and learning processes in many ways. Now there are learning challenges left over from a truck imploding through the van I was driving. The life long social challenges came from being on the Autism Spectrum.

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