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Fear is the number one thing

Fear is the number one thing to sort out in life.

Your mindset makes sure of how FEAR is the number one thing within your life. Not so much as fear of change though as the FEAR of acceptance. Those who are like myself – falling within the Autism Spectrums guidelines, may state what seems most obvious to them at that time. Change is part of the safety issues and change unsettles us in different ways.

The neuro-typical people effectively and efficiently deal with change issues affecting their

fearhas2meanings-400x300 Fear is the number one thing
Look into the mirror of your soul. Fear dissipates when you see what there is to understand and see.

safety as one of the last things to deal with.

Those on the spectrum are in reverse. Fear is the number one thing in many ways. Get through the security issues and then Face Everything And Rise. In this case with many change factors. You and your message is within ‘the there’. Be warned that what many see like an entirity too many people will be a flip that brings forward the flip change in attitudes. From this point on often, the others around the Autistic now need to put into place behaviour modification monitoring applications.

Rid of the FEAR that binds people into acceptance of being different

For instance, a current trend is to employ Autistic people to give the final screening on beta testing web animations and gaming. The Autistic groups are picking up on things that the neurotypical people just cannot see. Slowly this may bring a new fear within the work place

Remember the game you gave to someone as a present … and after the initial trial and error period, they never went back and played. The comment back may have been along the lines of ‘it bored me’. Fine! The game was maybe too slow for the capabilities inherent within the user.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit Fear is the number one thing
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Or simply there may have been exposure to so many mistakes that that players brain overwhelmed. And created a discord. Maybe the more simpler answer is that not having the technical know-how things went vastly wrong and a melt-down occurred instead.
The same feeling that have been experienced as people starts to explore the confusions of avenues open towards creating an initial alternative digital lifetime pathway. Now the sense of an opportunity to be with those who are living a life of freedom has disappeared.


What if there was a way of learning what to do? A supported guided as you are ready to move towards the next step method. Something that will stretch those boundaries as you join in with others? A way that possibly connects the dots – one dot at a time. One idea into

whateverthemindcanconceiveandbelieveitcanachieve-Napoleon-Hill Fear is the number one thing
Especially where having the freedom to choose where your life paths taking you.

user-friendly another idea where a gradual user-friendly concepts are engaged. So that right now you have a few talents such as you have a camera and take photos. With a selection of tools and the knowledge that collection of graphics has grown. Add these personalized graphix created a range of cards forms a few clicks of a template button onto to a simple letter, newsletter. When you are ready eventually onto a pdf and later creating a small e-book that is shared amongst friends, family and an interest group of two.

>>>>  Enjoy this Autism As A Gift PDF <<<<

That is where the tools, the upskilling and the community within the DBL came into their own being. As an example, there is a PDF that has cards. The small story behind that links the cards together has the theme of bullying. This PDF is one of a series of things given away to members of a select group. Those interested in Autism as A Gift. The link is here.

However when you are ready and really wanting to have access to an integrative range of tools this link is one for you to check out and try out.[*Straight Talk Alert.]


 Have a terrifically uplifting day


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Introduce yourself and contact me


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