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Being Autistic online and loving it

From Lost To Found, And Beyond.

Hello. I am Susan Lewis. Autistic online and loving it.

What’s following may seem strange to many, but it is a lived life that has been developed in three chronological sections. Covering fifty-six years [ and counting] the first thirty-one years, the next twenty-five years and, from now onwards. Viewed through the eyes, and mind, of an autistic person – myself.

Throughout this time there has been a need to find the tools, training, community, and coaching in order to make learning to learn easier.  This, as many people living in the Autism Spectrum know well will be, and probably has always been, just quietly simmering in the background.  Influencing many behaviors, personal attitudes, and belief systems.

Ever truly disliked having your photo taken. I still have not got used to the fact this this is me. May seem strange however in 1991 after the Orbost Shire Councils Gravel truck and trailer impacted into the Nissan Urvan I was driving there was no memory allowed to escape. My brain spent years holding fast to the information. Frozen memories gradually allowed to thaw arose from the mind standing still in shock. Autistic Post traumatic Shock Syndrome reared its head and stayed there. There was no debriefing. Our young family struggled along for the next twenty-five years. And is still dealing with the ramifications. One being that until October 2014 there was this person sometimes noted in windows. She was familiar as I got older. Gradually looking like my mother did 30 years ago. It was a shock to see the photo that was accidenty self taken and to finally know who that person was. ME I was that lost person that I had growen used to seeing. Now it was connecting the Platininum Level DEA course was definatly something I knew that had to be begun, seen through and to this day still has subtle changes occurring. Adjustments to be made and these are willingly done. The past then the then present person is now one with the knowledge of two different experiences. Combining these experiences I now have who i have become. And I am looking foreward to who i will be..
Susan Lewis of Susan Lewis Marketing.

However, this synopsis is my own story and will take you through the following as the search was now on the internet as I looked far and wide for over fifteen years for a particular set of tools, training, community, and coaching that made sense. To hunt for something glimpsed is frustrating. Knowing there was more to social media than just being a person using that social media.

The unknown aim was to enable integration into a life where people, lifestyle, and coincidences were strange yet understandable. Mixed through faith, understanding. with a growing conscious awareness of how things were fitting together depending on the unseen threads belief these experiences. As well as a realization that being autistic, online learning was indeed possible. I needed to communicate as these skills had receded. What was  needed to know was how to write again.

What to Do

Bookmark or favorite this page in your toolbar. Come back and further read through the links.  Gain greater depth in your understanding just by making that commitment to return to this page. Then click through the links as they are shown to be shared with you.

Found within Susan Lewis Marketing

What is included is a non-medical viewpoint that may be of help to the medical peoples and the layperson understanding each other. There is power in the words that people communicate with. Use  these posts as a bridge between what is, or has been observed, as a third party explanation towards building an understanding.  This is the reason why it has been strongly suggested to you to have bookmarked this page in your online toolbar.

Generally, Autistic people learn to isolate themselves from the real world.  Mimicking those around them the walls are built unintentionally reinforced through life impacting within their own experiences. Truth then is in the eye of the beholder.  You may choose to believe, disbelieve, or simply take what is written here as the truth as I have seen my life experiences change my known world. The end result is colored by any gap in peoples belief system. New information needs due diligence to help the formation of a new, or altered, bridge of knowledge to be formed.

What has been written has been experienced and over the last nine years as I fought my way through a ‘separation from self ‘ anxiety resulting from total loss of memory [ medical diagnosis] to find who I was and what the heck was I doing back here! Research has been carried out and verified through accredited persons within their fields.  As implied please use your own due diligence with the verification of what is written both on this site and other places on the internet.

From The Past And Into The Present

Even when you survive a road accident there are hidden associated traumas locked within. To understand what trauma is learning how to help others survive and also understand how you have survived that trauma yourself. My challenge was to get past the shock and in through the denial / anger, blame / grief, fear, bargening and acceptance and finally into the resolution stage. Unfortunily my brain simply froze [ lost all memories] and literally became stuck fast for most of the following twenty five years. .... While looking to move forward into an unforgiving workforce that compounded the situation I came across the Platinum course held by the DEA [Digital Experts Academy]. To get into this course you simply purchase the SFM [The Six Figure Mentors] Elite Level as well as the Platinum Level of the DEA. Go through the 6Figure Mentors Bootcamp. ... Look I cannot say this was easy at any level. You really have to focus and work your way through the process at your own speed.. Uncovering these layers is like peeling an onion. Something touches you as you open the layers up. The ongoing process is supported by the private community within the SFM. Its just there 24/7. What I will tell you is the process of finding myself has and still is working. There was more in that Platinum course than I bargined for. .... Today there is now room for the aerobic exercises of swimming and walking the dog. By learning to be educated and also to work online has reduced the stress causing elements in my life. There are routines that incorporate "vent ' patterns [ especially when something goes wrong because of what I have not done or I overdid! A t least I now claim these as learning processes. Instead of melting down or simply overloading. The neurolinguisitic techniques and skills reduces conflicting and frightening stress's in my environment.. Best is the upcomming momentum day each year where I take off and have a few days tomyself away from where I v=live. Mix with other like minded people in a real work situation.. Use this time to relax and respite away from everyday things.
Try It!
Finding out that the signs were there all my life it was no surprise to find out I was autisitic. Online was becoming easier to find. Understanding that information was another matter. Overcoming fear of the internet and the challenge of learning new system based skills literally brought on the overwhelm. Initially that terrified me. Now this whole concept has become like a wide game where the continued results are like having a dam running over.

I had been a mother and grandmother. A student, subsequent professional employee, a small business person, tried the hand at multilevel marketing. Loved a freedom we could see here yet found ourselves bogged down with products and the postal service was never catching up to where we were heading off to next.

Twenty years later still there are some of these cleaning products gathering dust waiting their turn to be used in and around the home.

Having used an initial blogger site in 2003 there was an underlying power in this form of communication even then. But how to access it was being kept quiet.Much has changed. The postal service is no longer a worry. Thankfully most everything is online now.

Susan Lewis Marketing [ this site] takes you through how to gain traction pushing to be heard on the internet. The experiences that unfold as conceptual understanding develops.With a mix of dry humor, laughter, oh heck why did that do that. Right through to gradually mastering the personal mindset changes bringing through a self-confidence with the tools and apps that are all under one roof.The understatement is “this decision… it’s has paid off

Make a point to take whatever steps are needed. Challenging though these all are they have become like an online treasure hunt.One littered with many gold nuggets of information in the online journey that may move your life forward along the way. Online, Autistic and ‘loving it’ as my inner child is allowed out to play while the adult part of me keeps an eye on her explorations, mischief and just fun loving innocence.

Gradually seeing this changing far-reaching world at large through an autistic person’s eyes. Once again please remember that this is my own unique life story. Often to know you are different and don’t fit in far from the family circle of influence. My understanding and is influenced through the years of life experience I personally have been through. Influenced by the times, my memories being lost, facilitation of community development , business enterprises, and arriving at a workable today’s toolbox e-resources.

And Into The Future

The result is that of now acknowledging that when people view Autism As A Gift it really is they too will have a true representation of what is set out and achieved. This being my personal dream focus.

Being a valued member as an Associate of The Six Figure Mentors is a challenge of focus, combined with being given the tools, training, community, and  learning. Not always easy as keeping up and learning the new techniques required for online presence combined with discovering who I was has achieved.  This is ongoing as everything became a matter of mindset changes being rewarded with all the fun of a treasure hunt.  Yes, it was difficult for me.  The realisation that it was difficult for others as well meant reaching out to them. And allowing them to reach towards you when they saw you needed assistance.    In any case, people improve themselves by being open minded and trying to implement the newly learned skill set. That way they surely become wiser tomorrow than they are today.
The biggest tool used to find the “lost” me.

In this world, an overqualified, underemployed, autistic female has found herself, her dream and a pathway moving forward with which to follow that dream as an associate member of SFM. A community reinforcing the belief that it only takes one person to change the world.  Is that person you? Behind everything is now the acknowledgment of knowing ‘Autism As A Gift’ it really is like having a dam running over

As you can see, in today’s information age  there are many ways of getting self-educated, to develop and learn the skills to become a self-fulfilled person as a successful entrepreneur. Starting that online business is well within the reach of most people, even if you are learning at your own autistic pace.
If you feel like I do let me help you >>  Reach Out.

Be that person you really are. That Autistic online, and loving it one.  NOW !

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