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How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction

As people get older life teaches us, each one of us many things. Knowing you already

Angelinthehotseat-300x400 How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Before you know it the thought about that upskills ‘should have done ‘ is here again

know the answer because you have lived it, seen it, been told about it or watched it may mean that the little bits get lets out. Especially when giving or receiving instructions. Alternatively it may also be that you know the answer just not how you got the answer. The challenge is to go find the question. In turn, that is troubling at times. A common term that suits these is the statement ” Go Google it.”

Search engines have not taken over the world. What has occurred though is that the internet search engines are easily obtained through many devices. IPads, Watches, Tablets, Glasses, telephones and even the PC sitting at home.

Taking a closer look at :

“Go Google it.”

The Alogrhyums have in effect altered the way people find information. When Pigeon came through in 2014, the search engine BOTS started using IP addresses as a reference point. Effective displaying the bigger international companies information further down the search engines page. However, the saying “money makes the world go round” holds true. Paid advertising comes first on the search engines.

Next is the Keyword Phrases measure challenge. Most people are searching through visual references. Static visual platforms like Pinterest, or ‘movies’ through platforms like YouTube have proved very popular. With eighty-five percent of people beginning to search through these platforms rather than text-based documents where does this leave the regular person who wants to market their content or idea online?

Using this as an example.

The Budda Garden had a stall at the inaugural Churchill Market. Bromeliads were labeled

bromelidsawithsusanlewismarketingpgone-400x236 How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Bromeliads from the Budda Gardens. Found at the Inaugural Churchill Market

as the plants that were on sale. Big, beautifully grown plants. Photos were taken. A small banner for a message was made. What was the plant’s name? That that the answer has slipped the mind! What is the next step to finding out information?

While on Google + the community the was opened was “Melbourne ……..” A photo was to be placed into the stream. Hang on that photo also needed a name. So the text went “I know they start with a b? As a name. Just loved the colour ranges within the species..” Margaret Wong answered “Very pretty Bromeliads.”

That is right. Ask a friend.

Although not in the middle of the night. Not one friend wants to be disturbed that early in the morning. Asking a question amongst friends online, no matter what time it actually is, questions are being asked, a conversation started, friends made, knowledge, as well as information, is being gathered, practiced.

Some may think this computer age is a great way of sorting out different thought processes.

angelwithboroniaflowerssittingontheframe How to turn what life teaches us into one positive direction
Can someone actually do things online. Where are the skills with which to do these things

Others may wonder if some people ‘actually’ think! That no-one needs to be super brilliant nowadays.

Life experience involves change.

Accepting the fact that change is a necessary part of growth helps move stagnant thought process.

Change factors also influence what, and where people market. The routes that the marketing may take. What works in one situation may work in another given situation although slightly altered. Basing future dreams upon only those experiences is a limitation.

Knowing what you have already done in your life, what you wanted to do with as well as what you would like to do still with the time left why avoid the additions of creativity and flair. As well as your own wishes desires and ambitions when you create your personal bucket list.

See what happens with a 101 bucket list.

How then can you market yourself to achieve what it is you actually want to do. That one thing you ‘personally’ have dreamed about.

Yes, Life teaches people many things. Remember life teaches us change – Go Google your dreams.

Keep on with creating all those Graphix you want to have.

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Important: Will Open In Another Window


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Consistency at being alive to market your ideas

Consistency. Plus being alive to market you ideas are two primary things when you have a product goods or services you have the intent to market. Definarly a major thing when you are taking an idea out into the marketplace. Be it on line or off in the real world.Focusanddreamonthebeach Consistency  at being alive to market your ideas

Things will happen to pull you down. Sometimes you are just that tiny bit in front of these things. Heading off with this buffer what may be a hazardous situation of not supplying consistency of actions.

Over the last little while these two things have happened.

big-tick-333x400 Consistency  at being alive to market your ideas
Just the thing to do

Australia has many long winey or flat roads. Going from one place to another involves hours of slow travel when you are towing a trailer. Working out a sleep timetable is something, a must to stick to measure. If not rested – then do not travel. Or take along someone else who can drive while you rest.


As important is recognising when you, as the driver, are tired. Something that I found out recently was that having eaten there is always a down time. Approximately thirty minutes to one hour later. In this case, ‘downtime’ is the related word used for this digestive period. The time when your body is digesting the food. Substantial food or food that is not conducive to your bodies likes will draw energy from other parts of the body.  The body may then just want to turn off, tune out, and that could lead to individual non-consistent actions taking place. The driver’s attention may begin to wonder as the energy pool for digestion starts to occur.

Look, road accidents happen every day.  Why be the person that they happen too?  Take these steps to try to enhance your driving safety.

So yes consistency is needed when you are endeavouring to follow your pathway into marketing.

Someone once told  people at an open public meeting:

 ” Sleep Deprivation does have a permeable impact.”

The pamphlets handed out then  went to mention similar to the following

 From memory Sleep Deprivation measurements are more effective than being  a driver driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Big-X-on-reports-jPEG-400x369 Consistency  at being alive to market your ideasLike rust, with sleep deprivation, the effects are gradually seen popping up everywhere if due care and diligence are not acted up.  This is why the torture chambers and techniques of even the drip of water over and over again are so useful.

Once the recognition of what being on call one hundred and twenty hours a week was doing to me, the only option was to leave the workforce. Recuperate.  Now, what did an over fifty female do for the day?  Watch TV?

Walk the dog? That’s a yes action.

What to do with the rest of the twenty-two hours?

Now that is when my invitation to look at a BootCamp went into my email box.

For-Youanemailapplicationpackmessage-400x270 Consistency  at being alive to market your ideas
Leaders think fast and change their minds later. To the best of their abilities at that time

The seven Digital Experts Academy complimentary videos.   Must admit I was fascinated so I sat there playing all seven for seven, each day for the rest of the week.  Suddenly it made sense why people looked at television [ TV] all day.  That blissful feeling would not go away.

Even with all the ups and downs, sideways impacts, clean out of mind and living areas [ and the vegetable garden]. The look into self and that actually was scary as it brought so many things to light.  New possibilities, ignited old ones, changed my non-existent direction and made me admit I was just gliding around in proverbial circles chasing my tail!

Lets put it this way…

In Summary:

From that day to this the words being alive to market your ideas suddenly took on a new meaning


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Susan Lewis

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