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Widening Of The Circle

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis and right now come with me  and review the widening of the circle challenge. It’s the second week of the Toronto 90 day challenge. Boy has this been a surprising. The challenge is along similar lines to the 2015 Melbourne Momentum day challenge.

In completing that challenge there was so much personally learned about myself that it took a while for the full effect to start being seen. Personally I look back to then and see some of the changes that have been occurred. Some mentioned and others alluding to these changes.

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eighty-one year old mother

Imagine if you will having an independently dependent mother who at the age of eighty-one year old mother asks some strange person to phone you up. The time was two thirty in the afternoon.

And there is someones voice talking to you on the phone with an accent from another country.The persons desperately wanting you talk to them. The only thing you can make out is the name of the market in the town that your mother lives in.

“Oh mums at the market and has to much shopping to bring home with her Go-GO. Front or back entrance? Please tell her I will be there in twenty minutes.”

One eighty-one year old mother to pick up.

You log off and drive to the next town.

While driving around the car park there is a pink winter woolen hat and bright blue coat. Yip that’s mum sitting on the Go-Go. The GoGo is parked right smack in the middle of the corner car parking space.

All you can do is stop the car. Grin. Laugh. And hope like mad mum has not got here hearing aid on. Which of course she has and today of all days that hearing aid is functioning well.

At that moment in time….. out comes the phone for a quick video….NOOO! The phone batteries dead.

Which is why you are reading this post. And the video is of mum on the first day the GoGo was put together and we were travelling around the block instead of one video of an eighty-one year old mum sitting on the GoGo waiting to be picked up.

Why did the GoGo stop? Because while traversing a local pathway through a short cut the sandy loom got stuck in the wheels … or something.

“Mum batteries do not last as long on cold, cold days.” “Oh who taught you that….” “My mother showed me!”

Why am I sharing this story with you? Simply because while putting together a campaign based around redifining how people view those of us on the Autism Spectrum there is a lot to learn.
>>>> Access to this campaign is through here.<<<

Putting all that is learned from previous committee and leadership roles for others to use takes time. In 2002’s the purchase of a computer and connecting that to the internet meant the ability to go on-line.

Now, rather different circumstances are out there. Information overload. With integrated tools and systems plus guidance and support the information is presented in the way it is so that people building Autistic, Online and loving it communities are able to openly interconnect.

After the name and email is logged what does this access involve. Firstly a resource of videos. Watching these videos opened my eyes to what I had missed during the times on committees. Now there was foundation information connected to practical experience. After the $29.95 USD the other modules were available. These helped me work out who I was and where I was going.  And how to have time for just one eighty-one year old mother!

To have time to pause what is happening around them and go and help out a stranded relative was like finding gold.

You enjoy your day.


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Finally realised that I needed

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis  and one day I finally realised that I needed to be helping people build Autistic Online and Loving it communities.

That is about the time when I finally realised that I needed that GPS.

Old patterns are hard to brake. For twenty years the able body and minded me had Quarter Mastered on overnight stays, right up to an international and national Australian youth camp attending for ten days. And pre and post camp.  Camps, running programs, and motherhood.  Just one focus at a time.  Right then in my life I could not even find a three year dream.  Then It hit me.  Jay had spoken about a ten year dream.  So find ‘the dream’ and work backwards.  Suddenly the big stuff was in focus.  Step by step things were sorted out.  Broken down to achieve this step, before that step.

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Sweet Its In The Bag

Hearing “Sweet its in the bag” again was a shocker.  Television in 1974 in New Zealand had a show called “It’s In The Bag” but that was literally a long time ago hearing that.

When a friend in England has the cheek to mention that the British literally sent the Australians home with their tail between their legs from a World Cup Cricket series guess what the response was?

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Thank You for Your Support

Positive feelings were experienced when receiving a letter of thank you for your support and the work that you have done to make this camp for the Girl Guide both achievable and a success.

From that moment of actually carefully opening the envelop unknowingly I realised the power of putting “pen to Paper ” and sending a thank you for your support message. Of course this was before computers entered my life and those around me.

Your_Support_Is_Valued Thank You for Your Support
Thank You as Your Support is Valued

While building Autistic, Online and loving communities may not be everyone’s cuppa tea receiving that thank you for your support message , even if it is by email, or a PdF or some other thing of social value well that means something very much to people. The personal recognition of just being there and thinking about them.

Many years later they too may finally realise and action the thank you for your support message themselves.

Especially when people realise that there is a heck of a lot of passive advertising being build behind the scenes when receiving the thanks.  That passive advertising is called a loyalty and build on trust factors.

answers needed are

answers needed are Step by step basic marketing knowledge

Look for answers needed is like finding a pin in the haystack. Well they were in the sixteen years before I came into this community.  Places where just knowing they had the answers , yet were set to include you in the sharing as long as their was no life other than what what was already on the drawing board in someone else’s mind.

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Still Looking for the solution


Into the New Age Digital economy, the Digital Experts Academy was launched 19th January 2013. The public was thirsty for true information. Something that would make sense, connect the dots, joining the technological age into the digital economy of today..

Unleshtherestraints Still Looking for the solution
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

Those in the know kept quiet of the skills needed to become a Digital entrepreneur.  People knew there was something out there and spent years looking.  Small pieces of costly information. Be it your time or money, were available.  However congruency was hard to find. Each piece was the part of someone elses funnel.   Much time being wasted by many going through rabbit warrens looking for information that made sense.  

Up to the release of the Digital Experts Academy, there was nothing like it. So now there is literally, a one-stop shop that gives you the tools with which to succeed in what you desire to do. The introduction is through an invitation.

Other systems existed. They still do.  Dynamically inclusive what the Digital Experts Academy is.  Benchmarking the heights all others are able to attain.

However, the Digital Experts Academy’s rise has been brought to many through the

experience, knowledge and proven results of both Stuard Ross and Jay Kubassek.   These two had already had proven systems that worked.   Attending a seminar in America Stuart met Jay. So began what is today The Digital Experts Academy.

Compartmentalizing the sections of the Digital Experts Academy  would fall under a) the

DEAMEMBERSHIPLEVELSa Still Looking for the solution
Each level is an individual level of achievement on the way to independance.

Dea Programs of Silver to Black levels. These levels reflect what you would like to achieve. Starting with the Silver the potential to become marketing-consultants.  Transitioning into self-employment.  From here the levels take you through from you micro-business onwards through to becoming a digital expert.

The Digital Skills Platform for what is definite micro-learning updated trainings. These trainings compliment other skills upgrade levels.

As with all things in life with due diligences, an awareness of your own circumstances, check out the link here.  There are no guarantees with life. However through that link you will  be guaranteed to receive seven complimentary videos. Direct to your inbox – within the next twenty-four hour period.

being the hands on people that they are within Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors, both Stuart and Jay are your co-hosts.




Step by step basic marketing questions are answered.

Look, understand that the training is not a quick flash in the pan system where all the answers are given to you on a plate.  Digital Experts Academy has become prominent through organic quality growth.  That is what they share with you, inclusive of a complex  system broken down into parts where you may choose to engage, be active or just leave alone for now, while you actively pursue what it is you need to do.

Should you be truly interested in finding out what makes the Digital Experts Academy so special, then to give it your best effort, maximize your time, and then some more, then click the link here.

The whole journey starts with putting your best email forward.  Checking into the email box and making the email address sent to you as a contact. Say yes to opting in to receiving these videos and the start of your New Age journey has begun. Check out the videos.

Go with the gut feeling. Even if it is the toss of a coin for New Age, Old age, in a continuance until the coin flipped suits your decisions. Actually check out the Digital Experts Academy for yourself.

include lessons learned

Needing to find new friends to include lessons learned ?

You know it has been a spine tingling, gyrate spurt of fits, starts, tears and frustration as you learned to incorporate the apps and tools. Yet here you are with the gradual knowledge of how these apps and tools have fitted into your everyday progression to a task completed. All your friends are going Arrrhhha.  When really the grey zone has been there since they opened to door.  People call this Arrrhhhh a courtesy allowing you to vent.

What do you do with this knowledge?  Expanding the reach out there without scaring others into the Blue Zone Arrhhhh moments may get  distracting or frustrating.  Even vilifying until the other methods are learned.

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The Sum OF Attitude

Working online is often considered socially unacceptable. As if the person who chooses to tune into what they are doing while not under an employer’s thumb is a social abnormal influence. In fact those that bother to find out your at home suddenly take to calling in and staying to keep you company. Apparently people are not allowed to be alone while constructively creating a system where moving out of a circle of influence and into another is the underscored goal.

Hello I am Susan Lewis. Seeing how these attitudes define someone who persists against many odds is amongst the greatest triumphs I know of. Simply known as the Sum Of Attitude.

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As the Years Go By

As the years go by then boy is there so much to learn out of school. School always seemed so restrictive.

Then came the computer age. Now as those years go by once again I look at my mother and feel the loss for the many people with out their parents. Even if the person is alone within the nursing home provided they can have access to the internet the spending of hours just waiting there for someone to turn up may be lessened.

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