Daily Archives: July 11, 2017

Just using Social Media

That’s it people! Just using social media is a first step.

Look sharp as you step out of the pickle raining the hand and opening the mouth just placed you in.  Instead, rather than back thinking things through looking for a loop hole to disappear through why not take a whole different approach to a situation.

As a child people just using social media was totally foreign to me.  Gidday. My name is Susan Lewis. As a child in the 1960’s online meant drawing a chalk line on the concrete and standing on that line.  Things have changed drastically now.

Utilize the ‘the families going to have a big birthday celebration for Gran and since you know all that online stuff you’re “it!”  Yip! About now the floor is not going to open, will not swallow you up and wishing the mouth had kept quiet when it had a chance will not do you any good now.  What is been and gone just got better. Thinking about the jam your in is one way of avoiding correcting the situation.

Life is a piece of cake when the going gets good.  Lets improve on it. Think things through looking for the positives. You will find them once they are recognizable.