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untapped talent pool

That untapped talent pool

Yes! There is an untapped talent pool among the autistic adults. Lacking the social skills and communication abilities critical just to get past the initial interview screening process the workforce closes off from Autistic people.

However, there are places that have programs set aside especially for these on the Autism Spectrum. As growth within their industry provides further enhancement to the established work balance more and more of this untapped talent pool of people are being sort. These people have the abilities these companies look for are happening.

Riches lie within the untapped talent pool.

How is this interview stage suiting the particular individuals communication issues? First the interviewer justs flips the switch. Instead of adding anxiety to an already stressful situation

Santaandsurfboardoutoflego untapped talent pool
Some great things happen when you let the inner child out.

why not settle in at the interest level. Over time different conceptual thinking patterns are brought out in play. Detailed instructions resulting in leggo block creations.

Did you know that Googles first external drive cover was made out of Lego blocks?  There are great thing come in small packages at times this is a surprising result of doing things differently. Like just flipping that switch utilizing untapped talent pool.

Allow comfortability. Let them just ‘play’ around with the equipment. Watch as they become a part of that machines process. Actually, they have probably left the interview way behind while focusing into the hum and energy of the activity.

The caring for the person does not just stop once hired. The company believes in providing social worth. Effectively creating a widening gap between change and meltdown occasions. The result is a smoother transition with the idea of a soft landing amongst the workforce. Pretty impressive really. People from this previously untapped talent pool allowing the mentor and guides through their safety zones also have been known to become faithful employees. Overcoming odds that most would just crumble under.

How many times in the past compared to the present is there?

In all of my years this is one of four places that have managed to accomplish the social worth feat. Two were within my early teenage years.

The other is a community where the social worth beings within the first moments. Now that that was given to me is being returned as an ‘Autism As A Gift’ campaign reaches into the lives of people, communicates and businesses.





 Have a terrifically uplifting day

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