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Seeing the results of YourTubePlayer

Emails are scrumptious

Seeing the results of YourTubePlayer with : Just ‘basic’ requirements gives a control format to work with.  The things I have chosen to have changed from the basic set up options are below.  Each different outcome has what has been changed included below it.

Autoplay =No, Show Info = no, modest Branding = yes,  Loop = no, Controls = yes, Keyboard Controls = no,  Auto Hide Controls = yes, Full Screen = Yes, Suggested videos = No, Disable YouTube [ definitely] no.

Emails are scrumptious

Background boarder size  = 1,  Add your color choice.

Emails are scrumptious

Margins 1 Boarder size = 1

Background boarder size  = 1

Emails are scrumptious

Under Styling Options: Background boarder size = 1,  Boarder color = 5C21FF,

Emails are scrumptious

Under Styling Options: Background boarder size = 5,  Boarder color = 5C21FF,

Emails are scrumptious

Margin top and bottom removed


With regard to adding Aweber code into the picture.  Below are Some of the same views above.  This time there is an Aweber code within the equation. The one used is the Minimal Theme. Reduced to its barest size.

Emails are scrumptious

Java script code

 Woops! I think I shrunk the sizes of this Aweber signup form to much.
Emails are scrumptious

Raw HTML code and still not quite seeing the results of YourTubePlayer that suit my idea.

Somehow I am thinking of removing the Aweber codes in the YourTubePlayer.  I have not returned the original code back into Java script.

It’s only a matter of time and I will have gone through all the Aweber Templates.  One has to be there and be able to be manipulated so as to incorporate what it is that I want to achieve.

However seeing the results of a combination of Aweber Templates and YourTubePlayer displayed like this sure lets me know what end code I want the YourTubePlayer to be producing.  To that point YourTubePlayer exceeds my expectations.

Have a lot of fun with how you present the presentation of your next video.

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As you Smile At All Times Dare To Be Different.

As you Smile, at all time dare to be different.  So different  that you reach out to others with your smile. Let them share this rare and precious gift. Like the bird that is set free, a smile travels the world. Freely giving of itself. Enhancing lives the world over. Growing with social worth. One day as it returns back to you welcome it back. Congratulate yourself on a gift well-received by many.

Smile. Dare to be different. Share your smile
Balloons, Butterflies and children float around looking for a smile

Smiling, in return, is a small part of a lifestyle chosen by you, for you. Like the air that is moved through the beat of the butterflies wings, when you smile that smile of yours, this small action graces the world around you.

To live with a smile, to smile freely when we want, with who we want and wherever we want. A simple thought – yes?

“At all Times Dare to Be

the one whose quota of smiles is always full. As they smile the quantum leap off into a great day. Freely given.

Now sharing with you actionable strategies, some fun and laughter times, from around the net will be a pleasure. Your First ‘Smile-able’ Action is here.


           And Smile,

dare to be different

 There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the content and get value from it use these actions to increase your sales and profit from the Universal Energy flow as you go about your daily lives.

And, should you not want to receive these smile times at any point, you can simply unsubscribe.
 Have a terrifically uplifting day
From time to time you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

Saying hello to you as you measure your journey


Know Who Is Susan

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 Have a great day  and remember  Smile. At All Times Dare to ‘smile’.

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Susan Lewis Marketing with – Smile At All Times Dare

Nice People Win at Last

Realize that nice people win at last place in many instances. Take the expressing of expressions. Expressions are confusing?  Err what is an expression of feeling?  What does it feel like?

When you have these expressions blocked away and hidden then how do you write, or become known, for your sincerity?  People have an inner sense of danger. A basic survival measure that insures the human races protection.  The best copy writers know this.  As well as how to use Nero-Linguistic Programming [ NLP] to it’s fullest.

Google also is very aware of NLP.  In fact even though Google makes up about a 0.03rd of the internet platforms when you are writing a blog and suddenly drastically change the method that you are writing with the web crawlers pick the changes up.  So too will the 2017 newest edition called Albert.

Nice People Win At Last

Actor Varun  Pruthi in this video portrays a “nerd” in love.  Someone intellectually gifted and yet emotionally challenged.  Maybe the sum should look like (^IQ) v (v EQ).  Thankfully the man in red has a nero-typical friend who approaches the lady – gallantly putting the friends case forward.

The part many people will miss is the lady’s situational inappropriate laughter at her friends brother.  Neither the man in red, or the lady in question, are portrayed at knowing how to approach the other.

Yet once this bridge is provided the two look set to communicate well, form a relationship and move through a few of life’s challengers together.

Myofascial means muscle tissue (MYO) and the connective tissue in and around it (fascia) . Therefore there is the word myofascial. The challenge is that Autistic people have a slight challenge. Lack of connection between the emotional center and the myofascial movements. The key to success in any business is an understanding of psychology. Learning to use the pain as a pain motivator, you show your prospects all the dangers in the road ahead. Now to dramatically increase your success rate with resolving your clients issues. Even before the client is really conscious of the fact that there is an issue building up. There are basic principles of treating trigger points. A game changer that pushes you out of a comfort zone. And slowly all the hard work is paying off. Once the unknown knot has been identified, unraviled take the risks that come your way. You never know until you give it a go. Why am I including these comments  and drawing these conclusions here.  Basically it boils down to this : Hello. I am Susan Lewis.  I am Autistic, Online and Loving it.  That being the case I simply see things differently.  In itself this causes confusion among others.    As well as myself.  When it comes to learning new things, putting concepts together there is what appears like immediate understanding.  Then comes the middle term memory loss.  Made more of a challenge with the 1991 truck impact into the vehicle I was driving.  This resulted in learning to relearn.  That means processing of information until the ‘bits and dust’ have all been accounted for.

Being online and a developing affiliate marketer there are a lot of challenges.  The biggest being both patience of myself and  of others.

The patience really started when the learning over overwhelm started.  Sure Neuro-Typical s have overwhelm.  And the common “Don’t we all” is heard.  Yet for my situation I spend over a year going to bed in the afternoon.  Or waking up still in the chair [ just].  The floor was also comfortable. During this time I learned to focus on a goal.  A ten year goal [ was meant to be 3 years but would not realistically fit in]

The community began to understand that I will do things in my own time.  And why. Slowly the things are starting to come together.  Probably will take about two years to correct the many mistakes everywhere.  However this is no longer worrying me.  What will be will be and change is gradually happening.  It’s a terrific feeling to understand and see that ‘Nice People Win At Last’ place.  Purely as there is no where else better for people to go to than yourself.

Okay not being perfect maybe I am in danger of being miss quoted.

Below is a banner.  Through the videos, modules and into the Platinum  training and all the journeys challengers, what I was able to find was myself. Finding myself helped me be supported while I worked out what emotions were.   Sure, many of my friends now work in the same office as myself.  We all have different shift rotations governed by where we are in the world when we are connected to the internet.  That leaves the space for some really personal friends to be near by.  No fluff, no bull.  Just really great people with room for more.  See, it’s true.  Nice people win at last.

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