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Experience A Greater Amount Of “Happy” within Your Life Expectancy

Did you know that those who experience a greater amount of “Happy” within their life, create and move in circles of influence, where there is less sadness and stress to shorten their life expectancy? Did you know that many of the countries around the world have to experience a greater amount of assistance needed by the over fifties?  Did you know that many of the pre- Baby Boomers are still looking for work?

Imagine what would happen if:

People could enjoy being free and know there were more like them that experience a greater amount of “Happy” within.  Enough to give their time, experiences and the skills and knowledge, in a way that their self-esteem and their bank balance grew together as a

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
For this near Octavian gaining work is what she holds a value. That would bring A Greater Amount Of Happy within her Life.

Reflection of their social worth.  No matter what their age.

Knowing, and then actioning, the ‘Close the Loops’ cycle is important. Like many in their mid-fifties, there are many things to do. Along with many things yet not done. After Norway, Australia is the next best country to live in according to DotIn.

What is there to look forward too

One of the saddest things I keep hearing is people near my age group longing to go on a pension.  They believe then they will have the time to travel.  See this beautiful country. Go abroad … within the confines of the Australian Government’s overseas travel allotment for aged or disability pensioners.

With average Australian life expectancy being seventy-nine years and nine months ‘young’ what are people going to be doing with their vibrancy, time, energy and mental health? Since children have moved all around the continent, the family unit has changed dramatically. Looking after the grandchildren as their middle ages children need a place to help raise the young in aged youth now becomes a travelling timetabled nightmare.

There is one big thing that is radically different with the younger set. According to the Australian Census [Feburay  2011 cenus], The average Australian is a 37-year-old mother living in the suburbs, educated and yet working as sales assistances. Plus….there are more woman than men!  Some may say that that in itself could cause more than half the population to experience a greater amount of ‘Happy” within their situation.  Until  the practical side of things are noticed. And cracks begin to appear without balance within society once again.

You might start to think that others too could share as these are worked within another part of life’s journey. All possible with belief and follow through actions.  Just taste and feel the freedom within the space around you.  Where many people will have you believe this is the end part of the life… why not just take one big step back and move aside.  Within that attitude,  the room is crowded.

The fear of the unknown lower as familiarity steps in.

No, not boredom.  familiarity.  One place after another to explore.  Rather than race next

Elixia-Blues-touring-vrehicle-jpeg Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
A friend wants to travel Australia and sing on the circuits. This would go a long way to her Greater Amount Of Happy within her achievable goals.

door and ask for a cup sugar just to catch up on the gossip why not be needing to escape the rat race into the accepted old age!  Age is an old furfie anyway.  Never before have there been so many people within the upper echelons of the Australian population.  The travel around Australia as a grey-nomad is not a strange idea.  All you have to do is spend the life’s savings on a new 4×4 and a decent caravan and away you go.

There is a probable loophole this scenario, though.  As the bank balance gets affected, the stress levels go up. The health goes down with the travelling slowing to zilch.

Why then are people choosing not to be different?  

Is it complacency.   Is this what the wars were about. The Vietnam war? The Hippie error.  Have the top less than one percent who manipulate, and then take advantage of the spoils, who own the world finally won? Or have the human race just got complacent?

I do not think so.  Would that be why the Six Figure Mentors Community is a Private Community.  Should you wish to have a good look within, consider this your personal invitation.  With due diligence

>Action this Invitation ! <

I will not guarantee you will experience a greater amount of “Happy” within this private community.  However, I  know that there are so many people from all over the world within the Six Figure Mentor Community who have become friends online.  Some are visiting where I live soon.  Others are looking forward to ‘Crossing the pond” next year and spending time here.   This type of travel arrangement is reciprocal. And that to me leans to a positive experience. A greater amount of “Happy” within my own life.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Experience A Greater Amount Of "Happy" within Your  Life Expectancy
Since my choice is to Experience A Greater Amount Of Happy within my Life Expectancy I know what I want. So I kmow what my aims are.