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One day in Alternative Digital Lifestyle

More than one day in and the challengers are beginning to mount up

Looking forward to purchasing a mobile phone handset.  One I can video with and take photos with.  Maybe just get an iPad instead.   That is a definite for one day in the future.  Just not yet to the point it will become a rush necessity!!! [yet].

Sometime last night I discovered that I really need to upload the disk for the camera to connect into the computer. Oh great –> cause the day improved after such a start, not an auspicious start though I floated through..I think camera tried running away as I was videoing the belly dance,… what a flop> I felt ridiculous and was laughing bent over laughing on video, Thought to do videoing again tomorrow… belly rolls went on strike!

Nearly completed the SLC just got to connect the SLC to Aweber. Tomorrow’s job now along with privacy and disclaimers to be typed. Have one more testimonial to receive reviewing “Autism as a gift”. Not usually very emotional but wow to some of these testimonials.

Working through the SimpleLeadCapture page ate up my morning as I am slow with it.

Sox is still at his brother’s place, as Sox is having doggy time with Boof  [the brother].  Sox must wonder what I am doing walking around with my hands on my abdomen. When in actual fact I am incorporating my exercise regime into the walk time.  So far so good.

One day in and Eight hours into this day and …

The knocking on the front door would not stop.

Eventually went and picked up mother and took her to a) shopping and b) a community soup kitchen. Great to see her using, this time, to sit and chat/ interreact with others. At eighty years young my mother still wants to be among the living, breathing and thinking people of this world…. the young ones … like in their teens and early twenties.

Heaven forbid as next weeks the Christmas party for all the participants at the soup kitchen and the related church running the drop-in center.

And would you believe it having finally got home the computer went on and back to that Autism As A Gift SimpleLeadCapture page!

Well okay! That one day in the life of an Alternative Digital Lifestyle will catch up with me!

Sharing of the information 

A few weeks ago the realisation that other than going out to a few markets over the weekend the time of bein on my own may have an isolation effect.  Here is where more talking to people time does wonders for me. What has happened is a conscious decision to go and speak to different people who I do not currently know. While walking Sox  I meat up with a man taking his Autistic child for a walk.  After talking for nearly an hour, they had to go home as dinner was meant to be served.  So along Sox and I went when invited.

This husband and wife team are progressing with their dream.  One doing their PhDs and the other applying. This is where having a mother with all that history of Autism everyday things as well as a Nursing, teaching and councilling professional background stored within her who is wanting to share things is a terrific boon.  Connecting these three people together will be a really interesting thing to see happening.

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Loving every bit of a day in an Alternative Digital Lifestyle development phase

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