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Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles

Did you know there are thousands of skilled workers who make goods by hand? FDid you know that when people get frustrated with looking for answers to your internet struggles they may feel they need to walk away and leave you solving the jigsaw puzzle by yourself? Did you know that being ‘disassociated with where your dream taking you’ is a common dilemma of many households  the world over?

Imagine having access to a means of knowing what you need to know and knowing you know it when you need it. And using it!!

When you have read these following three things, then check out the invitation at the bottom of the page.  You may wonder what it is that you have opened as you watch through the video series set to you.  Just check out the inbox, grab the popcorn, sit back and … based on my internet struggles experiences – this is what you need to know.

The three things to look for answers to your internet struggles.

Three things… the first was I had not realized I had not had a dream. It was a wish.

Waiting-for-you Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
While your looking for answers to your internet struggles has the longing got to you e subliminal conscience yet? Are you going to lie around in the sun?

 That there is a big difference between the two.  That dream has a knowledge of completion.  You already know that is what you will have.

The second was that to finish my dream plan. Contacting the back office staff, other members of the community, researching the why’s within my own being, and lastly even asking other relatives all helped.  Yet that final push to get this module finished had co be mine. That also was just a little BIG step in the right direction.

Find the solutions .. I Was!

Third thing: You never know who, how, what, when and why you are in that place at that time. Nor do you understand the power of influence your words have on someone else.

Associated to these was the fact that I had to be prepared to challenge myself and then to change.  I will not lie here cause it was not easy morphing into what was the beginning of realizing the real potential within myself.  Admittedly the wheel is turning slowly.  And yet this is the most satisfying journey to the discovery that I have

Itstimetowhattellme Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
When the student is ready the teacher is found. It’s time for you to look here for answers to your internet struggles

ever been upon. On a deep level, you probably already know how useful it is when there is someone else there leading you through the processes that you learn from. Especially when it comes to upskilling older workers. Of which I am.  Like me, while  looking for answers to your internet struggles, this is one of the workforce dilemma’s our changing returning workforce and time management people have a constant struggle with.

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Look For Answers To Your Internet Struggles
Look for solutions RIGHT here

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Embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again

Did you know what happens when you forget to embrace the one childhood dream from your childhood? Did You know that so many people learn why it is hard for others to be solving the jigsaw puzzle of the internet use?  Did you know that sooner or later people everywhere are wondering how to get equipped into the technology of the world today?

Imagine if you really could go back and embrace the one childhood dream from your childhood.  The one that shone above everything else until you felt you had to learn to blend in with other people!

Many people forget the one childhood dream that determined their early path. Letting disillusionments emptying their energy level while dragging them down from actioning their

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Grace Kyomigisha from Kazira Orphanage. A place where “Everyone Is A Star”. Everyone has a dream. All work together in achieving these dreams

dream before it gets covered in dust. Self worth shrinks and life goes around in never ending cycles.

Simply utilizing the internet equipment, having an internet connection and Upskilling.  Yeah. This part of my dreams objectives and strategies are moving forward. After the last fifty years of being within my other life I know this lifestyle  is all happening.

Break the hold.

Yes, your dream can include travel while increasing your you social worth. I found an answer to achieving all three. Read on as this post will describe how these three are combining in my life. Reaching out across the continents, through the web, and changing the lives of children, adults and communities.

Chase your dream and catch it with all your ‘self’ behind everything you are doing. Life has shown me “Why wait and get passively comfortable anyway”! So why should you wait?

 Equipped, this is all possible.

From anywhere within the world. Living a Laptop Lifestyle is only part of my Dream. A major part yes. One part that balances the other, enabling others to reach out and touch the stars in their lives too.

One that will be inevitably be accelerating the other parts into being. Oh boy, I feel like a kid being promised pocket money and has to wait as the last coins come out of someone’s

SLMlifeintheclouds Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Ole Patternes are hard to brake but when you have dreams you realise that everybody is a star.

pocket. All anticipation and reckless desire… right in front of the big window in life that has each person life’s dream just sitting there.

And to think I put aside my childhood dream of traveling all over the world.  Having seen on the old black and white Television an air hostess I wanted to be one too.  The dream has changed and so too is the world.  The internet shows so many things in 2D.

Now where to go first….

However to see, be, smell, touch, feel the sun on your back, the earth under your feet.  Hear the people of the villages sing, join in the dances of their cultures, eat the food and hold close a person who needs a hug returned.  That is something of my life’s dream.

Feel the dust, swat the flies, play with the people. Be absorbed within and into the culture.

Accept the invitations already presented. Assist to the fullest, when and where able too.

Celebrate lifeJOINTODAYdea-200x200 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again

This is the hunger that makes the reality of this dream actionable. Do-able. Achievable.

There are always celebrations of life happening. Come on. You really should find your dream within.

Action it ‘s start here

Enjoy your life’s journey. Embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again and get in touch with a pathway that you  probably already know may stem from the child you once were.


SusaLewissusanlewismaretingdotcom-200x166 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
Yes! I too wondered why I was where I was. The Bootcamp helped me to embrace the ‘one’ childhood dream again in a slightly altered capacity.


trial-650x310 Embrace the 'one' childhood dream again
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