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Make This Mentors Program Work For You.

Feeling free of the hold that other people have over you is something to be bold about achieving.  An awesome feeling that once achieved people know their procrastination methods have gone. Just plan gone.  Replaced instead by a knowing feeling or reality. That’s when you know it’s time NOW to find a mentoring program.  Then make this mentors program work for you.

Wondering how  to “Make This education, training and Mentoring Program Work For You too?” So was I.

Itstimetowhattellme Make This Mentors Program Work For You.
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Though to begin with any mentoring program takes belief. By knowing that developing new empowering patterns takes time, is challenging and people change.

What is needed to make this mentors program work for you?

Just by knowing everything required to know about what exactly does the program involve mucks up the universal energy coming into your life.

Disbelievers think that a positive response is acceptable for others… not their friends.  Muster the energy  to get over this description of  ‘Load of Polly Waffle’.  What is needed is a sense of fun, adventure and just sheer guts to jump out of a comfort zone and into the as yet ‘your’ unknown.

What is needed is a sense of fun, adventure and just sheer guts to jump out of a comfort zone and into the as yet ‘your’ unknown. Plug into an existing system and really connect with people on a different level.

Stay tuned. Read a little further along and some explanations are there.  Take the

DEAtrainingapowerfulwirlwindeffect-235x400 Make This Mentors Program Work For You.
Online Gold Nugget training has a Silver lining at the Digital Experts Academy .

initiative to make your own decisions on what microlearning updates you need to use within your social media skills. Make  this mentors program work for you as from the elite level transforming specific skills begin in earnest.  Different skills on different educational, training and mentoring levels for different levels of people’s interest and need.

Now to do this could involve great lengthy explanations as you talk back and forth.

Worth checking out  when you  get to visit

>Get Actionable Steps<

Trust that the resources  going into your email box will show you a different way of thinking.  One people do not hear often.  It’s not hard.

Place your best email address within the boxes.

Remember that to see any emails coming back to you to check and make as a contact  the email that confirms the “double opt-in” click. Go through the other folders just to check that the filing bots have not misdirected these emails along with other important information.

What happens next is a series of resources will be sent to you. First off resources such as a report, videos welcome and thank you emails will be sent out to you.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Make This Mentors Program Work For You.
Look for solutions RIGHT here

The videos are hosted by Jay and Stuart, the co-founders themselves. These two look for solutions yet have a really great sense of adventure. They have already been there and  done so much. Like Jay has ridden an elephant in a game of hockey. Just be prepared to let them show you a different side of life.  One most people have not even attempted to dream of.

The videos explain about marketing in general.

Using their own business as an example of Affiliate Marketing makes  sense.  Would you do the same.  I certainly hope so.

Two things may happen now. A resounding YES. Or a not ready yet. Remember to use your

Bootcaponphone Make This Mentors Program Work For You.
Knowledge is like finding a a few gold nuggets. Knowing what to do with that knowledge though is akin to finding the motherload of gold!

right to action your choice.

A ‘yes’ takes you through to a set of crash course of modules.  Having learned so much from this myself sharing the modules resource is a no brainer.

A “no” means two things.  You will be on the subscription list until you elect not to be and manually unsubscribe.  Thank you for that action.  Actually, it is a positive action for all concerned.

Next Step is to let this  Mentors Program Work For You

The second part of the “Not yet action” is the emails sent to you.  Would you

  • Spend the time to read the information.
  • Click through on what looks interesting
  • Share these through the social media outlets you are connected with, please.

Whatever your choice the choice to choose is chosen.  Simply because you have made it.

At least you now know a little bit more of what is install for you. To Make This  Mentoring Program Work For You you need to action these steps, then wash, rinse and repeat actions that are shown to you.

The mentoring program is just a small part of what is behind the invitation. The community helps support your choice not to walk in someone else’s shadow.  And the circle of influence  within your life subtly changes.  Your belief in what you may now achieve with your own conscious creation choices helps create in you the inner belief of a new person.
Just in case you missed it the link to find out what DEA is about

The > Link you need to press <.



susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Make This Mentors Program Work For You.
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Read about Susan Lewis here


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From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

After fifteen years on the Internet, there were many things learned.  Then life changed and starting from scratch happened again.  Now having access to the tools, training, resources and community to help you fast track your success and build a profitable business from scratch became possible.

 Thankfully life changed again.

260x120_4 From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

With the Six Figure Mentors Bootcamp training, becoming an affiliate while reaching out for a financial and geographical freedom has been a steady up hill and down dale road to journey upon.  Sometimes wondering if the map was the right one, and the compass was working there have been so many changes.

Sometimes I rally begin to wonder what challenge is just hiding around the corner. Then I remember “Energy Flows where the attention Goes” That was from Jay Kubassek, a co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and a leading light of this private invitation only community.


 Today was one of ‘those’ days.

It was not as bad as  I thought it would be at one frightful stage.  Yes, the computer had a meltdown with the voice and sounds being played.

Yes!  Today was all planned out, and that plan did not go according to plan!The-moon-b From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business

Knowing that the 90-day challenge is meant to be a video per day all I can say is: So sorry folks that video was one from a few days ago that was not released yet.

This morning when everything crashed here I was just listening to someone’s video where they had had a ‘hat trick’. And just after they spoke about the difference between ‘belief ‘mode and a ‘know’ mode I knew what it was like to suddenly have no sound coming in.

As a continuance, the next few hours brought forward a friend who assisted in the time of need. The lesson of the day. Crash and think all things are possible …cause they are. Know it is time to take a deep breath. Remember your dream. Face that goal and know, just know, that is what you are going to have. Feel it as it is as real as you feel.

Dream a dream, know it’s going to happen cause you actioned it.

Last year at friends I spoke about one subset of an overall dream that got them thinking. They altered the way they spent, thought and lived. This year the money they saved has gone into replacing things. However, their dream is once again on track.That was the man who came and fixed my computer.

SLMlifeintheclouds From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business
That’s when I realized that for me my creativity could be taken with me. Taking photos, talking to people then using the GraphixCreator to create images. One thing less on the bucket list to do.

Another person looked at what they had brought a PopCorn machine, and all sort of extras.  This I help out with.  The basic popcorn is healthy to eat. Lots of fibre, no sugar. There was something missing though.  What people needed was healthy food.   What people wanted was a treat.

What I wanted was my friend to realise he needed to get going with life.  However what I needed was to talk and engage with other people.  To touch base every weekend.  What I am saying here is that we both realised there was something the other person needed  and then set about organising the possibility for them to feel comfortable with the timing.  It worked.

Taking the laptop I can write the blog  posts on the journey. Create the Graphix while within the trailer as well.  Yeah and catch up on the recording of the stock within as well.

As for the customers…

Now the sweets that get added to the packets are an optional extra.  Yes, there are general ones. There are also gluten-free ones, Diabetic, Sours, sweets, straps, licorice, chocolates, hard ones, soft ones, marshmallows and all sorts.

The thing is to get creative and enliven the public’s imagination.  Time is spent on the day creating marshmallow flowers, toadstools and gardens, sea scenes. Animal scenes.  Random jungle animals or whatever the sweat of the day theme is.  To tell the truth boredom was setting in and I wanted to get creative one day.  Packaged as “Smile Packs”.

Interested in reading about how to share a smile? Then dare to be different  and  Smile as you Click Here

Now what is happening

From here, with a little bit of bartering has come a jumping castle.  Little steps for some  and ginormous jumps for others.  Either way each person celebrates their own way through mindset challenges.

Meanwhile, you’re reading this post.  And that I am loving.  Thank you

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 From Scratch With Upskill Training Start Your Online Business
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset


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Create Something Extraordinary With Six Figure Mentors

Training, education, knowledge, and skills place are 4 keys to the  community behind all the connectivity actions with the Digital Business Lounge users[DBL] , the Digital Experts Academy [DEA]  and the Six Figure Mentors [SFM].


To be told to “Create something extraordinary with the 6 Figure Mentors 90 day challenge is the same as “God” saying “Go forth and Multiply”.  Yet when I think about how the combination of the  the diversity of people now within the DBL, DEA and the SFM  just boggles the mind as to what may be coming forward within these 90 days [ till the 29th December 2014]

Rational is in the meanings of the words.  Check the words out for yourself.
Create: A verb: Develop in mind or physically
Something: Noun and pronoun: an unspecified thing.
Extraordinary: Adjective: Strange and wonderful

Now here is an open question : does this video [when I find it that is] fit the meaning of the instructions?

In the beginning the social value and self-worth come from with you. They are part of you. Your own acceptance that you have skills, knowledge and maybe part of the answers from which others can learn from. It is at this point the methods that you then utilize and create a ” push / pull’ effect, driving the traffic towards what you are saying the increase in the self worth and social value is exponential. Now to harness theses and other factors is your choice. It involves setting the basics enabling you to appear to make effortless decisions on the run, to appear that you know what you are doing – flawlessly.

The choice is simple…

A) do what I did and that was alone and by myself. Never getting the understanding to receive all the answer. Always having to spend hours just doing one thing [ research what was meant]

B) join with me as part of an online holacrastic [flatline] management team where we all gain what we set out to do through the support of helping each other. After all the community that is behind these names is creating something extraordinary.  People who have previously misunderstood the whole vision  for a myriad of reasons can now purchase part of this wonderful opportunity.  I am telling you this as many larger business have not past the invitation scrutiny the back office places on the applicants invited.







Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator

Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator

Someone once told me that the internet was only for intelligent people and therefore it would not last long amongst the common users.  Okay, that got rid of the those that only fitted into the boring High I Q tested range.As a follow on from that thought time my question today would be what about those of the rest of the population who have a large amount of common everyday how to and where from knowledge. Those people who may or may not be academic.  The shy ones or the people who really just want to be left alone within their own world… baking cakes, singing to their family, cuddling and looking after the children as they grow.

The ones who have maybe a half an hour in the morning and a few hours after everyone is all asleep?  They sit there with their mobile or landline handset and communicate with friends. Share quotes and wonder if they too could make a small collection.  Things that they calmly place in a Christmas card or view under a share button… without way to much time expense involved.  Or something that will save time management space within a hectic timetable.

And therein lies this little gem.

A logo brought to you by Susan Lewis Marketing. Logo Created With GraphixCreator

cropped-Screenshot_13-400x400 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator

A basic and simple logo where there are no hard and fast lines to walk down.  Hence the slight ‘bleeding’ of some of the colors.  Predominantly the reds and the purples.  A creative has look into how to accept a mistake that actually turning into something you start to see represents what it is you are doing online.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Susan Lewis Marketing Logo Created With GraphixCreator
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

My Statement is that “helping people who are LOST to discover a digital lifestyle – instead of looking for a JOB.”  And sometimes the only way of expressing may be through visuals.  You see and express through the eyes as they are the pathway through to your heart.

Digital is all around us.  Ask someone for a pen and paper and watch the blank looks.  There in their presence is a digital appliance. GraphixCreator is a simple step process ready and waiting for the creative juices to be stirred.

Enjoy the use of your creative time.



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Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator

Challenged with finding the free creative time with GraphixCreator?

As you may have read most of my ‘free’ creative time was spent seeing if the GraphixCreator would connect with the YourTubePlayer.  Two things are having trouble.  Firstly something went haywire with the magnifications and secondly once that was sorted out could I encourage the video to play after fiddling with things.  Well, today I am having another go with what was already had.  Think I came up with a possible solution to one and then will work on the other.  Here goes.
One computer picture.

Smile-As-You-Reach-For-The-Moon-400x80 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator

Next the moon and the stars.

MMMM forgot to play the ‘thing’…. will come back to this later.  Live and learn and keep doing both….. or the frustration of not working within the restrictions and limitations could sink you.  The thing is looking how far things could merge that I never even knew about.  Even the fact that having figured out what part of the HTML was needing to be altered then doing just that is a major leap forward for myself.  Once I just started, I began to realise that one thing blocking me going up the slippery slope was a fear of the computer.  In my head, I still see the very first computer in a home.  Black screen and green line font blinking at me down a friend’s hallway.  That was in 1993.   A few weeks after another friend took me to a Pentecostal church.  One man got up and waved a piece of Bankcard sized cardboard around yelling ” Purgatory”… the way the there is this.  Many he is right.  There were just so something that was forgotten to be spoken about.  Forty-years later her I am overcoming in tiny increments that fear.More so with High Functioning Autistics apparently – the mind grabs hold of stray sentences like a life line and hangs into the with dear life.  Dislodging the life buoy from the hands once safety is reached is a tedious progress as the HFA needs to be one hundred and ninety-nine percent over sure the “IT”  – whatever that trigger point was- will not affect them the same way.

Free the creative flow
Spent the night working something out as I slept apparently. Now lets see what happens to the outcome when I slide in a sub-step.

Okay, I feel better than great. Now is nor quit the time to complete the other two. Taking this dog for a walk will wait a while  [ its still dark out there.

What a terrific day before me. …………..There are a few videos that I want to update so while I wait for assistance the maintenance of the post and the plastering my incremental achievements all over the web instead.

Those hours yesterday. The pondering for weeks with what ifs and maybe if I do that’s has just paid off in other ways.

P.S.  Just wondering.  Yesterday I was writing a post on data overloads within the internet. This post included the word and base description of an interface,  Which the YourTubePlayer requires to be enabling the YouTube hosted video to show through….. that is to work with.

I am now wondering if a picture from the GraphixCreator – and any other system as I used another today] is considered data?  I am thinking that since a video is made of so many ‘pictures in rapid session flicking past” then a picture is not seen through… Thus the two will not work successfully at this present moment in time.  Wallpapers, though -are they a different form of a picture.  Not sure how or why.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Free Creative Time With Graphix Creator
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett

Think I will send a request into the Feedback section of the Digital Business Lounge and request wallpapers or such to be added as well.

Will keep you informed .  Especially as you start to follow as I am…


Having Stumbled Into Google I Started To Blog

In the beginning of time where was WordPress101?

Years ago – having stumbled into Google I started to blog. Primarily about the local youth organization that I was training to be a leader within.  The newsletter, activity forms and updates of paperwork to go home to nearly 40 members was tedious.  Having stumble in it took ages.  Especially as I have dyslexia, the fear of making a typing mistake was incredible.

Access to online tools helps ease the situation. How things have changed.

Continue reading… →

By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream

“Action is knowing that By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream” 

A person  could tell you that in the picture above the dog was just waiting patiently for someone to come home. But both you, and I, know there are two sides to every story.

Just the same as when there is a decision to be made there are the pro’s, and the cons, of can do actions. there

In This Case Know Yourself…

Has the dog found that ‘perfectly suited’ to the opportunity paper. Just as the dog is holding onto being able to welcome his master   you to, by now, would know to hold onto your dream as well.  One of the things to cross off a buscket list written is 2014 was to attend the Inagural Momentum Day in Sydney. Now it is to attend every Momentum day in Australia and new Zealand.  And, like the dog on the doorstep holding the paper for his master…  is the waiting worth the quick pat on the head as the person arriving just rushes past?  No But it sure is worth a terrific hug and hello. Which is what a person seems to get from the start of the Australian Momentum days.

Has the dog already got the sense that “One size fits all as most get rich quickly” systems are.

By Checking Out The Difference

What you are being invited to come and joining Stuart and Jay. They are not involved in any get rich scheme. Nor are any of the Affiliates or the members of this private community.


The co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors, as well as the Digital Experts Academy, are exactly as you see them. Very hands on and extremely creative people who have spent much time helping other succeed. Throughout the world, many cultures, belief systems and [pullquote] I’m learning to trust the journey. Even if I do not understand it! Anon [/pullquote]many generations.

The evergreen system with which Jay and Stuart introduce you too takes a little time to understand. Give yourself that time.

Just Listen To Others

Will people dare ask you in that same monolog tone.. “Bored as usual?” Be surprised as you become absorbed in finding your own dream.

In taking the chance to make a change.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Thank you for taking the time to come here.  Also for wanting to know more and choosing to be a loyal email subscriber. I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions.

If you stand still long enough what will happen?

trial-650x310 By Now you Would Know To Hold Onto your Dream


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From Scratch With six figure mentors Training

Did you know that many people doubt themselves, even with Six Figure Mentors Training? Did you know that the worst situation to be in is to just give in, give up and stop? Did you know that when you stop anything other people pass you buy?

Imagine if there was a secret ingredient there that would stick to your subconscious like glue while propelling your through to achieving your goals and dreams!

With The Six Figure Mentors training

This is what I have found

>>>>Take that step.<<<<

Go with your dream.

Be your all you can, and are, to be.

Even with Six Figure Mentors training things change. 

With the internet and networks now being over thirty years old technology has had to change.  Then the broadband uses of this technology would catch up.  People would use the apps and tool creatively thinking of new methods to achieve outcomes.  Similar to the human race living here on earth.  Wondering what life forms are out there in deep space.

Yet there is a bigger challenge. That of how  the mindset of people entering the Six Figure Mentors training BootCamp would be readied for the digital lifestyle steps as they reached through to the internet and networks are now over thirty years other side.

After thirty years the internet there were many things learned.  Then life changed once again with The Six Figure Mentors training now becoming available.

Just having access to the tools, training, resources and community to help you fast track your dream towards it’s success is an amazing feeling in itself. On the flip side you may be a person who wants to do things in a fashion that is considered slow and steady to others.  Does it really matter though?

The range of apps and tools that are available.

You make the decisions as this journey is your own.The BootCamp helps you find your map, the packing checklist, and allows you to find your “Y” factor.  All the same  be able to build a compliant online and profitable business became possible as the online giants started to stop fighting with the broadbands and get their act finally together.

Before compliance measures were even entering many business minds the co-founders of The Six Figure Mentors training products were training their members on how to utilize the apps and tools that are making this platform really rock the education, training and upskilling platforms to pieces.

To change – A voyage of discovery has begun.

Human’s may go forth and discover the outermost planets and stars of theses galaxies. The depths of the ocean may be travelled.  The highest point of the air we all breath may be explored.  And the best apps and tools developed to meet the changing needs of the internet and its networks.

Yet, with a low self-esteem and a passive mindset that has trouble stepping out of the box it’s allowed itself to be locked behind, how are you going to be successful? Alternatively, you too could be one of the ones both effective, and efficient, at starting from scratch without a mindset change, community support and encouragement!

How?  Step up.

Engage with The Six Figure Training Complimentary video series
From time to time, you may wish to contact me through these links to my Social Pages. Feel free to drop me a line or any other constructive comments regarding any of my posts or pages content. Any, and all messages or constructive comments are always gratefully accepted.

SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 From Scratch With six figure mentors Training



trial-650x310 From Scratch With six figure mentors Training
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Here You Are getting ready To Merge Back Into The WorkForce

Did you know that people are actually fearful of going back into the workforce?  Did you realise that there are so many things to fix up, to exercise the mind before you enter that workforce?  Did you know that things may have been easier when we were younger?  And now we are older what is there for us?

Imagine Actually being prepared for what is coming up.  That every challenge is a lesson learned.  These lessons build up as our life’s lessons.

#Here you are getting ready to merge back into the workforce.

sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Sox is Looking out for you too

Over the years, the children grew up. During that time, there were voluntary positions to fill. To the point where there were things to do, people to organise and funds to raise. Sooner or later the children wanted different things to what you got for celebrations. “An iPad would be good” cames back the call.

There is this problem now. These have all been updated and you’re left with them and the pets as the children say good-bye and move on with their own lives.

# Time to learn how to fix it yourself!

Congratulations . However, whatever do you do now? Who is going to fix that which you have not yet broken? The car wheels need changing; the washing machine is not overloaded. The meals prepared… well there are always extras now.

It’s time to upskill, reskill and go out there to find actively that full-time income. You know its not that easy now, right? So online you go looking for small ways of becoming that

Patricia-from-PopCorn4U Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Creatively create trust factor circle. Familiarity of identifiable ‘things that are you’ like colours and staff association

success you have quietly wanted. There are a few forums that you can go into. Meet people that way at least while you are still looking for work. ~ At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are, and you see what you want. ~ Loa Tzu

Well in for a penny, in for a pound. If you’re in the position of wanting to find someone to

talk to, more than a casual hello and how ‘s the weather over there…why not a dating service? You may, or may not, come out wiser. However, you are older now.

#Things are getting desperate.

Employers want already explicitly trained people who are also young and of a no holds barred carefree attitude .. who will think as they do. Just not out of the square! While at the same time up to date and internet savvy. Formal education is not supportive through the budget as that’s a loan you can very carefully just financially support. Where can you go that will show you how to make a biography for the online resume? Actually what do you include in the biography?

You may or may not realise it, but there is help out there. Something cost effective with time as well as the possibly of a quicker return on investment. Something intense and yet when you put the work ethic into it is over and done with. You can then move into finding something else to go and do. More learning, more travel, more frustration added.

SBLBootcampaq Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
BootCamp Messaging you your invitation.

Come on through the boot camp. Meet Stuart and Jay, your hosts. Listen to what they are showing you. Should you then decided to go further into the education, skills and training module designed to increase your social value to yourself, your community and also to any employer. Even if it is yourself… Now that’s an idea.

These education modules range from certificate course to the micro-education module updates. You might ant to reconsider exactly how exciting education of yourself can be. And you will probably get a surprise when you realise that Return on Your Investment [ROI] for your a) Social Worth, b) Personal Satisfaction and c)Self Development actually is to you. Hay! You may even say [fire the boss] that you have not even had yet and just be free enough to go forward under your own steam.

You need to keep going or the dreams comes as just wishful thinking otherwise, back time after time.  Change your mindset.

Unleshtherestraints Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

# Whats the alternative… back to the drawing board.

Or you could sit around on the computer playing with ‘friends’ who are virtually standing in the door was of your life. Blocking you from coming out and others you have not met yet coming through and saying hello.

I will leave the decision up to you because only you can decide what will work best in your situation. You know what reality you want to accept when the choice comes down to working for the boss you don’t yet have. Or living the Digital lifestyle. Now you’re used to making all your decisions it’s easy to make that decision right here, right now. Right?

Okay. I’ll be on the other side waiting to say “Hello and welcome to this community”. If you want to know anymore, and I can help you out with any queries why not hop into the Feedback Place. Or go for it and contact me for the boot camp seven-day video series.



P.S. Thought I would leave you with this that I just stumbled across “I wish my bank account filled as fast as the laundry basket”.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce
Susan Lewis

trial-650x310 Here You Are getting ready  To Merge Back Into The WorkForce

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Be prepared When You Go Into The Experts Academy


Opening  the email that lead me to the Six Figure Mentors answered something wondered about.  That of  what size a small packages would be that could house great things.

Great things come in small packages.  Check this takeaway link
GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKGES by just copy and pasting it into the search bar. Or click on it. The lack of understanding took a while to find that the answer was there.   Now with the gratitude for the truism backs this small saying this post is sharing that with other people.

A key is small.

So to is that hand motion of which turns the key and opens the lock. An invitation to use the key to the door will always beat a forced entry.

Both the invitation and the key are two small things. Maybe with one in each hand for a balanced approach you are about to discover whether you really want to exploit your ‘own’ potential for your own self. Or whether you are comfortable helping your boss to feed his profit margin. Forget, or put to one side, the forever wondering if you should reach out to the financial backers and literally beg for a loan for the home you have been living within for years.

To action and follow through or not?

There is one thing for certain inaction gets you nowhere fast. A little-packaged action and giving up changes you any way you go. There is that restlessness within either way you go. I know as I have been there.
There are three choices.
a) You swim with the flow and be just the same as the other 99.99% of the population
b) You take this action.
c) You stay in the small fishbowl limiting your potential with no privacy and at the mercy of someone else to clean that and feed you. Mind you if you get too hungry the bowl will get very clean. Thats what an employer knows. Keep the staff hungry for mire and the work gets done for the slave wage remuneration is accepted every pay cycle.

Mostly in my journey through the business systems and practices within my life I literally arrived and was left out there wondering where I had misplaced the invitation that told me where the key was placed. Or worse that the invitation was filled with jargon or a language I could not interpret. What I knew was there was a freedom somewhere that I was searching for. Hence why you have the invitation. The key is that link. Your actions are your own and will coincide with your dream.

Be prepared When You Go Into The Digital Experts Academy

In this new, digital economy the jobs that were there, the skills and training we went into the workforce and acquired have literally become extinct. Technology and out own life’s paths brought the things we fear most in our lives. CHANGE. We all change in our lives. That is why we keep photo albums. Thing is when was the last time you printed out a photo for that family album?

With this in mind, go have a look at what is behind the link here. Look through the fish bowl and see what is there as you listen with Stuart.

Why? For Everyone Always Revises [FEAR] what change factors have unknown endings.
And Yeah Grat Things Do come in Small Packages.   Will you ever know what your change factors are??

You will meet Stuart and Jay. They are as they tell you throughout the next seven days worth of videos.

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