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Know when is a family a family?

 How did a BootCamp tie in with needing a family?

What I did not know when I signed into the BootCamp was I needed a family. My own had grown up and left home. Some would say ours had become a dysfunctional family unit.   The into dynamics of any family within a community begins to revolve around the circle of influence that community has on the family unit.  For a family of six people to all be somewhere on the Autism Spectrum the family unit needed to have a different regime from others where we lived in Australia.

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Helping you over the threshold of accepting yourself
In New Zealand the culture is totally different in that people are inclusive of you into their family circles.  Communities helped shape the child.  Well, that sure did happen!  As a mother who had no memories of the first thirty-one years being conceptual and converting there were a further set of unseen disconnections happening. Actually, people who could assist shunned me as apparently, I was on illicit drugs. All they had to do was ask.  Those that did have become firm friends.

It took until the children had become young adults and one had a diagnosis finally that with a lot of research concepts began to connect.  The ‘what if’ and ‘how did this happen’ began to appear.

Yet there was something still not complete.  Even after I finally obtained the second diagnosis on myself, I still did not know what the impact being  a High Functioning Autistic person had had on my life.  Nor would continue to have.

Actual my concept of a family had become shattered.

The need was going to be fulfilled in another way. People offered to marry me… if I would become the mother of their children and raise a family again.  How little do people understand of the mire life situations sometimes create?

The feeling that my mind had been wasting away for years had overtaken me.  Yet I could not afford to get once again into the higher education system. When most needed the usual route was denied.

And then came a BootCamp invitation.

Once started the BootCamp took me from the end of May until the end of October to complete what it was that I needed to complete.  Mind you I was struggling with Post Traumatic Shock experiences cause through a truck impacting into the vehicle I was driving.  There was very nearly a twenty-five-year gap of totally locked down memories. I wanted those memories back.  Not just the odd glimpse here and there.  I needed to piece who it was that I had been. Couple these up with the last twenty-five years. And eventually

susanlewiswiththestars Know when is a family a family?
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

Work through to ‘I am Susan’ I have now moved on.  The unknown factors of being within the Autism Spectrum were just and other dimensional thing to co-experience.  As the Post-Traumatic lockdown of the memories receded the Autism went into full alert.

As the Post-traumatic lockdown of the memories receded the Autism went into full alert. These moments within my own life had been spasmodically been experienced.  Yet there was ‘nothing within me for me to knowingly hold’ onto.  Nore did I consciously know that this was what was needed. Yet under all the layers was a part of me that had started life needing a hug. In New Zealand, the culture even fifty-five years on is that of a welcoming hug. A hug is part of the whanau [family] and brings through the Mana [ strength and being].  The Six Figure Members community reunited me with the interwoven concept of family. Even though for the last thirty years I lived in Australia to become a family member was precious and achievable.

What I found was I was not alone.  A different type of a family existed

Maybe no one had lived these experiences themselves as these were my experiences. [* Straight Talk Alert]  What I did find though were people within this community may have had grandchildren with Autism.  These people I could help explain what was happening within that child’s life.  As they appear to be seeing their world in their eyes.

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Dreaming of a family and I became a member of the Six Figure Mentors – just as good in my experience  !

People, who had had near death experiences… or like myself were considered dead on arrival of the authority. Or personally and similarly experienced in another earlier part of their life were unobtrusively there. To have come through all this the family that adopted me needed to be diverse, universal and transparently transformation. Stephaine Perkins stated something similar.  Alter the words a bit and this concept will still apply. “For the two of us, home isn’t a place.  It is a person. And we are finally home.”  Welcome to my family. Oh, and by the way… family members wash the dishes and put them away as well.

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It’s funny to think that I now have a family all over the world

The co-founders are just as they appear.  I mean who else would go up to complete strangers and hug the co-founders [ but me].  Stuart and Jay are people that I had just seen on video or through webinars.  There was an opportunity to change the world within this community. So I took it.  One year later at another SFM Downunder Momentum Day,  the question was ‘Wheres my hug”  To a family member the answer was “One hug or two.”

 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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A Family who is looking out for you has a special Unity

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“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean an as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue. ” ~C. JoyBell C.

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