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Apps and tools to assist “a stepping stone you create”.

Two ideas a concept make.

 Two concepts and a stepping stone you create.

Formulate and join a few stepping stones in line.

That forward step you now just have to take.

One step, two steps.

Three steps more.  

Right across the lake to the shore.  

Now it’s time to wash, repeat and do this once more.

What is written here are three parts of a whole 

With one dream, many an achievable goal.

In a way that lessens the toll.

written by Susan Lewis.


To err is human.

I started off blogging 20 years ago. Then slowly added Social Media into the mix from 2007. The date now is August 2015.

How things have changed. Machinery, technology, people’s attitudes to the world, in general, their life expectations and even the makeup of the family unit.

Breaking news last month was a computerized machine had gone haywire. The consequence being a human had died.

Going backwards, so as to move forwards

Schedule the plans to suit the time management. Gather the skills, apps and tools needed

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Look for solutions RIGHT here

to affiliate market any product, in any place. Couple these with having created the pathway to you own dream. The strategies and objectives are like stepping stones leading you through your digital journey.

Now why the comment about “to err is human”. A common mistake when learning something is that what is under your nose you will overlook. This simple thing is what held me back. Plus the tendency to make something harder than it actually is. There is lies my own challenge of the OCD part of the Autism spectrum.

As of last night, so many things have finally fallen into place. Basic tools of an affiliate marketer are the ability to utilize the platform you are on. For me, it is the content of blogging. For others advertising. And still others social media.

Like many people on the Autism Spectrum, there is no use pushing us to change. To let the skills get updated, added then to the desire of increasing levels of skills levels things will actually begin to move forward. Again at their own speed.

One neurotypical thought pattern.

Recently heard at a coffee shop was was a manager state that “oh we always employ IT technicians with Autism. They work like the dog, get it just right, spend hours doing this, then go away and have their mini-meltdown. Come back to work the next day and start all

TheMeltDownAngelsBook Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Someone should write a book titled “The Meltdown Angels Book” complete with clipped wings. Because that is what it feels like within a meltdown.. Trapped.

over again.

We love that as….” Yeah right!

From experience, it’s actually the other way around. One could write a book about them. Meltdowns are like a dream time recuperation time.  The storm before the calm. The calm is the balance factor.  The pivot of what comes next.  The highly creative time.  A time where musicians write their songs, Writers write their best pieces.  Painters  paint what is within.  So many creatives falling back onto skills they knew before the meltdown.

The frustration come in when there is chopping and changing from one online program into another.   The use this tool under that URL.  And the other tools for the next step on these platforms.  I love the fact that when I write something using one set of digital marketing apps and tools they are all there.  Found under just one roof.  The roof is called The Digital Business Lounge.

Like Lego blocks, this piece is connected to that piece.  And all these pieces a scene is set. The campaign is made.  Now just to action what has been created.  Knowing that the tracking is in place.


Actually as a point of note: Did you know that "the first Google Computer at 
Stanford was Housed in custom-made enclosures constructed from Lego Bricks"? Check
resource link below

Upkeeping and keeping current

This is where ongoing education and training comes into play. Where the combination of the additional course work and levels may just fill in the gaps. It has been up to me to find the spaces within my own skills, the sinkholes of the education levels and place myself within the awesome training things being provided initially through a BootCamp.

That stated, as an Autistic finding what causes your own meltdowns is your responsibility. A word of warning: when you go into the Bootcamp – it is the BootCamp that you concentrate on. Your focus is stepping out into the world beyond where these apps and tools are there for your use.


Santaandsurfboardoutoflego Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Sydney 2014 Lego Santa. Photo taken at Midnight Sydney Central

Through that then these other things will slowly become clearer. Do not rush the pushing of yourself to get through. Okay, the opposite is true as well. Just gliding along will not get you anywhere as well. In fact, coasting along as an Autistic will get you into overwhelming just the same as pushing yourself to do something so unfamiliar it will freak you out.

Now if you are ready to accept the challenge of challenging yourself to take the step forward this is the invitation for you.




The Digital Business Lounge is a vital business arm.

I would go as far as to say the powerhouse that is often overlooked by many within the Six Figure Mentors.

Itstimetowhattellme Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Learning to use each of these tools gave me a visual guidance system.  I could see where I was and how I got there made sense A one stepping stone at a time effect that efficiently and effectively removed so many of the hassles.

With the Marketing, This was something tangible that I could and have honestly shared with you.

You know that as right now as you are still here.  Reading this post.  Possibly wondering why you should push this link

The simple answer is the link will take you into the Digital Business Lounges visitors area.  Check out the Apps and Tools there.   Better yet place your best email there and be kept up to date.  Thereby removing any pressure that you may think is here.

The internet has changed from the wild, wild west experience many people have experienced  since its release to the public in 1985. Fourteen years ago when I first started until last year I searched for a way to truthfully show people a way to stay current, to upskill while having on the job training, and the use of marketing tools.  This is what I found.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Apps and tools to assist "a stepping stone you create".
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Like in the roughly written poem above just “Two ideas a concept make.  Two concepts and a stepping stone you create.”   Find out how right here.

Cheers for now.




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