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4 Step Optimization Process

A 4 Step Optimization Process is what ?

Acknowledging there is a 4 Step Optimization Process with marketing is one thing.  Finding out what actually are the basic steps is another thing.

Gidday I’m Susan Lewis. One huge passion of mine is simple optimization processes. Where people have flare ups of compulsions that interfere with daily life others on the Autism Spectrum may have these compulsions under control.  Okay well trained creatively and socially acceptable in their use..  Traits that lead from keeping everything excessively tidy or overly messy. Others have the “it’s just got to be perfect system of delay happening.  

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Illusion Or A Belief

Illusion or a belief are extremes! Or are they?

Two opposing ends of the belief system is that of illusion and total belief in something.  You know when you know you believe something.  So deeply that every time you think of that belief it is a living pulsating reality.  Yet there are three opposites to

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Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly

“Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly”. Third time in three years these words are beginning to sink into my head. Each tome a Momentum day arrives the air is electrified. Who is new. Who do you recognized.

Who wants a HUG.

Now countdown has begun. It’s real. Going to Brisbane for 2016 Momentum day is happening for me.

MomentumDayHereICome-400x300 Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly
Brisbane Momentum Day here we come!

Loving the internet.  Waiting for the old fashioned postal envelop and hoping things did not go astray.  Instant access.


In the beginning  changers need to happen.  That ws why I went.  Changes were happening.  Platinum Level training was occurring and I was not going to miss out.


Melbourne was an eyeopener.  Great people.,  Friendly recognized faces.

Hugs from one to another.  Or maybe not.

What will happen this year is anyone’s guess.  And its been two children’s birth [ they are adults now] and a lifetime of experiences sine I was last there.

checkyouremailboxin2weekstime-400x315 Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly

And the receipt has arrived.  Brisbane. Accommodation  and transport up sorted.  Now the ticket purchased.  Great feeling just does not explain what this third  Momentum Day organizing feels like.  Just to read the words.  “Your receipt will be sent out to you… Confirmed the very act of going.

susanlewiswiththestars Your Receipt will be emailed to you shortly
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

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