Daily Archives: February 4, 2016

the aversion to change

Over the weekend just past I was at a s

The Six Figure Mentors run this once a year and those within the DownUnder group turning up. Each one of us put ourselves forward in some significant way.  To quote a friend…”Have a blast and just kick Arse!” Anyway Stuart, one of the co-founders came out with a ‘new’ term. “B/shit” Whatever holds you back is now termed “B/Shit”.

For myself it’s taken a while to get to where I am now. Cognitively joining the dots. Keeping focus on one step at a time. What surprises me every so often is how far along that learning and action curve I am. Little things like joining the 90 day Down Under challenge. Knowing that there will be stress times. Automating one thing at a time just to take the pressure off. Better yet sorting out a couple of google spreadsheets. and quietly working through one days ticks at a time. Mind you in three days there is a more detailed check sheet. This though is a familiar set up that keeps the aversion to change in check. Either the narsicussium is the OCCD rasing to the occasion. That my friends is where when Autism is seen as a gift, things go forward. These steps may to many seem insignificant. However the initial meltdowns and overwhelms of learning a totally new field were helped as others within the community threw lifelines. While others literally put themselves in the water and swam life a life-guard does. Right near you but not smothering you. The strange thing is that with these people they have past your safety blockades. They are within your inner circle and often they do not even know it.

pixel the aversion to change