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Working backwards to move forwards

With campaigns working backwards to move forwards makes sense

When planning a campaign the ‘goal is usually the cure’. From that point  once you have identified the ‘cure’, or the end result, working backwards to sort out the major stepping stones  comes to many as a relief. When the main stepping stones are alighed  a strategic systematic approach is now worked out.

Using a spread sheat and working backwards to move forwards

How familiar are you with placing  a very basic outline of what you are doing  onto a spreadsheet  Working from the ONE major thing you want to achieve in the next 10 years.  And no I do not mean  a broad statement.  I mean one target thing that is to be achieved in ten years.  Of course then I will simply as for another two spread sheets that will outline the other two target things.    In total I will be receiving three focus points for ten years time.  These three things will come under a very focused [ 1 short sentence] target for 15 years time.
Just work out 1 target thing at a time for now. Then do this on  a seven year level and a five, then a three year level.  Further breaking the three year level down into 12 month goals.

A few gentle words of warning here…

Now place everything you can think of into these sections. Research online international websites. Bookmark and favourite them.
Mind you I ended up with notes all over my floor as I physically moved things around from one section to another.  Took a minimum of three weeks of shear frustration to achieve this.
Using this systemativc approach you now work from the bottom up for strategies that will have a community utilizing them.
Added information look for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or some such current external souce of possuble recognition suggestion is to incorporate one of these at least within the underlying target
With the United Nations page scroll down and  choose another  [ choose also the Development of Africa and one more].  Then keep scrolling and  go to the Issues / Campaigns area [ bottom right]

Utilize other peoples skills, gifts and desires to assist.

Know that you will not be doing any of this alone.  Many organisations and institutes are heirachial imnn management.   Orders from top down nreports from the bottom up to the nexrt person who collabrates those reporets and makes their own report.
So I will introduce holacratic management where a distrbuted authority  works along side of a hierachial management.  Although many will tell you it will be one or the other so what.  Ignore them.  Holacratic management is something similar to small clusters of self activated people get things done.  You start with one group and these people have the choice of which of their ideas to aim for.  Then the stepping stones which get completed along the timeline get worked on.  Sometimes the group may divide and find other peoples.  Say a garden project may start with gathering of coke bottles and then making a glass house from these bottles being strung together. Others may gather wood for a communal cook up.  Mind you since the overall focus is to have sustainable community eating areas the funding is done in small bite sized steps.

Again its a case of working backwards to go forwards.

At some point in the project there will be a need for financing  to be sort. Therein lies a major issue.  backers want to know where their resources are going too. The need to prove you don’t need to go cap in hand is important. So many people and so little to go around

Use what you have and what the people you are working with understand

Therefore the gathering of lawn mover engines to run the wind generator that pumps the water pump connected to the rain barrels that have collected water off the roof down the roof gutters.  Or pumps the water from the ground.   Then collecting the coca cola tin cans and creating a hot water solar until for washing of dishes or hands.  These are just ideas off the top of my head.  Turn the waste into something a) Usable b) Sellable and c) reportable.
Turn the skills into a viable sellable ongoing asset.    Now you have the ability to have solar power recharges all around the area and communication has been made easier.
The fuel used for the recharging of a main battery supply suddenly will start lasting longer.  Less money on fuel.  More power to the people in a way that they know they helped make something out of rubbish.
As of now you had better keep your camera charged as that is what you are going to be needing… lots of photos and videos.  And office staff.  And places where computers are able to keep things up to date.
There are organizations where qualified teachers come through on a voluntary basis.  Stay three months and move back to their own country.  Most countries now have imposed time restriction or these older people lose their pension.

When people ask for project help

Over the last couple of years there have been different people asking for help.  What was learned were two major things.  Communities need ideas people.  People to help them recognise a need, create a pathway, assist in training the management and community around the project.  What these communities do not need is someone to come in and do this all for them, then move on.  Leaving people to flounder and projects to go bottom up.
Throughout any project there are people with ideas that suit the occasions. Encourage these people.  They are the glue that holds the starting rope in place. Each little project encourage these leaders to put their thoughts together to start a project from the target and work backwards filling in the gaps.  You may even be amazed who has what skills, gifts and talents that they know of.  And suddenly the project may be slightly different ,m may have different people within, and the project will be accomplished.  Not bu the ideas person but by the community as a whole.   Include, recognise and thank all the participants and the ideas people.
Once again starting backwards to move forwards… recognition is never a backwards move.

 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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Working backwards to move forwards is a systematic creative outlook on life


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