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Look after yourself better

With a new horizon just out there it sure is to ignore the “Look after yourself better

messages often stated in the word, deed or look.

knowyourstory-liveyourstory Look after yourself better
“Know your story. Live your story; share your story’

Part of my own story revolves around having to accept that I am a person with High Functioning Autism. There I was, an overworked parent of four teenaged children. All of

which are somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Working on call anywhere up to one-hundred and twenty hours a week. Yes! you are reading the figures correctly. Actively running a series of youth meeting, camps, trips away and as far as we could all go. Studying. Plus trying to work out how to use the computer and what the heck was marketing on-line? You may have a similar situation. As Autistics, there is no a stop button.

You may have a similar situation. As Autistics, there is no a stop button. And if there was a stop button the our focus would be such that ignoring it would be a natural course of events.

Look after yourself mentally and emotionally

Okay…. there is an emotional and physical overload ignition switch.

The reason the story is being shared is simple.  No-one can afford to suddenly wake up six months after walking home from work, and nearly sleeping the clock around for all of that six months. Three years later situations of stress still throw the switch.

dreams-dontworkunlessyoudo Look after yourself better
At a stand still within your life?

Life is too short not to keep growing! When it comes to people who have the Gift of Autism it usually takes so many down turns until one or two things happen.

The first is that they not only a physical wreck, but the tiredness factor drains any  smiles and happiness away from their lives.

The second is associated closely with the first. Until they have the chances needed to believe in themselves. Where they are going and just how far they will allow themselves to believe they can advance. One step at a time.

Now look after yourself better.

That said check through the skills and the talents you are not putting forward. Live your life while you move on forward. Maybe by building that alternative digital lifestyle.

As my own children gradually left the nest, and the hours working, both voluntary as well as in the labor force, the sleeping patterns became a bit more settled.  Like I now know when to sleep at night because night  was recognized as being night.  Night now is associated with a sleep pattern.  Melatonin release  occurs and a sleep happens.

And now the education and upskilling have time to connect

Now during the day the walks with the dog occurs.  The garden gets done.  The belly l

dancing challenge is done in between rests from building the lifestyle  needed. That a neverbeafraidtitry-remember Look after yourself betterlegal alternative digital lifestyle.  They say opportunities do not come twice.  Sure am glad that this one did.  Things would have been easier in the mind had I recognized what it was that I honestly could not afford at that time in my life. And yet the expenses would have been tax deduction.  Put like that that look after yourself would have made sense then.

In summary look after yourself as a person. When people look back in their lives, some see the opportunities that they let go by.  Others see those same pportunities granted, action and worked to their bones.  Yet there is fun with working the challenges associated.

And I remind you to look after yourself because I forgot.

For the autistic person in particular, the message behind the look after yourself  I know will be heard and maybe not be recognized in its sincerely.  However,

However, >> help get  this message out there.  <<

Not for the importance to be ignored though.  All I am suggesting is that a five-minute break in between focus modes be taken..  If you have a child take them around the block .  Run wth the ball and play a game with your child.

Add that quality time management focus back into your day.


 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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Introduce yourself and contact me

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