Daily Archives: February 6, 2016

how far along that


What surprises me every so often is how far along that learning and action curve I am. Little things like joining the 90 day Down Under challenge. With the 90 day video challenge I completed finding out that I could step back, the pressures were self-placed upon me.,  What has been found was to look for ways to automate.  Again here is proof that it takes one to know one! being successful at one while pulling out of a few other challenges has taught me that  these challenges help make the possible a reality. What sis I find out… I am a winner. I make things happen when I apply myself.  Applying myself within a well set thought out, ‘adaptabley’ flexible, plan is far better than wondering if I should open my eyes today!

Knowing that there will be stress times. Automating one thing at a time just to take the pressure off. Better yet, sorting out a couple of Google spread-sheets. And quietly working through one days ticks at a time. Mind you in three days there is a more detailed check sheet. This, though, is a familiar set up that keeps the aversion to change in test. Either the narcissism or the OCD raising to the occasion.

pixel how far along that