Daily Archives: February 7, 2016

learning by mistakes

So the focus needed to get through the tough times. The constant ‘learning by mistakes’ frustrations. Simply driving people crazy and just not knowing the difference is something that people around, who have been slowly getting to know the limitations of what and where things are happening within my cognitive thought patterns. Well, let’s say sometimes what may seem simply logical to this female, is way out of the ballpark to someone else. And yet other times I stand there is total bamboozlement and wonder just what the heck happened.


So too is the sheer determination that at 55 years learning something like affiliate marketing is just not going to beat me.

Amy’s statement, by the way, is that ‘Once you ‘live the life’ you pick up on things. Amy is in part a participatory onlooker. Yet often it takes one to know one. That deep inner connection is there somewhere. For why else would someone connect within something like this. The simple logic is that diabetics understand some of the issues of diabetics. Alcoholics with alcoholics. E-commerce entrepreneurs know what it takes and who’s got what it takes to engage and activate an e-commerce platform.

The same goes for people who run micro-business. Who are looking to build that alternative digital lifestyle? Once that move is made, and the digital training platform is found you are comfortable with what is stopping you moving forward one module at a time. Your own pace. Your own speed.

Now things about a person who is in the same predicament as myself. Add to this an entire relearning situation that was needed to be overcome. Yes after gravel truck imploded into the van I was driving what happened but a full clock out and lock down of thirty-one years of memories. Officially this is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. All I know is that while that was in charge of my brain there was no need to place myself in the path of official relearning through educational institutions.


And yet I did. I redid, and re-sat, my University entrance Twenty-five years after completing and passing the other one in New Zealand.  Then went through into a ‘technical’ school setting. Where I had fun with a computer course. After that the University with a post graduate course. Actually this was funny when I look back on it as I had not any university education at all. And yet to my amazement, and to the others, what were my life experiences in the past, and well as the current time, came through. The final public presentation went smoothly. Okay, not a lot of technical things were in there. But looking back the lifeskills of having practice in drawing the crowds into the spoken topic came from selling the balloons on markets. The finding out and gentle probing was from the nursing background. And the sheer cheek and ‘whatever’ came from the taxis I had been driving. The commanding of the attention was from the years of Girl Guide leadership.