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Frustration is not acceptable

Frustration is not acceptable as an excuse.

Sometimes frustration of contract happens. In this case, a series of unforeseen circumstances prevent the achievement of an objective. I had made a contract with myself. To have three campaigns tested, up and working for the 1st January 2016. A smile one. An Autism Is A Gift One And an overall Digital Experts Academy one. This would have also included the hardcoverstackme-holding-balloons1 Frustration is not acceptableDigital Business Lounge apps and tools.

Late 2014 the Digital Business Lounge was adding to the array of the tools and applications. I was a newbie. Having finally found a set of integrating apps and tools all under one roof. To say that a kid in a toy shop had nothing on me. These fascinated me.

Previously another organisation had introduced me to beta testing tools and application they were developing a few years before. Loved bending the rules re-applications and what they could do with a mishmash of unexpected e-blending. When the opportunity for this was there, the inner child got creative. And had the time of her life.

In 2014 the CreativeGraphix tool and the YourTubePlayer were rivalling themselves for first equal position. Probably due to the video challenge being attempted.

Plus the daily blogging attempt. Which have now become a posting pattern within daily life.

Becoming sidetracked in late February 2015 with broadband compliance issues. Effectively a pattern break was about to occur leading to an unforeseen set of circumstances. Making things practically impossible to execute the goals sets within the period. Immense frustrations and much learning occurred. One of the most important things was there was a lot of people in the world who offer to assist, soon take over and then manipulate. The underlying thing was that unless the other people you ask for help have the same outlook as yourself, then a discord may happen. This time though was not all negative. Much learning, practice and the results have come through. The blog writing is far better. So too were the concepts of what and how visuals would impact people’s views.

A second major thing was the ability to both handle and absorb the Autism Meltdowns and

angelwithboroniaflowerssittingontheframe Frustration is not acceptable
Can someone actually do things online? Where are the skills with which to do these things

the Autistic Overloads usually experienced? Although each autism spectrum person has a vastly different method of coping was sleep. Erratic timetabled deep sleep. It was a struggle to get that post out daily. So the posts became the creating of static visuals. Later the writing around the picture would occur. And so a new post went out about three times a week.

Once again the relearning of the sometimes quietly determined drive some autistics has been huge steps in the dream. What was needed was a definitely focused attention. So these visuals were small stepping stones through a murky byway. The result is there are about two hundred visuals all neatly files [ thanks to the OCD kicking in]

Having other people assist you is great. A mutual theocratic assistance is terrific. People grow with giving, share and take. One person destroying other peoples dreams out of frustration is not acceptable. Belonging to this beautiful Six Figure Mentors community had given me both the room and the ability to go back into a stable online community environment as ask for assistance. This the members gave as well as a place and a quiet healing space. Meanwhile get a move on encouragement came through.

March 2015 was the very first SimpleLead Capture campaign created by me. The GraphixCreator tool got a terrific workout. And then I found out there was another step previously not understood by me. The thank you, page. It could have a freebie video series or a letter of thanks. Or I could make a very visual PDF. Meanwhile, what was created was a series of clicks through on the site. Okay to start with not good to be still there, though. More pictures and visuals were being created to go into the blogs.

Recently another first has procured. A PDF. Finally, under My Media too is a library for PDF’s. My Library For My PDFs. And a very full end of the year  this will be. Tomorrow’s primary job is to make a Smile PDF. Then go back and change the Smile Campaign landing ‘thank you’ page link. Directing traffic over to this PDF to download. Not only is the knowledge on how to do this there, but the visuals are also there, the backup URLS to backlink to through the social media and the blog posts.

Participating in the 90 days, DownUnder Challenge effectively has challenged me through to subcutaneously focusing on an out of comfort zone target within these ninety days. To achieve that one target thing all and everything thrown out of wack in the past twelve months is being attended too.

Actually, a few other barriers have created as well. Autistics often know they are right. That way change does not intrude. Change brings the fear of discord. Challenges are where the circumstances are foreseeable. The participants will experience pattern interprets. Simple as that. Adapting does not break you. Sure these experiences will challenge your comfort zone! When you are lucky, enough change your abilities belief systems.

At that frustration is not acceptable as an excuse to just get in a temper tantrum. Instead, look at the tools you have. One of these is that when I joined the Six Figure Mentors, I chose to include the Digital Experts Academies Gold level training in my package. That meant I have the ability to make appointments with Fiona and Gregg Scott. The two most beautiful people who also happen to be Gold Level training coaches. Okay, there is a shortish waiting time. Previously when the world was all about ‘me’ [another autistic trait], this would have frustrated me even more. Which is probably why I learned to be isolative. To do the thing myself and my own way.

The difference is now the interim time there is one more Simple LeadCapture pay to redo as I deleted it by mistake. The time in between has been allotted to directing the appropriate pages and posts to the appropriate landing pages URLs

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Frustration is not acceptable
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

I can now begin to concentrate on a matter that is bothering me