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put ourselves forward

As a family we learned to put ourselves forward

Each one of us has some reasonable excuse that we do not want to put ourselves forward with.

Before 1991 my own life experiences involved talipes as well as congenial dislocating hips. Okay, so I had a little trouble crawling and walking for a few years. Probably due to the big plaster casts fitted with the bar. Personally I cannot think of another child who was swang upside down as often as I was.  There was that bar between my feet.  And my

Empathy with others may help you understand your own situation as well as their actions put ourselves forward We can be assertive when we feel we have the power, the self-confidence to put ourselves forward when we think it will do some good. This is different from aggression willing our minds and moods.
Before you jump the gun think about the other person. Where they have come from, the situation they are within. Would you come in and join in as we all put ourselves forward.

neighbors had big families that dwarfed my mother’s six brothers and sisters.

Turns out I was also born with High Functioning Autism.  Not a problem as every other person in the family had some trace of it so according to us we were all normal!  We just learned different and to learn it meant applying the lessons in a different form work.  One that society today is finally catching up on in their methods of teaching.

To put ourselves forward as the real world existed.

Yes the real world, and our world, had to be learned to be straddled.

Now think about a person who is in the same predicament as myself. Add to this a complete relearning situation that was needed to be overcome. Yes after gravel truck imploded into the van I was driving what happened but a complete clock out and lock down of thirty-one years of memories. Officially this is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

All I know is that while that was in charge of my brain there was no need to place myself in the path of official relearning through educational institutions. And yet I did. The growing family meant that the need to put ourselves forward meant to lead by example.

Catch up , Join in and together we all may 'Put Ourselves Forward." in leadership roles within our families, communities, interest groups and online in a business that we love.
Come one .. Join in as we put ourselves forward.

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.  Use it!  -Ram Dass

“Don’t change just so people will like you! Like yourself and your relationships will change.  There are people who will love you for – YOU.” ~ Bryant McGill

We put ourselves forward freely rather than feeling we are duty-bound in any way. Looking forward, looking backward even if its not a way you favor right away there is a context within faiths where self-denial and self -effacement are taught and rewarded. . People in business need to in a position where when asked to speak of ourselves in superlatives, the more will others speak of us in diminutives: and the less we put ourselves forward the more the public will be disposed to forget what each of us stands for,.. Our values and social worth need a brush up. What is presented needing an overhaul just to make sure that what is represented is in alignment with who we are and why we actually put ourselves forward.
Susan Lewis Marketing with – Put Ourselves forward – now to go back to the top.

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