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People make busy schedules. Which type are you?

Did you know that schedules are made and kept by people make busy schedules? Did you know that a busy persons diary and daily schedule are filled up jam packed with timetabled activities? Did you know that after the holidays it’s back to grind  to save for the next scheduled break activities round.

Lifes-a-rollar-coaster-ride People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
When Life is a Roller coast why wonder there the off stop is? Hold on tight and enjoy the experience.

Imagine if there was a way of creating a lifetime of events that included time for working, having family holiday time where the only hard wired schedules were family celebrations, including schooling for the children. Where integrated learning came from having access to the internet, plus a laptop.

Guess you have not yet heard that of all the companies out there  is one private one where you are trained in the creative, co-joined considerations of upskilling, training and internet education.  You have the ability to pack a bag and attend extended timeouts, along with attending Momentum Day’s, workshops, conference, and event, or a retreat.  All with fitting in your time out activities, pre or post the activity.  The reason is simple.  You are there, along with the laptop and internet connection.

These days are filled with your timetable, the meet and greets, the family like atmosphere and all for a fraction of the true costs.

sox-looking-out-for-you-no-2j People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
Sox is Looking out for you too

Why is this so? 

Joining the community of like minded peoples is just the tip of the iceberg.  People who are active, working towards their dream. The education is not only what goes where.  It starts with a video series.  You choose if you will go forward through boot camp.

Do the actions, use the apps and tools, as well as the steps needed and, true to their word, the co-founders even contact you as an application through onto your list comes alive. There you have your funding.

Those forerunners in touch with their dream-

As part of their normal day to day “well what are you waiting for, action this and get going” the community members enjoy catching up. Then there is the multitude of others. people with their own dream. Traveling along their life’s journey.

Does it matter which end of the scheduled fence any of us are on?

The point to be made is the gap between the two comes from

Itstimetowhattellme People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

within yourself. Shortening the distance between the two perspectives, it’s just a matter of how desperate is the dream!

The depth of that desperation is within the action to measure the activities taken. Each one of us has the choice to choose the choice we make. Enabling the reactions to have a continuance as well as predetermined follow throughs.

What are you waiting for.. this is your invitation

Join now

Busy people need to set their alarm clocks though.  Just to timetable in rest as they  arrive back home ready for the next time away, all get that rest time filled by people who make busy schedules as well.


trial-650x310 People make busy schedules. Which type are you?
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